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Alternative Tools For Promotion of Your Mobile App in Russia



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In previous publications, we introduced you to the basic ways to promote mobile apps in Russia: affiliate networks, where you pay for the post in case of a certain result (registration on the site, filling in the questionnaire, online purchase) and pay per click systems. Today we will tell you more about the promotion of alternative sources of a mobile app that require minimum costs. Find more about them - in the material of RMAA Group.

It has long been known that the best recommendation is that one of friends. The best radio is word of mouth. Today we will focus on several types of promotion: advertising on dedicated web spaces, advertising in social networks’ communities, collaboration with key opinion leaders (stars, bloggers).

Pillar, which hold these types of advertising - it's just the people themselves, who communicate on certain specific topics, grouped in communities, recommend the product a large audience that trusts them and is very interested in their life. The main thing - a man, not a machine.

When things in the company are going well, everybody wants to do advertising, when things go wrong, everybody HAVE TO do advertising. If you do not have a large budget, or you are limited, the options that we are going to look at the material will exactly fit you.

Advertising on dedicated web spaces.

The term of dedicated web spaces includes portals, web sites, catalogs and personal pages of companies on the large resources. They are usually used to attract strictly targeted clients searching for the certain goods.

Forums. On forums, people usually communicate on necessary and interesting common subjects. For example, if we talk about forum for mummies, it is appropriate to advertise an app of children’s clothing store, on-line nanny, nutritious food. Usually you can either buy the ads in such communities or obligate your employee to send ads, create themes, and communicate with the forum guests under the guise of an ordinary user.

Top most popular forums in Russia:

1. – Society of auto enthusiasts

2. – professional dacha (Russian holiday house) forum, where you can communicate with other vegetable producers and professional builders.

3. – high-tech news forum.

4. – Vinskiy travelers community deserves to be considered one of the most popular forums in Russia.

5. – joint purchase forum.

6. – watch forum discussing different watchmaking brands: Japanese, German, Swiss and so forth, as well as wearing and maintenance related matters.

7. – resource devoted to aircraft subject matter.

8. – popular women’s forum on housekeeping, childhood education, matters of health and beauty.

9. – specifically defined community for technicians discussing different matters concerning audio and video equipment maintenance, as well as computer and photo camera repair.

10. Irc.Iv – question-and-answer forum. Any participant may ask a question almost on any subject, and other registered users will response it.

Dedicated web sites - sites devoted to a certain subject. For example, site of the city, where all companies of the city can make publications designed as a reference manual. Hotel reservation site, where it is possible to reserve some hotel or other with discount and advertise a booking app. Wedding site where you can find every service providers necessary to organize the celebration. Placement on a number of such sites is free and they are popular.

Pluses of the placement on such sites and forums is that you can follow the comments and understand advantages and disadvantages of your app gathering the information directly from those who is using it.

Advertising in the social networks

There are several ways of advertising in social networks: fee-paying and free of charge. Fee-paying one is more effective because it works under the criteria of targeting and you can choose by yourself who to show the ad, define the age group and limit the list of interests. We have already told about fee-paid ways of advertising in Russian social network Odnoklassniki here. You can read more about possibilities of placement the ads on Instagram in this article.

It is also possible to advertise in large communities, where the audience is different, but huge, and some of the people sitting in the group definitely respond to your call.

Free way is also effective at competent use. You can also advertise in specialized groups, as well as manually select the lists of people with the same interests, which your audience of users has and make them an offer in person.


Stocks and virtual word-of-mouth advertising successfully work in the social networks. A good example of a popular taxi: when downloading the app, you get bonuses for the trip, and if you persuade your friend to download the app, you both get a free trip. Users begin to advice their friends to download the app, hoping to get as much bonuses as possible.

The way which recently became popular is to draw gifts from the company in the popular social networking groups such as Giveaway, one of the conditions of which is to follow the company’s page or download an app, or put the relevant hashtags and other actions, the company needs to advance. To get a free thing you need to do quite a bit: subscribe to a page, download an app, and put hashtags. A man has always believed in a miracle, and even despite the fact that a huge number of people participate in sweepstakes (from 500 to 100 000), and the winner is one or several, the number of persons willing to take part only increases. A great way to attract a large audience for minimum money (usually advertising about drawing costs from 100 to 1,000 rubles).

Key opinion leaders

Key opinion leaders are so-called popular bloggers or stars, whose number of subscribers has exceeded 30 thousand. As a rule, advertising is to post on a blog or page of the person based on this figure. Bloggers either take money for material posting or barter in the form of free services or goods for it.

In Russia, the most popular key opinion lеаders are the anchors of the program House-2, the cost of placement of ads in their accounts ranges from 15 to 300 thousand. The most popular Instagram is that of the world-famous American star Kim Kardashian.

However, you can avoid paying for advertising on the page of the stars and bloggers, and try to engage the audience in another way. For example, by publishing advertisements under a photo of the Star or marking it on the photo, which fans can see, so that they learn information.

With the growth of the Internet and the global socialization there are more opportunities for advertising that do not demand any expenses. The market of mobile apps rapidly develops. RMAA Group Experts are confident that after a year there will be more opportunities of advertising. Meanwhile they can consult you about all modern ways of advertising that exist at the moment in the Russian marketing space.

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