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10 Ways To Help You Draw Attention To A Mobile Application In Russia



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In 2008, there was created a thing, which has really changed the lives of millions of people making them much easier and more interesting. One of the greatest business opportunities involving the huge audience appeared. Mobile App. However, the platform is useless if you do not convey information about it to potential users. How to make the application popular in Russia and in Russian Internet? Read in the material of RMAA GROUP.

In the last six years, the mobile applications market in Russia has gone up by more than 100 per cent every year. Almost any modern man has a telephone with him at all times, with its help he communicates, gets the news, learns foreign languages, orders food, cooks, does needlework, meets new friends, pays bills, plays, reads, practices self-teaching, does exercises, watches movies, edits photos, tries on different clothes, observes the starry sky, and much more. Mobile apps made it possible. So, if your company still does not exist on the mobile Internet, your company does not exist in principle - these are the rules of advertising in today's world.

Apps are created for different purposes, including:

• Need for a new channel to provide customers with information about themselves and their services;

• Itch to keep up with the intense competition;

• Intention to expand the customer base;

• Wish to demonstrate the status;

• Development of new business direction based on mobile apps, sales of the content or the rights to use the application;

• Desire to make something nice for customers, increase their loyalty;

• Increase apps outreach in different countries (language adaptation: many foreign companies make Russian versions of the app, so that users can easily navigate it and understand the content).

Experts predict that by 2016, the mobile application market in Russia will reach $ 1.3 billion. The number of apps becomes larger day by day. How not to get lost among all the diversity and attract customers? Consider the 10 ways that can help you:

1. Display the app in the "top free" rating. Competent professionals can help you bring your product into the top App Store or Android Market for the sum from $5,000 to $30,000. The operating principle of the promotion is simple: an app is displayed on the top of the rankings with the help of boats, while getting into the top automatically means 10-15 thousand of the real downloads per day. Our promotion masters can advise you more about this method of apps promotion.

2. Self-promotion on the resources with reviews, specialized forums, websites that are relevant to your field of business; following the app installation and how it is used, as well as the user comments; drawing conclusions, and adding the necessary information into the app, updating it.

3. Advertising in social networks. Facebook, VKontakte, and now Instagram have their advertising platforms. The most important in such advertising is a competent targeting, definition of the right audience. The clearer portrait of the user, the greater the likelihood that the ad will be seen. Social networks let you install a clique not only to go to the site, but also to download the apps in the store immediately. The service in Instagram is relatively new - the official advertising in Russia was launched less than two months ago (for more details, please read the previous article on the link ). Companies whose advertisements appeared to be interesting, funny and useful have already skimmed the first cream off. Be careful with this form of advertising and take into account the specifics of the audience of each social network: Facebook for business audience, Instagram users crave beautiful pictures, the audience in VKontakte is more omnivorous, but not as severe as in Facebook.

4. The communities of interest in social networks. There are both free and paid advertising. The bigger and more popular group or community - the higher the price. The scope of application may not coincide with the theme of community; however, it should be aligned with it. For example, the advertising of a jewelry store app in a cooking group. The scopes - are different, the audience is the same - women.

5. Affiliate networks are proven major network of affiliate programs. Advertising on such sites include not only paying per click or per go to the website, but also per certain actions of particular customers who have shown a real interest in the product. In such resources, the principle of payment Cost Per Action or Cost Per Download Model. This model is one of the most cost-effective payment options with a high conversion. You can find more about CPA model in Russia on our website here.

6. Advertising in mass media. Advertising on radio, in online media and on TV are effective if you invoke the interest of the audience, which will encourage them to find and download your app. For example, recently experts of one of the most popular Russian taxi service, realizing that they cannot promote interest among customers and encourage them to download the app instead of calling operators have come up with a simple action: they made advertisements on the radio informing that a client that orders a taxi through the app gets a bigger discount. The promotion was valid for several days, but the number of users who downloaded the application has increased thousands of times. Popular global taxi services provide the first free trips when ordering through the application. The most important thing is to tell as many people as possible.

7. Resources with a PPC (pay per click) payment model. Six months ago, the most popular search engine in Russia - Yandex - made it possible to create ads especially for tablets and smartphones. This means that, now PPC advertising in the most popular search engine can be configured for mobile devices and has the potential to attract a huge amount of traffic. PPC method has already shown the best result of attracting customers than SEO-promotion.

8. The way which recently became popular – to draw a gift from the company in the most popular groups like the Giveaway, one of the conditions were to follow the company’s page, download application or put relevant hashtags and other actions the company needs to promote. You need to do quite a bit to get something for free: subscribe to a page, download an application, put hashtags. People have always believed in miracles, and even despite the fact that the number of participants is huge (from 500 to 100 000), and there is only one or some winners, the number of the wishing just increases. It is a great way for minimum money (usually placement of advertising about raffle costs from 100 to 1,000 rubles) attracting a large audience.

9. Advertising involving popular bloggers and stars, so-called key opinion leaders, who have a large audience of fans, followers trusting their opinion. This type of advertising is common in social networks on the pages of the bloggers / stars, in LiveJournal and on personal websites. As a rule, the companies begin to deal with bloggers / stars after they acquired an audience of over 30 thousand people. One of the most powerful platforms for advertising - Instagram of Kim Kardashian - has over 36 million users. Audience of Russian bloggers and stars reaches the maximum coverage at around 3 million members.

10. The most difficult path of progress. This way should go first, but due to the large number of types of advertisements, apps creators do not finalize it relying just on them. The work on the application includes creation of a simple, beautiful, handy interface attracting the attention, curious and useful content, absence of bugs in the app - bugs not only annoy, but also reduce the level of customer confidence. The ideal application is automatically promoted by the audience: users want to share a handy and original thing with their friends and relatives, advertising your product for free with confidence and effective way - through personal advice.

The mobile applications market is young, but already quite extensive and diverse. Experts predict that by 2017 it will become even more and will grow year by year. The company, which have a mobile app, can demonstrate its level and status. Smartphones are becoming more accessible, the audience - more aware and thirsty new convenient and interesting products. Mobile apps and users are being developed, and the types of advertisement are being developed with them. It is possible that in a year we will introduce you new types of advertising apps and ways of product presenting.

Meanwhile, it is possible to win the attention of your user trying the actual ways suggested in this article. Our experts will help you with this, consult on all methods of mobile apps advertising, make an individual analysis of your app and suggest the methods suitable for the effective promotion of your product. We guarantee at the end of working with us you will exclaim: "Hurrah! My app is in the top most downloaded!".

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