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A review of key consumer values in Russia



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Marketers should focus on patriotism, gadgets and new family valuess

GfK, one of the world's leading research companies, presented a review of key consumer values that make producers and media companies re-examine communication with consumers to create goods and services, as well as entertainment and educational content for them.

The review was prepared based on the methodology for the study of innovations and factors determining future of markets and certain categories - GfK FutureWave and was presented at the annual "Creative Food GfK" workshop for companies of consumer’s sector and media business.

1. Patriotism

Experts point out that in recent years the pendulum of consumer interest has swung from globalization in the direction of national and regional interests. This trend is evident as the development of patriotic sentiments, preservation and growth of interest to the national and regional culture and history, changes in consumer preferences, including interest in local products purchases.

2. Social responsibility

Key concepts that reflect this trend - charity, mutual aid, volunteering. Brands, companies and media projects with active social role receive sincere support of people, including their loyalty as consumers today.

3. Green life

Ecological compatibility, healthy life, naturalness, authenticity, green technologies – these are the key words that describe the interests of a large group of consumers. Whereas, ecological compatibility and naturalness remain eternal values and resonate with consumers in all aspects of life - from the purchase of consumer goods to the selection of place of residence or vacation.

We might as well say that green life – both a new lifestyle and a worldview. Its adherents demonstrate responsible attitude to the environment, they are ready to carry out the separate waste collection, and they watch what they eat and use with their eyes open, opting for eco-materials, eco-products, goods in recyclable packaging, etc.

4. Search for simplified solutions

Faster and easier - the magic words that will resonate with consumers, focused on simplified solutions searching. Today, these words "work" in all spheres - from education (where, ironically, a consumer wants to gain skills without spending time and efforts) to banking servicing (where a quick access to a payment service at any time anywhere in the world is a trend). Hence, the increase in consumer interest in mobile services, as well as in entertainment and educational content, such as "do it yourself" and "life hacking"-tips.

5. “Robolove”

No, it is not love to robots (not yet). "Robolove" trend manifests itself in the form of consumer interest in innovative technologies and materials, "smart" devices. People are ready to hand part of their daily problems to smart assistants that can be controlled just by pressing a button - for example, purchasing management, cooking, maintaining the timetable, timely event notification, information search, geolocation and ensuring driving safety, tracking of physical indicators, training and many other things.

Now voice is enough. For example, sacred words "OK Google!" In the future, we can expect that these particular “smart” devices connected to the Internet, will become the driver of growth in sales of gadgets.

6. New family values

Family values have experienced a significant transformation throughout the past few decades, both in Russia and abroad. On the one hand, the perception of what is "standard" has changed: what kind of family can be considered as "normal" family? On the other - gender roles in a family have changed. One of the changes - "the active dad." The fathers of nowadays are actively engaged in the process of childcare, childrearing, they handle with homecare, cooking, grocery shopping "routine" on equal terms with their wives. This trend is becoming a basis for the creation of new communication campaigns and even new products focused both on moms and on dads.

7. Personalization

Personalization - a continuation of individualism trend that was detected at the beginning of the 2000s. I-communication has transformed into a narcissism, the development of technologies, the Internet and social network have stimulated it. Everybody has the freedom of expression on the Internet using Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, anyone can become celebrity - in the membership club or even on the global scale.


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