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Twitter is public, widespread platform for ones, who love chatting online. There are about 284 mln users worldwide on Twitter social network. Companies all over the world use Twitter to communicate with its customers and attract new audience.

More than 500 mln tweets all over the world shows how popular this social net is. People go to Twitter to know about news around them at the moment. This makes this social net a perfect platform for companies, who demand its customers’ attention. It is used to know about habits and preferences of companies clients as well as to make the products promotion more natural.There are 3 main types of ad in Twitter:

Promoted Tweets – usual tweets, which can be directed to clients you already have or potential ones, who might be interested in your product. Promoted Accounts – give an opportunity to build active community of brand lovers rapidly. Later the advertiser can keep communicating with customers on a regular basis. Promoted Trends – popular themes, which appear in Twitter online. So as the trends are placed near to user’s timeline, they keep maximum of users attention.


Twitter – social network description

Twitter target audience

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Short Message Service Twitter is not the most popular social network in Russia. The Russian audience of this social network as of December 2016 was only 7.7 million users.

Target audience of Twitter social network are people, who never lose the phone out of their hands. They are always in charge of latest news. They follow politic, fashion, sport, games and other influencers, every day, every hour, any place.

Extra about ad on Russian social networks

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The monthly audience share of social networks in Russia,%.

Calculated for the period of December 2016
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7.7 mln
Monthly audience reach

Core audience age

11% of Russian



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