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2020 Marketing Trends in Russia



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Should we go on in the framework of a marketing strategy approved or apply new tools and technologies? This is the question that bothers all marketers and business leaders every year. We gathered the most interesting trends of 2020 (in our opinion, of course) and are happy to share our list with you.

We suggest that you should reconsider marketing trends—some of them might let you adjust your marketing strategy in 2020.


This tendency to choose promotion and communication channels in advertising campaigns persists in 2020, too. The focus is on online contact with a client as a consumer’s primary focus in everyday life is on gadgets so it is easier to reach him or her there, as well as to count conversions and make ads more efficient.

However, we are far from not recommending and are even against forgetting about traditional advertising channels! Traditional ads are still vital in communication with a huge number of consumers (especially aged 40+).


Every year, we talk more and more not just about the customer-oriented, but the customer-centric approach. While we identified audience segments and tried narrowing them to the utmost yesterday, today marketing communications must already be customized for every single customer.

Adapt your offers for interests and preferences of a certain customer, taking into account the information about him or her that you have, including his or her digital footprint (Big Data rules in 2020).

UX content

We repeat once again that “content is the king” and “companies are becoming media companies”. It is high time to understand that content is not just hundreds of texts, pictures, and videos.

This is a system built on the basis of the strategy, the content plan, and professional content creation, adaptation, distribution, and promotion. Today, every text, picture, or video must be considered from the perspective of user experience— UX content.

Sooner rather than later, we will be able to learn not only how many people watched our content but also what emotions it triggered. So, for example, the facial coding technology enables to identify a user’s emotions when he or she looks through the content.

Gamification and interactivity

Involvement and reach take center stage. Brands already create their own games, tests, and interactive creatives, useful (educational) advertising content, conduct festivals.

In 2019, Instagram was exploded by AR masks that were actively used by brands to communicate with users in stories. One more brilliant example was AR fitting rooms: Lamoda created one in partnership with Wannabe (a start-up from Google&Yandex developers).

In 2020, augmented and virtual reality will become more advanced and accessible. Ranging from masks on Instagram to the selection of clothes and furniture, technologies will be massively used in social media.

Pure ads are giving way to interactivity—create branded content that user will want to share. And do not be afraid of experiments.

Go to Tik Tok

A separate brand in 2020 will be an unpredictable emersion of new, terribly fast-paced social media. The example of Tik Tok showed that the market of social media is not filled up. Users are ready to perceive new things and are willing to do it. Consequently, the demand will be satisfied.

So, you and we should monitor their emersion and use these new ‘tools’ for advertising promotion. By the way, if you do not promote your business in Tik Tok yet, consider this: you might be committing your biggest mistake in the promotion of your brand in 2020.


New technologies and overall communication customization are becoming the key factor that affects marketing development in 2020.

Capacity building, multiplication of marketing tools, and technology sophistication create more and more pains in necks of business owners every year: search for a specialist contractor for social media promotion, website maintenance, app development with the use of AR, etc. All these contractors must be controlled, while the process and the result must somehow come down to a unified marketing strategy.

Do you know that feeling? In this case, do not lose your time and go to marketing agencies providing a full range of services. RMAA Agency will help you adapt your marketing strategy to the realities of the Russian market and implement it, using the whole range of modern marketing tools and technologies.

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