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Digital Outdoor and Indoor Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia for Brand Promotion



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Airports are a powerful channel for marketing communications, providing a unique platform for presenting products and services around the clock - day and night, weekdays and weekends. The airport audience is growing every year. 

In this article, we will consider the possibilities of outdoor advertising (OOH/DOOH) at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Please keep in mind that we have already written about Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo.

Traffic and capacity metrics of Domodedovo Airport

Domodedovo Airport is the third busiest airport in Russia, serving 19.9 million passengers in 2023. Thanks to its parallel runways, which are 2 km apart, it is unique among Moscow airports in that it allows simultaneous takeoffs and landings.




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The airport features an all-in-one concept, with a single three-story terminal building covering 135 square meters to facilitate passenger movement. Passengers are directed to either the departure area for domestic flights or to the customs inspection point for boarding international flights, based on clear signage. At the same time Domodedovo Airport has a clear separation of flows for arriving passengers, with dedicated areas for domestic and international flights.

The airport recently expanded its facilities with the opening of a new international terminal, T2, in the summer of 2023. This impressive addition, which is attached to the main building, has increased the airport's total area by 240,000 square meters. As a result, all international flights now operate from the new terminal, making the total airport area an impressive 500 square meters.

The new Terminal T2 accommodates all necessary areas for international flights, including check-in, departure, and arrival areas, customs and border control points, a variety of food outlets, stores, duty-free shops, and a business lounge.

The terminal for domestic flights includes a medical center, police station, religious buildings, and business halls. Food options are available on all three floors, featuring a diverse range of European, Asian, and Indian cuisine, along with cafes, pastry shops, pizzerias, and vending machines. Sberbank and a migration center are also located here.

Domodedovo Airport operates flights to the following destinations:

  • to European, Asian and African countries: Turkey, the UAE, Israel, Egypt, Ethiopia, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, Kuwait, Sri Lanka;

  • to the CIS countries (Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, etc.); 

  • regional flights within Russia.

Indoor formats of international Domodedovo terminals

The terminal for international arrivals and departures is an ideal location for advertising foreign brands. This is because it is frequented by individuals with high purchasing power, including travelers, senior executives, government officials, entrepreneurs, and finance professionals. Advertising in such a terminal is particularly effective for promoting products and services in the B2B segment. Your brand will become memorable and recognizable, and generate trust among the target audience.

The most effective option is to display the information on a large digital screen measuring 6x6 meters, combined with the international flight departure board. This screen is positioned directly above the entrance to the passport control area and should always be within the passengers' line of sight.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
DOOH screen combined with the central display above the entrance to the passport control area of the T2 terminal in Domodedovo, Moscow

There is another impressive location above the entrance where international flight passengers rest and wait for their departure. A massive digital screen measuring 5.76x2.16 meters displays information that the entire T2 passenger flow passes through.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital screen at the entrance to the waiting room in the departure area of international flights at Terminal T2 in Domodedovo, Moscow

To make the most of the available space, the elevator in the atrium of the international arrivals hall on the first floor was used as an advertising surface. A digital screen construction measuring 6/5x3/5x3/6, 5x3/5x3 meters was installed on it. This design is similar to the popular 3D cube, which we discussed in detail in our article on the latest trends in DOOH advertising in Russia. The main advantage of this medium is its ability to reach the audience from three sides.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital advertising construction in the atrium of the Terminal T2 international flights arrivals area in Domodedovo, Moscow

The international flight area at Domodedovo is equipped with large digital media, which enhances the visibility and reach of the target audience. 

It is important to note that there are additional advertising opportunities available at the airport. Let’s move to the mass zone between the international and regional terminals.

DOOH opportunities in general passenger areas of Domodedovo Airport

The general passenger zone at Domodedovo Airport is the highest traffic area due to its location between the international terminal and the domestic departure zone. Therefore, advertising placement in this area is highly advantageous. 

