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Overview of the MyTarget advertising platform



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How useful is the myTarget advertising platform from the Mail. Ru group?

First, we will answer the question what is the Mail.Ru group?

The Mail.Ru Group is a Russian technology company. It includes social networks "VKontakte" and "Odnoklassniki" with which the advertising platform myTarget interacts.

MyTarget unites all the largest social networks and services in Russia and the CIS and allows you to access this audience from one window, so that you do not advertise.

Who is this service for?

  • The owners of small local business
  • Administrators of groups in social networks
  • Developers of mobile applications
  • Online shopping
  • The platform can be used by both individuals and legal entities
  • Foreign companies have an interface in English

What is the myTarget function?

This targeted advertising service makes it possible to specify the desired audience by certain characteristics for effective targeting.

By choosing the settings you need, you can show ads only to potentially interested customers.

What are the advertising formats in myTarget?

There are three types of advertising formats in MyTarget.

Promotion of goods and services through targeted advertising can be carried out on desktop and mobile devices. When translating ads to both sites, a cross-declarative format is used.

Cross-declarative format

Includes several types of advertisements:

Multi-format accommodation

The format of the advertisement "Multi-format publishing" or Multiformat allows you to broadcast ads on all sites of the Group and the advertising network.

Cross-platform video posts (OK + VK)

The format of the advertising "Cross-platform video posts" allows you to advertise posts from video in the social networks - VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, which can be used by the advertiser as a single advertising platform. Desktop layout of the format occurs in the VK and OK tape, similarly for mobile sites in iOS and Android applications.

Video notes (OK)

Video in notes with autorun in Odnoklassniki are broadcasted in the event stream of the web version. It is necessary to add a link to the line "Post on social networks", and the ad will be created automatically based on the content of the note.

Notes (OK)

Promposts in OK will help the owners of groups to increase the coverage of the record, promote the community or solve e-commerce tasks. An advertisement can include both plain text and additional attachments-a survey, an audio recording, a photo or a gallery of pictures, and be broadcast to the interested audience.


Notes with Lead ads (OK)

Now Lead Ads is also available for promotion on Odnoklassniki. Collect the leads right inside the social network and simplify the collection of applications. The new format will significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and will be of interest to representatives of major brands collecting applications for their products and services, as well as small businesses.

The new format of Lead ads will allow potential customers to learn more about your company. This advertising format will also simplify the collection of leads for your advertising campaign.

To advertise notes in groups when creating an advertising campaign, choose "Post on social networks" and use links like:


  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Ways to obtain Leads:

1. Sending leads to Email. On the Mail Notifications page, select the Leads campaign checkbox and select the checkboxes Send notifications to the selected email addresses.

To add an Email on the Contact Information page, fill in the Email field.

2. The received banners can be downloaded in the xlsx file, in the statistics for the campaign:

  • Click the button "Download report"
  • On the left, in the drop-down menu, select the option "Leads by campaign". Leads campaigns are available only in Lead Ads advertising
  • Click "Download Report".


In campaign statistics:

  • Opening the lead ads form in the promo post is counted as "clicks" on the banner.
  • "Promoted checkout metrics" displays the number of "Leaded" conversions.


  • You cannot advertise a note in a closed group
  • You cannot advertise a note that contains built-in third-party video resources
  • It is forbidden to advertise notes with reposts from other groups
  • It is forbidden to advertise notes with internal VK and Facebook links
  • You cannot advertise a note containing more than one video
  • Example of ready advertising

Carousel (OK + VC)

Carousel - an advertising format, the distinguishing feature of which is the display of several slides with pictures in one ad in social networks:

Preroll in the video

Video advertising on the Internet is considered a fairly effective visual method to convey the advertising message to the audience. The Preroll format is a short video clip (up to 30 seconds) and attracts users’ attention before watching the main video. (you can insert the video at the end)

Audio advertising

According to the internal data of the Mail.Ru Group, the placement of audio clips allows reaching up to 62 million Russians - about 70% of the users of Runet and about 43% of the total population of the country. Listening is taken into account if three quarters of the video was played.

Out-stream video on the Nativeroll network

Out-stream is a video format that contains an autoplay and is displayed outside the video stream when the player hits the user's view zone.

