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CPA Networks in Russia: How It Works



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Every advertiser’s dream is to pay only for sales and leads. This is the type of payment for advertising that Cost per Action or, simply said, CPA networks offer. During the promotion, you set up a desired action—it can be both a registration in a website and a purchase—and pay only for the fact of commission of this action.

For whom?

If you interact with clients online and this action generates profit on the way, you should consider a CPA model. For different industries, the desired action itself and its cost can differ. For instance, in the gaming industry, a desired action can be both game installation (say, if this is a free-to-play game) and its purchase. At that, while in the first case you pay a fixed cost per lead, in the second it can be both a pre-determined cost and a percentage-of-sales.

What can your CPA desired action be?

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) – you pay for a captured lead,
  • Cost Per Order (CPO),
  • Cost Per Salе (CPS),
  • Pay Per Call (PPC),
  • Cost per Install (CPI) – this model is typical for new CPA networks that major in promotion of mobile apps.

How do you find a publisher?

To find a publisher, it is enough to place your offer in one of the websites of the CPA network. The main advantage of working with networks is an opportunity to get advice on any questions about advertising, including traffic types, rates, publisher moderation etc.

In our blog, we will consider several CPA networks operating in the Russian market.

Popular CPA Networks in the Russian Market

They help launch and promote your affiliate program among more than 603,800 publishers. They give advice on traffic types, rates, publisher moderation, and other issues.

Offers: Games, clothes, shoes, insurance, banks, online services, software, tourism, mobile apps.


This is a CPA affiliate program with their own exclusive offers, leading in WOW products.

Offers: Beauty, health, entertainment, legal offers.

This is an aggregator of affiliate programs that has been successfully working in the online advertising market since 2011. During this time, the service published more than 3,500 successful advertising campaigns from more than 2,500 advertisers.

Offers: Games, clothes, shoes, air tickets, banks, software, training courses, cryptocurrencies, dating.


This affiliate network started in 2010 and, as of today, is one of the leading CPA networks in the Russian market.

Offers: Cars, banks, online shops, education, online games, mobile apps, real estate, travels.

This is a hi-tech affiliate network and programmatic platform with a focus on commercial traffic, founded in 2005. Mixmarket is not only a classic affiliate network, but also a serious retargeting platform that provides advertisers with up to 30% sales growth by means of algorithms and selection of relevant goods.

Offers: Games, e-commerce, tourism.


This is one of the largest CPA commercial networks in the Russian Internet than won a title of the best affiliate network in the CIS in 2016.

Offers: Adult goods, cosmetics, medical care, car goods, accessories, sports goods etc.


This is a young network working mostly with the Russian-speaking audience.

Offers: Beauty, business, auto, weight loss, medicine, mail orders, pheromones, shoes, entertainment, accessories.

This is an affiliate network for mobile traffic monetization. The payment is performed for installations of Android and iOS apps available in the system.

Offers: Mobile apps (mostly games).


When choosing a CPA network, it is a must to:

  • Evaluate technical support quality: if upon your very first request you have to wait for a reply for several days, it is better to change the network.
  • Pay attention to traffic quality control. Give preference to those networks that monitor fraud.
  • Follow results and make more offers.

Without understanding your goals and objectives and a clearly defined offer, it is unlikely you will get a positive result. CPA is a road of experiments and constant search. To let this experiment finish successfully for your business, address RMAA experts who will help you not only evaluate practicality of CPA advertising, but also use this tool with the maximum efficiency to promote your business in the Russian market.

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