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2021 Destination Marketing: Best Post-Pandemic Video Ads



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Tourists are always looking forward to new countries to open. Notably, many are ready to choose an unfamiliar travel destination, as evidenced by statistics regarding Russian tourists travelling abroad. Russians go to countries that open their borders even if they have never planned a trip there before.

In this regard, it is extremely important for destinations to stay within view of tourists and to remind them why it is worth visiting the country as soon as it opens or while the borders are still open.

We put together the best advertising video clips and other marketing videos of countries that, in the opinion of our experts, were most original among tourism brands of destinations in 2021.


In this video by the Tourism Authority of Tourism, popular Russian bloggers share their memories of travelling across the country. They mentioned dozens of reasons to go to Thailand as soon as possible! There are honest and breathtaking confessions among them! "...Thailand is love, it is a sense of freedom, bike trips, delicious fruit, views of unreal beauty, white sand, and warm sea!"

Apart from that, the Tourism Authority of Thailand launched a new project, a series of virtual tours 'Thailand — Checked' for travellers and locals. Videos are devoted to various topics, from the observance of sanitary and epidemiological regulations in public places and new customs rules for travellers to insights into local cuisine and the life of expatriates in the country.

27 episodes of virtual tours in Thailand have already been published.


Dubai's Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing released a series of advertising videos with the participation of Hollywood actors Zac Efron and Jessica Alba a la adventure movie previews. While a trip to the biggest UAE city used to be associated with calm family vacations, now it offers us to rediscover it and promises that 'exciting adventures are waiting for us in Dubai'.


DMO of Iceland also invites us to immerse ourselves in the new atmosphere of new discoveries: put off your 'lockdown' pants, put on your sports shoes, and go for adventures! The only thing is, unlike Dubai, Iceland proposes us to go outdoors, as the nature in the country is really rich and unbelievably splendid. The ad is accompanied with a catching song that will be playing in your head all day long when listened just for the first time (checked by our editor).

In July 2021, a special station was arranged in Reykjavik where cool and unique shoes were made of your sweat pants. What is more, this was a collaboration with an eco-friendly shoe brand.


Norway is committed to active tourism, too. Innovation Norway proposes us to get familiar with Norwegian cities in 10,000 steps. Taking into account that there is a current trend to walk 10,000 steps a day for health's sake, this advertising campaign definitely meets the realities of modern life. Besides, it will be interesting for both local and foreign tourists.

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