Premium audit network

Placement of advertising in this format allows you to purchase the target audience on all thematic sites Mail.Ru Group and on external sites. The client can choose any set of placements with accuracy to the domain.

Desktop formats

Suitable for broadcast advertising on a PC in full version mode and include several types of advertisements:

  • Teaser 90x75 - Teaser is a small ad that is used to promote sites on the desktop in the right and left columns in social networks - Classmates and My World and on Mail.Ru projects.
  • Banner 240x400, Banners - ads with a larger creative than teasers - 240x400 pixels, which are also mainly used to promote sites

  • Banner 240x400 HTML5 - HTML5 banner is an ad that includes an animation element. This format is placed in the social networks Odnoklassniki and My World and on Mail.Ru projects

  • Banner 1000x120 in the video - Banner 1000x120 is shown when playing clips on the VK site and the video player COUB. The format includes an image of 1000x120 pixels in JPG or PNG format and weighing no more than 15 KB. The format of the link for the banner is an external resource
  • Articles (myWidget) - the placement of native desktop advertising in the format of recommended articles
  • Video banner - banner format with video animation 240x400, which is used mainly to promote the site

Mobile Formats

These are suitable for broadcast advertising only on mobile applications and include several types of advertisements:

Mobile advertising

Format Mobile advertising is used to promote applications on all mobile sites of myTarget: social networking events on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and My World, mobile services on Mail.Ru and mobile advertising network on myTarget.

Mobile Advertising (CPI)

The CPI (cost-per-install) model involves the payment of only real installations, designed specifically for effective promotion of applications and allows developers and publishers to optimize the advertising budget.

Mobile video advertising

Mobile video advertising - the format of advertising with video to promote mobile applications on VKontakte and Classmates. Advertising is placed in the news feeds of users of VC and OK applications for iOS and Android.

Full-screen and Rewarded videos

Interstitial (full-screen) video is a full-screen video that is shown on the myTarget mobile network.

Rewarded (video for reward) video is a similar full-screen video that is shown in mobile applications and games of the myTarget mobile network.

Interstitial and Rewarded videos are shown in breaks between levels or at the user's request to receive a reward (internal currency) per view.

Notes from the Canvas (OK)

Canvas is a new full-screen type of promo post on the Odnoklassniki mobile band. To start using the service, you need to register for it. Create an advertising room and post the first ad, selecting the features that fit your target audience.

Let's take a closer look at the features of the myTarget platform:

  1. Types of targeting
  2. Statistics
  3. Auction and optimization
  4. Remarketing on site visitors
  5. Dynamic Remarketing

What are the different types of targeting?


At the stage of creating or editing a campaign, you can choose gender (men or women) and the age of your audience. At the same time, audiences of close ages are users who behave in a similar way to people of a certain age. Adding this audience increases the reach of the campaign.


In order to select the audience to which you will show ads, first you must select the geographic area. In the interface for creating campaign editing, all countries, most cities, regions and districts are available:

Local advertising is used to promote goods or services on the ground and involves selecting a point (or several) on the map and its neighborhood with a radius of 0.5 km.

In the selected area, you can target two types of people:

  • People who are there or visited the site recently are in the chosen geographic area at a certain point or have been there recently
  • People who regularly visit there are people who often visit the places you choose. In addition, you can choose a part of them that are regularly available: during working hours from 9:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays in the Russian Federation; during off-hours and holidays


At the stage of creating or editing the campaign, user characteristics are also available, determined based on profile data in social networks and behavioral data.


Types of mobile devices, platforms and brands: In case of promotion by mobile applications, you can target not only the type of mobile device (phones or tablets), but also OS and mobile phone brands.


MyTarget processes a huge volume of the audience and determines its interests - based on the expressed interest of users to certain topics and content. You can create advertising campaigns for travelers who fly abroad, as well as for those who are passionate about movies. Interests are available in the menu for creating or editing your advertising campaign.

They are selected by categories, based on a description of the different types of target audience. A full list of interests can be found here. It is very important to reflect the chosen interest in your advertisements.

