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Exploring of Radio Advertising Market in Russia: Industry Insights 2024



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In recent years, businesses have wholeheartedly embraced digital marketing. Despite the general decline associated with the departure of Western brands from Russia and the restructuring of the entire advertising system, the radio advertising market grew by an impressive 35% in 2023, representing the biggest increase in the last 20 years. The expected further growth of radio advertising in the current period may be another 20-30%. 

What’s the secret? Greater coverage, a simpler realization of advertising creatives, budgets? Let's talk about it in detail. 

Transformation and growth of radio advertising in Russia

The radio advertising market is experiencing significant growth due to its ability to attract advertisers with its large and fast coverage, as well as its low production and placement costs.   As stated by Vadim Tereshchuk, General Director of GPM Radio, in 2023, a unique situation arose where 100% of all advertising time of the main federal radio stations was bought out. This impressive growth is a testament to the market's potential, which started from humble beginnings. 

In 2022, the departure of leading Western advertisers from Russia due to changes in the socio-political situation caused a decline in the market. However, the market quickly adapted as new companies replaced Western brands, localizing their products. In the radio segment, Chinese representatives emerged, mostly featuring foreign advertisers in the auto category. By the summer of 2023, Autostat reported the emergence of 20 new Chinese brands with 46 new car models.

New carmakers launched advertising campaigns across all media, with a particular focus on radio, which traditionally led the way in terms of investment in radio advertising. Radio proved to be the marker that confidently signaled the market's recovery. 

Top 10 Russian radio stations

In Russia, radio remains a powerful medium with approximately 34 million listeners, representing 53% of the population. The growing trend of online radio listenership is also noteworthy, with a 37% increase in Moscow alone in 2023.

Radio Advertising Russia 2024

The top 10 radio stations offer a diverse range of topics, including music, news, entertainment, and sports. Despite the general prevalence of entertainment content on many platforms, Business FM, owned by RUMEDIA Media Holding, is the top-ranking radio station that broadcasts business news.


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Auto Radio



Vesti FM



Love Radio



Comedy Radio






Business FM



Relax FM






Like FM






The list also includes stations of Gazprom-Media media holding (Autoradio, Like FM, Comedy Radio, Relax FM), Russian Media Group (DFM, Maximum), Krutoy Media (Love Radio), and others. 

The structure of radio advertising sales is dominated by these media holdings. Radio stations often find it more convenient to have one holding own multiple popular stations and use a single airtime sales service, rather than selling advertising independently. As a result, an exclusive seller typically works for one or more holdings.

Radio advertising in Russia can be ordered in two variants: advertising for a specific selected region or nationwide advertising. All-Russian radio advertising is sold on a GRP basis, while regional radio advertising is sold per minute (except for large cities). For example, the share of purchase of regional local radio advertising in Moscow for 2023 increased by 39% compared to 2022, and by 50% -  in St. Petersburg. At the same time, the share of advertisers in Moscow for 2023 was 665. 

To learn more about the specifics of media buying in the Russian market, including radio, please, download our White Paper “How does Media-Buying in Russia Work?".

Leading advertising categories on Russian radio

Real estate, trade, offline events, financial services, and pharmaceutical brands are the top five radio advertisers in 2023, with real estate and trade accounting for approximately 40% of the total volume of radio advertising. Household services and catering follow in the ranking.

Radio Advertising in Russia 2024
This rating is subject to change shortly. Self-care services and applications aimed at improving people's physical and mental well-being will soon become more popular and rise in the top ten ratings. They are currently being promoted through audio podcasts and will soon be featured on radio broadcasts.

Radio advertising formats are divided into direct, sponsored, and integrated advertising.

Direct advertising can be of any genre and distributed in advertising blocks. It is important to note that, according to the law 'On Advertising', the volume of it cannot exceed 20% of the daily airtime. Direct radio advertising has two genres: advertisements and commercials.

An advertorial is an audio track that uses a voice to pronounce the text. The announcer talks about a product, service, or event.

Commercials are categorized into three types: informational, game, and musical. Informational ones deliver the message through a speaker accompanied by sounds, while game commercials involve scripted conversations between characters. Musical commercials feature music with complex special effects and accompanying text. 

Commercials typically do not include contact details or additional information, unlike adverts. This format aims to draw attention to the product or create a positive brand image.

Sponsored advertising costs include the creation of a radio program or airtime, for which the advertiser receives a share. The advertiser's name is mentioned along with a brief description at the beginning or end of the broadcast. This type of advertising is advantageous as it guarantees that the message will be heard by viewers. It is important to note that listeners are unlikely to switch to another station during an advertising block. 

Integrated advertising is a powerful tool that can be used on radio stations or in conversational programs. By featuring comments from an expert on the topic or an interview with the advertiser, this type of advertising can effectively promote a brand or business.

Main benefits of radio promotion

The benefits of audio advertising are indeed significant. These include broad coverage, quick production, low cost, loyal listeners, and more. 

With a relatively low advertising budget (compared to TV or DOOH), radio stations can reach a large part of the Russian population.

Radio Advertising in Russia 2024
Launching a new radio advertising campaign takes only a few days, or even just a few hours for a small commercial. The cost of creating and promoting a radio commercial depends on its duration, frequency, and airtime.

But what an effective result can be! Radio advertising is a highly effective way to promote a product or service, with a potential audience of 78% of listeners noticing adverts. In fact, approximately 29% of listeners make quick purchasing decisions after hearing a creative advertisement.

Radio Advertising in Russia 2024
Despite changing market conditions, radio advertising in Russia has demonstrated impressive resilience. Radio remains a powerful marketing tool, despite predictions of declining interest in traditional media. The innovation and digitalization of the radio space have opened up new opportunities for creative, integrated advertising campaigns.

As the Russian market adapts to new economic and political realities, radio advertising is poised to play a significant role in the growth of the advertising business. Advertisers can rely on radio to reach their target audiences, especially in segments where direct communication with the consumer is crucial. This trend is already evident in the context of Chinese car manufacturers entering the Russian market in 2023. 

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