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How Does the Media Buying Market
in Russia Work?

Navigating the Media Buying System in Russia

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Authored by RMAA, a full-service marketing agency, this White Paper explores:

  • A current overview of the Russian Advertising Market, including 2023 results and 2024 forecasts.
  • A detailed analysis of digital ecosystem in Russia, highlighting key channels and platforms.
  • Comprehensive media structure, covering TV, radio, press, outdoor advertising, and e-commerce.
  • Strategic recommendations.
  • A guide to advertising prohibitions and restrictions in Russia.
This White Paper has been crafted for global media buyers collaborating with Russian companies, beneficial for both 'newcomers' and 'veterans'. The 2023 advertising market rebounded, introducing innovative tools. TV and digital advertising continue to lead, while radio, press, and out-of-home (OOH/DOOH) advertising show promising growth and digitalization. E-commerce also offers expanding opportunities. Our report provides a comprehensive guide to the Russian media market and its functionality.
Vadim Tylik,

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