For example, if you advertise the delivery of ready meals and choose the segment "Sport," indicate that in your menu there are dishes designed specifically for people who lead an active lifestyle. Targeting advertising to office workers, you can specify that you will bring the dish exactly by the time the user returns from work, and he will not need to waste time preparing dinner or breakfast.

In the Statistics section, you can view the following data:

  • Clicks, charges, CTR, CPC, CPM, coverage
  • Statistics on video: the number of starts and searches, the depth of view in minutes and percentages
  • Conversion statistics: Conversion rate, conversion rate and conversion rate (CR and ECPA)
  • Statistics on promo posts and viral statistics: impressions, coverage, transitions to a post or group, external link clicks, voting, transitions to the application, video starts, joining the group, user activity
  • Coverage (on the chart, shown when you hover over the chart point) - The number of unique users who saw ads from the selected campaign for the selected day
  • Increase in coverage (on the chart, shown when you hover over the point of the graph) - Increase in the number of unique users compared to yesterday
  • Frequency (on the chart, shown when you hover over the chart point) - Frequency of ad impressions from the selected campaign for the selected day. Determined by the campaign setting
  • Increase in coverage (in the table) - Increase in the number of unique users for the selected period. In fact - the difference between coverage for the end of the period and the beginning of the period
  • Average frequency (in the table) - The ratio of impressions to the number of unique users who viewed the ad for the entire selected period. Please note that comparing the average frequency in the statistics with the frequency of impressions in the settings of the advertising campaign is correct for the same period. For example, if the settings set a limit on impressions to unique users per week, then the data period in the statistics should be at least a week
  • At the beginning of the period / At the end of the period (in the table) - The number of unique users who saw ads from the selected campaign at the beginning / end of the selected period. You can customize the statistics table, display the required columns and hide unused ones. To do this, just click on the "Settings table" gear in the lower left corner of the table and select the required columns
  • Conversions. Number of achievements of the target for the selected period of time
  • CR,%. Conversion rate. Ratio of conversions to clicks multiplied by 100%
  • eCPA, p. The conversion price in rubles. The ratio of the number of copies to the number of conversions

Auction and optimization

MyTarget Auction is a platform for automatic bidding between advertisers for displaying an ad. MyTarget allows you to pay for ads for impressions, clicks and CPI. However, the auction in this case is based on the eCPM model.

Consider the situation when two advertisers collided in one auction with payment for clicks.

Question: who will win and whose banner will be shown to the user?

To begin with, you will need to make sure that: The first advertiser tried with a search for a hypothesis and a bundle of audience and banner, he obtained a CTR of 1.6%

The second banner is less clickable and has a CTR of 1.1%, but the rate is higher.

Will the first win, and why? The first advertiser has eCPM higher than the second. 80 rubles per 1000 hits against 77 rubles per 1000 impressions.

The auction formula can be written in simplified form as follows: eCPM = CPC x CTR x 1000, where the CTR takes the forecast of this value for the next display. In the case of payment for displays eCPM = CPM, that is, the rate set in the system. From the formula follows a simple optimization fact that buying the same price and quality of the audience can be cheaper if you can proportionally increase the CTR when paying for clicks.

Strategies for searching for audiences (targeting)

At the stage of the test run, start by selecting the audience for targeting. To begin with, it is recommended that you follow the strategy of dividing campaigns into several types. When testing all approaches, taking into account their nuances, the probability of finding audiences with suitable business tasks increases with the indicators CTR, CR, CPI / CPA / CPO.

Targeting can be divided into:

  • Broad targeting, including socio-demographic segmentation
  • Targeting using interests and socio-behavioral characteristics
  • Targeting groups and communities of VC and OC, as well as games and social networking applications

The number of campaigns can reach 16-50. Example:

Campaign # 1, Men, 26-35, Moscow

Campaign # 2, Men, 26-35, Regions

Campaign # 3, Women, 26-45, Moscow

and so on, considering all possible intersections.

Broad targeting

Individual campaigns for segments:

  • by sex (M / F)
  • age ranges (example: 18-25, 26-35, 36-45, 45+,? - unknown age)
  • by geography (example: Moscow and regions, or individual cities)

The projection of coverage in each segment should not be less than 70,000 people a week. If less, we recommend increasing the segmentation step. As a result of testing, segments that do not satisfy the KPI are turned off.

