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Maximizing Visibility: Digital Opportunities Outdoor and Indoor ads at Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia



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From an advertising platform's point of view, an airport is a huge space that operates 24/7 without weekends and holidays, providing advertisers with maximum audience exposure.  The main types of indoor placements in airports can be divided into digital media and static structures. However, the timing and specific location of the ad determine the effectiveness of a campaign, not the format.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to put theory into practice, drawing on our extensive experience in outdoor advertising. With over a hundred OOH/DOOH projects successfully completed in recent years, and a database established for efficient campaign placement in Russia and the CIS, we have the expertise to deliver results.

Let's take a detailed look at the capabilities of one of Moscow's leading airports, Sheremetyevo. 

Sheremetyevo Airport is one of Moscow's leading airports and is among the top 5 largest hub airports in Europe, handling international traffic. The airport terminal complex covers an area of over 570,000 square meters, with a total capacity of over 80 million passengers per year. Sheremetyevo serves approximately 100 Russian and international airlines, offering flights to more than 200 destinations.

digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo

Passengers at Sheremetyevo Airport are primarily aged between 26 and 44 years old. The gender distribution varies depending on the class of travel. In business class, men make up a significantly larger proportion (75%) than women (25%). In economy class, the gender distribution is more balanced with women accounting for 45% and men for 55%. However, regardless of class, the main purpose of travel remains consistent - business, leisure, and visiting friends and relatives. 

Sheremetyevo has five terminals, each with unique advertising formats that vary in terms of space, traffic, and visual solutions.

Indoor formats of international Sheremetyevo terminals

Terminal C is the prime platform for foreign brands at Sheremetyevo. It operates international flights to a wide range of destinations, including:

  • Asian ones (Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and so on);

  • highly sought-after destinations among the Russian-speaking population like Turkey, UAE, and Thailand;

  • Middle Eastern destinations such as Oman;

  • Indian and African destinations (Delhi, Goa, Seychelles, etc.);

  • the CIS destinations (Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and others);

  • European destinations (Serbia).

Terminal C provides a wide range of indoor digital advertising options, including the highly effective registration area of terminals CD31-CD32. This area boasts two large digital screens, each measuring 32.16x7.20 meters, strategically positioned above the check-in counters and separated by a board displaying international flight departures.


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
Campaign for Egypt Tourism at Sheremetyevo in zone CD31-CD32, 2023, RMAA

RMAA operates extensively in the tourism sector, executing highly successful OOH/DOOH campaigns in Russia and the CIS. The Egypt Tourism project (June 20-23) is an excellent illustration of our advertising expertise in Russia. Our video creatives were displayed on CD31-CD32 screens for a month, while simultaneously being broadcast in the center of Moscow (at the iconic location - the facade of RIA Novosti) and on leading TV channels. This approach enabled us to effectively reach and engage with the Russian-speaking audience, delivering exceptional results for our client.

Next, a CD33 digital screen is confidently positioned in the inspection area.


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
Digital screen CD33 in Sheremetyevo

It's main advantage is its large visitor traffic and significant dimensions similar to the screens CD31-CD32, 32.16x7.20 meters. 

Next are the departure and duty-free zones. Here there are several digital media, but they are not large format (1.44x0.83).


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
Digital screen at Sheremetyevo Terminal C in the departure area

Despite their small size, the screens attract passengers' attention, since they are placed next to the departure board, to which passengers constantly pay attention.

Advertising screens in Sheremetyevo VIP and business lounges

Sheremetyevo Airport offers special locations for business class and VIP lounges in addition to the main departure zones. These areas are specifically designed to cater to a more affluent audience. Despite the higher prices of services in these zones, they remain popular among the target audience. 

The VIP and business spaces are conveniently located in the two main terminals: international C, mentioned previously, and B, for domestic passenger flights.  

Sheremetyevo's Malevich Business Lounge, located in International Terminal C, is the airport's most spacious lounge, covering an impressive 3,048 square meters and accommodating up to 654 passengers. The walls of the lounge are decorated with 3D prints of paintings by the artist Kazimir Malevich in Suprematist style.


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
Digital screen in the lobby of the Malevich business lounge in Sheremetyevo

A 15.50x8.00 meter digital screen is located after the passport control area, at the entrance to the Malevich Hall. This strategic placement allows for 30-second advertising creatives, which is twice the limit of other media.


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
Digital screen of the Malevich business lounge in Sheremetyevo, 3rd floor

The hall features six small digital screens that resemble departure boards.  

Terminal B, which operates domestic flights, has two business lounges. 

The Rublev Business Lounge, with its unique interior details, including the longest buffet entered into the Guinness Book of Records, can accommodate over 450 passengers. Its ground floor boasts a cloakroom, storage lockers, panoramic windows, comfortable armchairs, a buffet area, a cafeteria, and a spacious playroom for children. The first floor offers a luxurious recreation area, a spa zone, a TV room, and a fully-equipped meeting room for 10 people.


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
Digital screen of Rublev business lounge in Sheremetyevo, 3rd floor

The advertising media in the lounge areas showcase comfortable sofas and armchairs. Additionally, two small digital screens, similar in format to departure boards, are available for use. 

It's worth noting that Kandinsky Business Hall has a slightly smaller capacity than Rublev, accommodating approximately 300 people. Located in Terminal B, the room is divided into themed zones, with a buffet and bar in the center. Comfortable armchairs and tables are thoughtfully arranged around the perimeter of the large hall, providing ample seating opposite the panoramic windows or at the back of the hall.


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
Digital screen of the Kandinsky business lounge in Sheremetyevo, 2nd floor

Kandinsky's advertising opportunities may be limited compared to other business locations, but they have a digital screen in the main lounge area. 

Additionally, Sheremetyevo offers VIP locations, including one on the 1st floor of International Direction C, adjacent to the departure area.


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
Digital screen in the VIP lounge of Terminal C at Sheremetyevo, 1st floor

Advertising in the VIP zone guarantees the visibility of your creative materials on multiple digital screens, strategically placed at opposite seating areas. With the screens located in close proximity to the passengers, your advertisement will be seen with a 100% probability.

Digital outdoor advertising in Sheremetyevo

Sheremetyevo utilizes both internal and external advertising opportunities to promote its services.


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
External screen of the digital parking zone at Terminal B in Sheremetyevo

For domestic destinations, the first option is located in the Terminal B station area and boasts a large digital media measuring 20x10 meters. This location is highly accessible as it serves as the entrance-exit area of the airport for passengers. 

The second option is the parking area of the International Terminal C, exclusively used by passengers traveling in that direction. The digital media in this area measures 39.7x9.6 m, making it visible from a long distance from the airport.


digital advertising in Russian airports Sheremetyevo
Campaign for CNPC brand in Sheremetyevo in the parking area of Terminal C, 2023, RMAA

In 2023, RMAA launched a DOOH campaign for CNPC, a leading manufacturer of oil and gas equipment for oil companies. The campaign featured a range of digital media across Moscow and St. Petersburg, including the Terminal C parking area screen. This location was strategically selected to target a high-end audience, particularly business passengers on international flights at Sheremetyevo Airport. 

Effective DOOH/OOH promotion strategies require consideration of various factors beyond just screen size. By taking all of these factors into account, a well-informed promotion strategy can be developed.       Budget, audience characteristics, and technical capabilities of media all play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of placement. 

Please contact our manager to discuss your request for outdoor advertising in Russia and the CIS. We can help you find the best options quickly. 

We have already written that DOOH/OOH advertising has great potential for development in the near future, providing vast opportunities for brands looking to reach the Russian-speaking audience.



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