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Marketing Key Opinion Leaders in Russia



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In the past few years Influencer Marketing has became an integral part of the promotion in social networks and blogs. This is the way to promote that maximizes friendly appeal to your target audience, while using the loyalty of this audience to the channel of promotion. Currently in Russia Influencer Marketing is well developed and can offer a variety of options for promotion. What kind of promotion can be launched through opinion leaders in Russia, read in the RMAA Group blog.


In fact the situation with the Influencer Marketing in Russia is mostly identical to the situation abroad of Russia. Promotion through opinion leaders is possible on a variety of platforms: personal website, livejournal, and other blogs, Youtube, periscope, social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram. It is also possible to promote mostly all sorts of goods, services and platforms: from consumer goods to business services.

In order to start using Influencer Marketing in your marketing strategy, you first need to choose the agents of influence, whose audience coincides with the target audience of your selling proposition. On practice today in Russia there are suitable opinion leaders which can be found to promote any product or service.

Cooperation with opinion leaders can be hold in various configurations: for money, for gifts / services from your side or for free. With the placement of advertising for money everything is clear: you simply pay and opinion leaders will respond positively about your product or service. Usually opinion leaders willingly agree to cooperate for gifts, if they are interested in your services or products. With regard to free cooperation, then it makes sense to have recourse, if your product is perfect in quality and very interesting in its characteristics, so that it could be interesting to blogger. It should be understood that while free cooperation, opinion leaders can express any opinion, including negative. A good version of a free co-operation is testing of some products. For example, bloggers, making a review of all sorts of gadgets, willingly will take a new device for test, but they can review on the negative side as well.

Influencer Marketing can be divided into several types:

Open advertising. These full-fledged advertising posts, which usually are marked as "advertisement". A positive side of this method of placement is that the subscribers are immediately aware that this is an advertising post, and they will not have a negative reaction. Typically, this kind of ads is placed by bloggers who make high-quality content and respect their audience, and their audience is adults with average incomes and above.

Hidden advertising in the form of a recommendation. Influencer recommends his/her audience any product, talks about his/her experience of use of this product, in general, acts not as an expert, but as a friend, counselor. The less good is specialized, the more effective is to use this method.

Hidden advertising on Product placement type. Opinion leaders encourage nothing to their audience, but in the frame along with their possibility to observe a certain good or product. As an option, the blogger can take a picture or record a video on the background of your logo.

Consider a few examples of Influencer Marketing in the Russian-language Internet. Popular blogger Ilya Varlamov, who became famous in livejournal, and now he has a website, he places advertisements on his blog on very different subjects, both in b2c and in b2b segments. Ilya calls his audience the best, active, educated part of the Internet. All advertising posts have a corresponding mark. The range of goods and services that have already been advertised in a blog of Ilya Varlamov is very wide: from the lottery and goods of wide demand to consulting services. As a rule, these are volume posts, comprehensively covering a particular question, rather than just selling texts.

Advertising post in the blog of Ilya Varlamov

A convenient platform for Influencer Marketing is Instagram. Pictures take an essential part of the message, the audience of the stars and popular bloggers is loyal, at the same Instagram is predominantly female social network, and the female audience is always more loyal than men. It is important that your opinion leader does not simply upload photos of your product, but also supplies it with its positive assessment. It will be good if posts are homemade by blogger, not a staged shooting with the logo background. For example, consider the popular Instagram accounts of Russian television presenters Ksenia Borodina, Olga Buzova. Each of them has more than 6 million subscribers. The range of advertised goods is quite wide: food, clothes, household chemicals, personal care products, beauty services, and so on.

Examples of Advertising in Instagram by popular television presenters Ksenia Borodina, Olga Buzova

Youtube is also a good platform for the Influencer Marketing. There are many variations of hidden advertising on Youtube: video clip advertising, also advertising can be placed in the middle of a short block or at the beginning of the video. Food, clothing, cosmetics and many other products can be advertised. Separately it is necessary to say about beauty-blogging segment, in which a single video may contain dozens of promotional items. Common formats of advertising: blogger talks about his purchases, shows the contents of their bags, it shows that she has on the table or in the room, and among these things are the ones that she advertises. For example, consider the popular YouTube channels of Katie Clapham and Sasha Spielberg. Each of them has more than 4 million subscribers.

Adverting on Youtube of popular blogger Sasha Spielberg

Today Influencer Marketing in Russia is developed well enough. There are many formats of promotion in various channels and in different subjects. Almost for any product or service, you can find a suitable expert blogger to promote it. RMAA Group specialists will tell you how to use opinion leaders in Russia to promote your products or services with the maximum benefit.


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