Targeting using interests and socio-behavioral characteristics

Banners should reflect selected categories of interests or behavior, where interests or behavioral characteristics are selected by categories, based on a description of the different types of CA. Example:

  • Interests of cars and cars by brands + a banner with the image of the car, and other related elements
  • Social-behavioral cluster parents of children aged up to six months + banner to advertise baby food
  • Demographic targeting is widely chosen
  • It is possible to segment by sex, choose a wide range of age, for example, 18-45, segmentation in a broad geographic area (Moscow and Regions)
  • The audience forecast should be at least 70,000 people a week

Targeting Groups and Communities on VK and OK, as well as games and social networking applications

1. Interested and active audience of subscribers of VC and UC groups, included in it. Banners should reflect the interest of the audience on the list of groups.

2. Socially demographic targeting is widely chosen. It is possible to segment by sex, the choice of a wide age range, for example 18-45, segmentation on a broad geo (Moscow and Regions).

3. Auditor targeting is not included in the coverage forecast. It is recommended that you have at least 1,000,000 subscribers in total in groups in each audience, at least 300,000 people in the coverage forecast that is generated for all other targeting, excluding audiences.

Targeting advertiser lists

1. The list of retargeting (or exclusion list) can be generated based on email, phones, IDFA and Android ID (GAID) of mobile application users, as well as ID on VC and OK (which is similar to VC and OK groups’ targeting). The recommended number of users in the list is not less than 100 000 (minimum 5000).

2. Socially demographic targeting is widely chosen. It is possible to segment by sex, the choice of a wide age range, for example 18-45, segmentation on a broad geographic (Moscow and Regions).

3. For retargeting lists, CPM is recommended with a frequency limit.

4. IMPORTANT: Audiences formed on the lists of retargeting are not considered by the outreach forecast.

Remarketing by site visitors

With the help of remarketing of site visitors, you can catch up and motivate potential customers to buy who were interested in the goods and services on your site or who added them to the shopping cart, but who never bought the product.

Technologic configuration through the [email protected] calculator

To add the [email protected] calculator as a data source, enter its number in the field and click the button "Send request for addition." After clicking the button on the owner's address, if it differs from the account in myTarget, a letter will come with a confirmation link. After clicking the link, the calculator will be linked to the account in myTarget.

Setting Goals

Using the settings of goals in the calculator, you can create several segments of audiences to broadcast different advertising materials. For example, you can separately identify the audience which never was on the site or who has not visited it for a long time.

Or, just the opposite, to identify an audience that carried out useful actions on the site and which came from any channel with the exception of contextual advertising:

Please note that data about site visits begin to accrue only from the moment of installation of the counter, and data on the achievement of goals only from the moment they are established. It is important to remember that tangible results with this type of targeting can be obtained if the audience of the site is sufficiently large.

Information about visiting websites and achieving user goals is stored for 420 days. If you add a counter on which you do not have rights in [email protected], the counter's goals will not be shown until the rights are confirmed by the owner.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing allows you to show ads for certain products or services to users who previously viewed them on your site, but did not make a purchase. For this technology, ads are created automatically.

To set up dynamic remarketing, just add a special code to your pages and create a price list. Next, set up an ad campaign that will be broadcast to users in your remarketing audience.

Dynamic Remarketing Formats

  • Multiformat

Ads are shown on the desktop and mobile devices in the tape and teasers.

Platforms: Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, My World, Services Mail.Ru, advertising network. - Banner 240x400 Ads are shown on the social networks Odnoklassniki and My World, as well as in the mail of Isiservice Mail.Ru.

There are 3 types of banners: with one product, with two and with four. We recommend using all kinds of banners.

  • Food carousel

Ads are shown on the desktop and the mobile events stream on Odnoklassniki. The capabilities of the myTarget Russian advertising platform are multifaceted. Interaction with social networks makes it easier to find customers and develop any business. A variety of types of targeting and a variety of ad formats make access to customers easier.

This platform will be an indispensable assistant to promote the business of foreign companies. All the largest social networks and services in Russia and CIS have a total coverage of more than 140 million people.

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