One such option is a 3.74x1.25 meter digital screen located opposite the main entrance to the international terminal.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital screen between terminals T1 and T2 in Domodedovo, Moscow

A successful example of Indoor placement is six 3.75x1.25 m video walls in all domestic and international check-in halls on the 1st floor. This high-traffic area, which all airport passengers pass through (except for VIP clients), provides an excellent advertising opportunity. Passengers waiting in line to check in their documents and drop off their baggage are highly likely to notice the advertisements.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Screens at Domodedovo Airport in the check-in area of international and domestic flights on the 1st floor

A total of 141 two-sided digital panels were installed on the 1st and 2nd floors of the common arrivals/departures area for domestic and international flights. They were evenly distributed along the entire passenger journey to maximize audience coverage.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital panels on 1-2 floors in the departure and arrival area of domestic and international flights

Nine additional digital panels are placed opposite the baggage claim ribbons.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital panels on the 1st and 2nd floors in the common baggage claim area

An interesting way of placement is digital ‘duet’ panels. There are 16 of them (32 panels in total), placed throughout the common passenger zone in areas of high customer traffic.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital ‘duet’ Panels in Domodedovo, Moscow

As we can see, the advertising opportunities in the common passenger area of Domodedovo Airport are extensive and designed for mass appeal. Paired screens are available in almost all locations, allowing for a single creative to be broadcast. This will have a significant impact on the campaign results.

Indoor formats of Domodedovo domestic terminals

Domodedovo Airport offers domestic air services to 80 cities throughout the Russian Federation. The main target audience is middle- and high-income passengers with significant purchasing power. Let's consider advertising opportunities in this zone. 

There are four 3x1 meter digital screens that are located on the 1st and 2nd floors in the check-in area of both domestic and international flights.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
 Digital screens in the security control area of domestic flights in Domodedovo, Moscow

The domestic flight departure lounge in the basement features a large 6x2 meter digital screen. Passengers spend a significant amount of time in this area before boarding their flight, ensuring maximum exposure to your message. 

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital screen in Domodedovo domestic flight lounge, Moscow

Ten 3x1 meter digital advertising screens are strategically installed above the baggage claim belt, taking advantage of the visually attention-grabbing area where passengers eagerly await their belongings.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital screen in the baggage claim area of Domodedovo domestic flights, Moscow

A 6x2 meter digital screen is installed along the passenger flow path to the airport exit. The screen displays static images and videos for advertising purposes.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital screen at the exit from the baggage claim hall of Domodedovo domestic flights, Moscow

In addition to Indoor opportunities, Domodedovo has outdoor advertising structures.

Digital outdoor advertising in Domodedovo

The outdoor placement in Domodedovo covers mainly the parking areas and the station square. The screens in these areas are larger to ensure maximum visibility outside the airport. 

The first option is a 24x25-meter digital screen mounted on the parking lot building. It provides excellent visibility from a great distance. The parking lot is conveniently located adjacent to the airport terminal building and is connected to it by an internal passage on the 3rd level. The entrance to the parking lot in front of the international flight terminal is a bustling hub for an elite audience, such as international business travelers.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Campaign for CNPC brand in Domodedovo in the parking area of International Terminal, 2023, RMAA

The example above is an advertising creative for the CNPC brand, a leading manufacturer of oil and gas equipment for oil companies. In 2023, we successfully ran a campaign for the client in Moscow and St. Petersburg, utilizing various digital media channels, including strategic placements at Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports to attract a solvent audience. 

The airport's station square is the second option. It boasts a large digital media display measuring 15x7.5 meters and has a high footfall due to its position as the entrance and exit area of the airport, through which passengers and their companions pass.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital screen at Domodedovo station square

An impressive 40x11 meter corner advertising construction was placed on the facade of the building, strategically located along the way to the parking lot.

Digital Out of Home Advertising at Domodedovo Airport in Russia 2024
Digital construction on the facade of the building on the way to the parking lot of Domodedovo, Moscow

Domodedovo International Airport is an exceptional advertising platform for brands to reach a wealthy and mobile audience. With thousands of non-stop passengers flowing through the airport daily, advertisers can take advantage of a variety of DOOH/OOH formats to creatively connect with their target audience.

However, a successful advertising campaign requires careful consideration of the strategy. Audience analysis is a crucial aspect, involving an understanding of their needs, interests, and behavior. Proper budget planning ensures that the campaign is not only creative but also cost-effective, providing maximum reach at a minimum spend. There are other factors depending on the client, campaign period, etc. 

So, a successful DOOH/OOH placement requires a comprehensive approach that includes strategic planning, in-depth analysis, and cost optimization.

RMAA has extensive experience in conducting DOOH/OOH advertising campaigns in Russia and the CIS, including airport advertising. Contact our manager by filling out the application form on our website to discuss the details of your project. We guarantee prompt feedback and the best strategies to solve your advertising tasks.

Stay informed about the latest trends and receive valuable analytics by subscribing to our blog. RMAA closely monitors current market trends and publishes research results in specialized materials.

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