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Online Cinemas in Russia As A Platform For Advertisers



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Video advertising is one of the most effective and rapidly growing ways of advertising on the Internet. Today we will talk about the services for which the video advertising is the main marketing tool, i.e. online cinemas. To get insight into the audience which online cinemas gather today in Russia and how to use these to promote goods and services in Russia, please read the RMAA Group blog.

The most popular online cinemas in Russia

Online cinemas in Russia

Over the past seven years dozens of online cinemas appeared in Russia, in its turn giving access to a huge amount of movies, cartoons, TV series, TV programs, and other various video content. The legality of the content is one of the main features of online cinemas. The services are constantly being improved, film archives grow, audience increases, and advertising opportunities of online cinemas grow as well.

At the beginning of 2017 the constant total audience of online cinemas is more than 40 million people, and as the dynamics of the last few years shows, this number is constantly growing and will continue to grow in future. Although in recent years experts note the growing interest of customers who make out a subscription without advertising, the vast majority of the audience continues to consume content for free with ad view. Taking into account the mentality of Russians who are not accustomed to pay for video content on the Internet, there is no doubt that the situation will not change in the years to come.

Most of audience of online cinemas are people aged 24-35. There are slightly smaller age groups 18-24 and 34-44. Taken together, these age groups give more than 70% of the audience. That is, for the most part it is an grown-up financially reliable audience. It is worth noting that this audience is made up of active Internet users who do not usually watch TV or listen to the radio.

The audience of Russian online cinemas is mainly located in Russia, but they are also popular among the Russian-speaking population around the world: in the CIS countries and among the Russians living abroad.

The amount of visitors of the Runet most popular online cinemas, mln

Infographics about best services for watching films and movies online in Russia

The statistics of watching online movies in Russia, %

How do Russians watch movies in online cinemas and via video streaming services from providers

The biggest Russian online cinemas using ads












Advertising opportunities in online cinemas

Video advertising

The most common and most natural form of ad used at online cinemas are ad videos. Most often they are shown before the film exhibition. Also, videos can be displayed during the film, at the end of the film, as well as while the film is stopped for a pause.

As for the form, it may be both usual ad videos which are used on all video hosting sites, and something more original. For example, it is possible to show the viewer various videos with the plot development during the movie, so that the viewer has fun to watch. It is also possible, for example, to display ads with the plot development during the series season, so the viewer both watches the ad and the series. For example, we may take, the site which implemented original ad ideas for its advertisers: mini-series filmed using product placement techniques, cartoons which then went viral via other video hosting services, filmed video tutorials with ad component.

Another feature of video ads at online cinemas is that advertising can be tied to a specific episode in the film. For example, you can put a car ad after the race scene, an underwear ad after bedroom scenes, and food ad in a scene of party or a feast.

Targeting the audience and special features

Advertising in online cinemas is compared favorably with ad in classic cinemas or on TV that allows you to target audience not only by a factor of choosing a film or TV series to watch. Targeting by users can be done inclusive of their interests, age, gender and other things, as well as paying attention to their location; I mean geo-targeting up to the region and the street of the end user.

• Prospects of displaying ads not to all audience, but only to the part you are interested in;

• Potential of regulating the ad load per user by limiting the number of runs to one and the same user;

• Potential of interacting with target audience through the demonstration of interactive videos that allow to increase the duration of advertising contact with the user.

Other promotional tools

In addition to video ads, online cinemas also provide other opportunities for advertising:

• Short ads on a quiet place of video without interrupting the movie playback;

• Text ads on the screen used in static moments without interrupting the movie playback;

• Pop-up ads during the movie playback;

• Ad banners on the cinema’s site;

• Branding of the specific pages of cinema’s site, as well as advertising on the background of a site.

Advertising positional options used in online cinemas

Online cinemas in Russia is dynamically developing promising ad platform that provides many opportunities to promote products and wide range of services. The main promotional tool is a video advertising in a variety of interpretations but other tools can be used, too. RMAA Group experts recommend how to use most effectively advertising opportunities to promote your offers in Russia.


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