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Promo In The Russian Style: The Most Ambitious Promo-Projects In Russia



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The crisis in the Russian advertising market touched all segments, including event-industry. However, despite the fact that advertisers continue to cut marketing budgets, there is a series of promotional activities which brands are willing to invest in. These are branding festivals, exhibitions and parties that bring a record number of people together.

In recent years fashion events of the biggest brands have grown from small stakes to the events that are really waiting for. The reason is simple - the brands have come to focus on promotional activities and compete with competitors for consumers` attention by offering them to "touch" the latest technologies to become part of the elite society, or to beat their own records on running.

Jameson Block Party

The party is held by Pernod Ricard Company, importing whiskey Jameson to Russia. The holiday was inspired by the American 1970s with their large-scale festivals in Brooklyn. Closed streets, barbecue, music and, of course, strong drinks.

Jameson Block Party is successfully held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, where this event attracts thousands of participants year after year. However, not everyone can get to the event. The selection of participants takes place through the registration, and then - through the choice of the organizers.

Block Party has its "schticks" which attract so many consumers willing to be placed on the list. For example, at a party you use special currency – Jamesonodollars -which you can make bids with. The atmosphere is enhanced still further by cards, shell games and traditional seven fights in the boxing ring at "the Olympic system".

This year's party was held in Moscow, Minsk and Yekaterinburg. The organizers brought the famous headliners: in Minsk - popular electronic artist Roman Litvinov (MUJUICE), in Moscow - Action Bronson, in Yekaterinburg - Tesla Boy.

Red Bull Flugtag

Every summer, the Russians are looking forward to the annual air show Red Bull Flugtag - the championship, which is held since 1991 under the sponsorship of Red Bull. Several teams attempt to fly home-made, human-powered flying machines. Each project is judged by design creativity, originality of the performance and flying range.

The show is held in Russia for 4 years and the number of people wishing to participate is rising every year. This year's Red Bull Flugtag took place on 26 July. The Strogino beach brought together 39 teams, while the number of applications for participation has exceeded 2000! A record 72,000 spectators came to see the show.

This is one of the most creative fashion stories, which fully reflects the slogan "Red Bull gives you wings" and encourages its original idea. Several thousand people gather in one place to get a positive energy and a spectacular sight. Anyone can participate and attend the event.

This year, the area of the show’s partner - automobile delirium MINI – became the part of the event. The main objectives of the brand have become a stylish stand construction and organization of activities for guests of the show.

On the stand there worked MINI BAR zone, where the bartender treated guests with cold coffee and Lifestyle Boutique zone, where visitors could buy clothes and accessories of the MINI brand. The main attraction of the stand was the new MINI John Cooper Works, which has received almost all attention of visitors.

Tuborg Greenfest

Today Greenfest is considered one of the biggest music festivals taking place all over Russia. It was launched 10 years ago and the jubilee year was celebrated in St Petersburg organizing a large-scale show with famous musicians of the world. Headliners of the event were iconic British - Muse, the Finnish band - Poets of the Fall and the famous electronic band - GusGus, from mysterious Iceland.

The most important thing at a music festival - to organize performances of famous headliners and ensure high-quality sound that Tuborg Greenfest makes from year to year. An extensive promotional program with distribution of tickets stimulates sales a few months before the event itself. Active branding in all elements and attributes of the festival allows each participant to feel belonging to this great musical event.

Lexus Hybrid Art

Another large-scale event - Lexus Hybrid Art, an annual exhibition of hybrid art. The recipe of the exhibitions which Lexus organizes for the sixth consecutive year, is simple - notable authors from various Biennales and effective technologies of the future in Lexus cars.

Lexus Hybrid Art Exhibition is being held in Moscow from 2010. The number of spectators has more than doubled (60 000) in the last two years. Such influx to the event was provided by a large-scale dialogue of tomorrow’s world - Lexus offers its visitors, "hybrid" vision of a new time.

The idea to come up with a new direction in art is impressive itself. Interactive is one of the most powerful forms of communication, it is the interaction with the objects of the exhibition that remains in people's memory. Every year, the organizers follow trends, thinking through every detail. On the other hand, there is no obtrusive brand advertising.

Alfa Future People

Alfa Future People is the festival organized by Alfa-Bank, which connects electronic music, technologies and sports. This year it was held in Nizhny Novgorod, a lot of interesting things was waiting for the audience - popular performers of electronic music, interactive attractions, latest gadgets, cars and sports activity. About 25 000 people visited the festival.

AFP supported by MasterCard was again a territory without cash, and contactless system of payments became a common practice for its participants. Each participant of the festival received a special bracelet with Alfa Bank contactless cards - MasterCard PayPass, which served at the same time a pass.

Lenovo VibeFest

LENOVO VIBE is a festival of music and high technology, which began in St. Petersburg, rolled in five cities of Russia and ended in Moscow. This summer headliners of the music program LENOVO VIBE Fest were popular Russian band IOWA, the soloist of the cult British band, Morcheeba - Skye Edwards,the legendary Latvian group– Brainstorm, a great discovery of the year - "My Michelle" and many others.

Interactive installations, video games on Lenovo devices, exhibition of scientific achievements, demonstration of skills by skaters, skateboarders and BMX bikers, outdoor yoga - these and many other activities were brought to every city by VIBE-wave. In every city organizers of Lenovo Vibe festivals put the pavilion with the premiere of a camera phone Lenovo Vibe Shot.

We Run Moscow / NIKE

One of the most important events in the lives of all runners is the 10-kilometer race NiKE «We Run», which takes place all over Russia. This year it was held in Moscow on September 13 at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. At the start of We Run Moscow the runners were supported by Allyson Felix - American sprinter and one of the most titled athletes in the world.

The first of a series of races We Run Moscow took place in 2010. However, since that time for many participants the running has grown from a fashionable hobby to a way of life.

Race We Run Moscow summed up the summer campaign "Find your speed", which was held by the brand. All summer runners from around the world trained the speed on the specially developed program both in Nike+ running clubs, and alone–the training program was available on the website of the brand. The runners were able to demonstrate their speed achievements in a series of races Nike Mile, which took place in Moscow in August. The fastest runners, who first came to the finish line, got the right to start We Run Moscow race on September 13 in the forefront to secure their personal bests and set new ones.

The mass races WE RUN is oriented to popularize the sport with well thought out PR company using mobile applications for individual preparation for the race. Involvement professional athletes, including American Alyson Felix, gave additional motivation to participants. For many of them, the fact of participation in such a complicated race is an achievement, thereby this event received extensive coverage in social networks - thousands of people have shared their results. Time and again NIKE justifies its slogan - Just Do It.

Megafon Live

Russian mobile operator "MegaFon" erases all distances with the help of modern technologies and concerts. In 10 Russian cities festivals takes place, hosting numerous famous rock musicians. "Close cities. Close people"- that is the slogan under which the brand unites the city with the help of high-quality communications and simultaneous video broadcasts from different cities.

During the musical performances Megaphone gives spectators an opportunity to vote for their favorite song in real time. In the end of the concert the song, obtaining fewer votes is performed by both musicians and audiences of two cities.

Musical teleconference and virtual duets - an original idea for a company providing mobile communications. It is to be noted a great choice of central sites. Free entry and well-known rock bands allow gathering thousands of people. There is a tremendous atmosphere in concerts. Such event will for years stay in the memory of participants.


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