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2020 Top List of Best Russian Streamers



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Russian web users actively explore online broadcasting. More than 40% Russians who spend a lot of time online watch streams from time to time or do them themselves. Almost one third of viewers sponsored video streamers at least once.

61% video streamers in the Russian Internet monetize their content, as a study by Wanta Group says. It was held in July 2019 on the basis of 112.3K streamers selected. The absolute majority of them (96%) use donation services for that (websites for fundraising for content authors), 15% use subscriptions, 8% payable chats on YouTube, and 6% payment systems.

The earnings of Russian streamers from donations grew by 62.8% in the first half of 2019, according to DonationAlerts. In the opinion of Gadzhi Makhtiev, a founder of Kanobu and Rawg, the streaming market volume in Russia is 0.5-1 billion rubles a year. This basically means games: 60-70% of the streaming market in Russia is taken by Twitch, a platform with an exclusive focus on gamers, the expert notes. Its audience in Russia, as estimated by him, is 7-10 million people a month.

Online game streams in the Russian Internet

Online games started being streamed in Russia in late 2000s. At first, Dota 2 and WoW players were based on small platforms like and GoodGame, and in 2011 Twitch emerged, having quickly given the dust to other platforms.

In Russia, Twitch and YouTube are in demand among the young generation. Not only Russian guys but also girls create their channels and do various streams. The community makes it possible to create interesting content. Thanks to the chat integrated, everyone can share their emotions during the game.

Top 10 Streams on Russian Twitch

Gamers’ streaming in Russia meets all world standards today: broadcasts are not only interesting, but also of high quality. Many streamers advance their formats and fill in their streams with solid content that, as a result, makes them popular.

According to the Top30 blogosphere ranking, online broadcasting of Counter-Strike, Doom, and Dota 2 is of the greatest popularity in the Russian Internet.


Famous Streamer Girls in Russia

Russian Twitch streamer girls have been actively developing during the last 5 years. The most beautiful young girls create interesting content with unusual presentation.

1. Karina Sycheva, or Sharishad. Karina is the best streamer lady in the Russian Twitch. She has been playing many games since childhood. She knows a lot of matches, tricks, and secrets that she shares with her followers. There are more than one million followers on her YouTube channel.

2. Tanya Shved, or Gtfobae. She quickly became popular thanks to good gaming skills in CS:GO. She is known for her good looks and stylish dresses changed from stream to stream.

3. Olga Saxon, or olyashaa. A successful streamer known for her brisk character. She loves jokes and cosplay, changing into various characters during streams.

4. Mira. She kicked into high gear playing HS. The blogger’s real name is Alexandra Gaevskaya. She streams both in Russian and in English.

5. AhriNyan. One more streamer that became known thanks to her good looks. She posts pictures and videos where she wears revealing outfits, which is appreciated by men. She plays League of Legends.

6. Nastjadd. A pretty blonde whose name is Anastasia Savina. She became popular thanks to good gaming skills in shooters such as PUBG, CS:GO, Arma 3, and Fortnight.

7. l1zzka. The next girl on the list is Liza. She became successful thanks to her YouTube channel. She demonstrates high gaming skills.

8. Denly. Elizaveta Oleneva gives fascinating broadcasts and records video. She does IRL streams.

9. Vikared. Vika prefers playing Dota 2. She got things rolling thanks to her strong gaming skills. She is registered on Twitch as Arthas.

10. Sorabi_ enjoys her success thanks to cosplay. She changes her image from stream to stream and creates content both on Twitch and on YouTube.


Cooperation with Streamers

A game review made by a suitable streamer can not only raise sales at the start, but also bring it to the top in a region. RMAA Group experts have been cooperating with streamers for more than 5 years and know all features to give an effective game online broadcast to promote it in the Russian market. Read more about video game promotion in the Russian market here.

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