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Cosplay Stars from Russia. Promoting Games by Cosplay



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Cosplay, or impersonation of various game characters, accompanies many events in the game industry. It is hard to imagine that Igromir or Comic Con will ever go without this bright and colorful complement. Apart from that, cosplay becomes more and more popular for streaming, as well as among bloggers with their accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

It is safe to say that, in fact, if a character from your game became a cosplay prototype, it is sort of a users’ recognition of popularity of not only the very character, but also the game in general. Moreover, a bright and outstanding video made by a cosplayer can even become a great advertisement for your game.

To cooperate with cosplayers, your game does not need to be popular already. Cosplayers can become a great alternative to game bloggers at the stage of game launch (that is, if it has memorable, vivid characters).

To help you find cosplayers in Russia, we made our list of the most interesting people who also work in the gaming field. Besides, in order to select suitable cosplayers, you can always address our marketing agency RMAA Games.

Top Game Cosplayers in Russia

  • @irine_meier (844K)

Our list is led by a cosplayer Irina Meier (by the way, her cosplay is presented in the video above). Just look at Triss from the Witcher played by her.

  • @shirogane_sama (537K)

Thanks to her sweet looks, a Russian cosplayer Sasha Holland aka Shirogane-Sama is popular not only on Instagram, but her recently created TikTok channel has got more than 20 thousand subscribers, while videos with her participation get dozens and hundreds of thousands of views.

Ciri from the Witcher as performed by Sasha.

  • @sladkoslava (429K)

Cosplayers do their best to achieve maximum likelihood in all details, copying make-up, hairstyle, clothes, and even body language of their character. Ilona Bugaeva cosplay from Saint Petersburg and her cosplay CYBERPUNK 2077

  • @narga_lifestream (134K)

Natasha Kochetkova aka narga_lifestream, a cosplayer from Russia, is another brilliant example of great cosplay and perfect impersonation of characters from popular games, be it Ciri from the Witcher, Ada from Resident Evil, or a night elf from Warcraft III.

  • @ladalyumos (124K)

Lada Lyumos often brings joy to her fans with her new pictures where she cosplays characters from popular games. She has recently personated heroines of Overwatch, Final Fantasy XV, NieR: Automata, League of Legends, and Dragon Age.

  • @oniksiya_sofinikum (47,1K)

  • @vasiliel (32,6K)

  • @cheshire_fox (24,3K)

  • @ f3lidae (21,8K)

  • @fishy_cosplay (19,9K)

  • @finkchan (17,9K)

  • @SeiPhoto (14,7K)

  • @aoki_lifestream (14,4K)

  • @freya_veles (12,8K)

  • @ann_shakhovskaya (10,6K)

  • @millenia69 (10,5K)

  • @fuwa_baka (9,8K)

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