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Review of Competitor Analysis Tools in the Russian Market



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During the promotion, it is important to concentrate not only on the efficiency of your own advertising campaigns and development of your company’s communication channels (website, blog, social media accounts etc.), but also on what your competitors do in this direction.

Competitors’ mistakes will let you avoid your own ones, while their achievements will become your driver for development. But for this, you should always keep your eye on the ball and follow how other actors in your industry promote themselves in the market. Today we will tell you about the tools that will help you analyze competitors’ websites and their marketing activities online.

Brand Analytics

This is a tool to monitor and analyze placement of a brand in social and mass media.

This is probably one of the most important tools that will let you both analyze the effectiveness of your marketing and PR activities in metrics adopted by professional international associations—number of messages and unique authors, audience, engagement, loyalty—and monitor market tendencies, competitors’ activities, and users’ response to new goods and offers.

Brand Analytics collects data from thousands of source, among which are:

  • Social media: VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, My World, Vimeo, Mir Tesen.
  • Blogs, forums, review boards.
  • Messengers: channels and Telegram open chats.
  • Online mass media: federal, regional, foreign.
  • Websites of public authorities, market-making companies and organizations.

It processes millions of messages a day and monitors brand placement (including one of your competitors). As a result, apart from meta-data about the audience (audience size, geography, sex, age etc.), you also get an automatic analysis of the data collected (with determination of their tone, language, geography, indication of the most engaged groups and communities in social media, media field trends etc.)

As a result, you will be able to estimate peculiarities of your target audience, determine the platform where it is concentrated, find out the issues most discussed in terms of your brand and competitors, analyze the audience’s perception of your products etc. and promptly correct your communication and marketing strategy, depending on the data obtained.

Brand Analytics is fee-based. However, there is an option to try a free demo version during 7 days.


If you have a website and it does not lead in the search results in your theme, the analysis of the competitors’ websites taking first position will let you estimate quality of the competitors’ link mass and understand where you should go next. At least, in terms of external links.

The Linkpad is intended for the very analysis of such data, providing data by external links of domains on the basis of regular indexing of more than 42 billion pages of all website in the Internet.

The free version only allows the view of part of external links. To view the full list, you need to pay.

Arsenkin tools

This is one more simple and free tool that allows a fast analysis of the competitors’ content and top search results and then uploading the results to CSV.

For the competitive analysis, the following tools will be of use:

  • Top 10 websites upload. An opportunity to upload the first Yandex page using the set criteria.
  • H1-H6 tag parsing. It lets you quickly collect tags of competitors from the Yandex results, as well as upload title and description meta tags.
  • SEO text analysis. It determines the level of content spam and highlights keywords.


This is a tool to analyze context campaigns and search promotion of competitors. It provides vast opportunities to analyze context campaigns of competitors up to keywords, relevant ads, search results ranking, an approximate cost per click and the number of competitors on demand. What is more, a report is formed separately for Yandex and Google.

Besides, the SpyWords allows the competitive analysis by certain keywords.

The tool has a separate host of functions that you can use to compare your own website with competitors (up to three domains at a time). Clash of Domains lets you evaluate the quantity of clashes by keywords of competitors both in context ads and in organic results. With its help, you can find additional effective keywords that your competitors use.

SpyWords also has a War of Domains function that enables the comparison of up to 20 domains at a time. One more function, Domain Ratings, has appeared recently that compiles domain ratings by their current rates, by their ups and downs, and by other criteria.

One more interesting tool function is Smart Query Selection. It suggests improved alternatives of the queries entered.

Competitive Analysis and Clash of Domains can be done without registration. To use other functions, you need to pay one of the fixed rates.


You need to analyze not only competitors’ website, but also their social media accounts. By means of the Antidogs free tool, you can check the number of ‘dogs’ (deleted user accounts) in the VK communities of your competitors. A lot of ‘dogs’ signals that the community likely juked subscribers. The tool will put on to the percentage of the deleted pages and whether this balance is admissible.


  • Observe.
  • Analyze.
  • Do better.

The tools that we considered here will let you watch online activities of your competitors. To get the whole analysis in the Russian market, address RMAA experts.

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