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TNS Russia has analyzed the audience of mobile Internet users in Russia together with the main categories of advertisers in the segment

According to the study, a computer remains the main device to access the Internet (67% of population older than 12 years old). While only 74% of population are regular users of the Internet, and only 50% use mobile internet. The latter indicator has more than doubled since 2011 (including use of smartphones (up to 39% of the population), tablets (25%), Smart TV (10%), consoles (4%) and regular phones (10%)).

TNS Web Index, Russia (cities with population 100 hundred+), December 2011 and December 2014, aged 12+, % of population

The use of communication channels depends on age of audience. People aged 12-24 - 76% of population of this age group prefer mobile Internet, 52% of users of age group from 25 to 44 years old and only 11% of the audience aged 45+. In the same group 78%, 68% and 34%, respectively, goes to desktop Internet. Television is still popular - 53% of the audience in the group of 12-24 years old, 68% aged 25-44 and 80% of the audience aged 45+.

Source: TNS TV Index (May 2014), Web Index UI, Russia 100 k+, December 2014, aged 12+, Average Daily Reach, % of population of this age group

In case of desktops, 81% of its monthly audience use the Internet every day, and the remaining 19% - less than once a day, but at least once a month. The audience of mobile Internet is more active - 83% go online every day. Tablet is used by 60% of the people.

TNS Web Index, Russia 100 k+, December 2014, % of the daily audience to the monthly audience on the device, aged 12+

The age structure of mobile Internet strives to the structure of a "grown up Internet" although is shifted towards younger users yet. In 2009, the same thing happened with the whole Internet audience, i.e. over the past five years the Internet has increased its share of all Internet users among older age groups.

TNS Web Index, Russia 100 k+, August 2009, November 2011, December 2014, all aged 12+.

Mobile Internet audience in general and on mobile devices, separated by age groups.

Only one quarter of the population goes to the Internet using desktop only - 24%. 74% of people use several devices at the same time.

TNS Web Index, Russia 100 k+, 2008-2014, all aged 12+.

Monthly mobile Internet audience in general and on mobile devices, % of the population.

If consider Internet users only, 32% of the audience use desktop only to go online, 9% - mobile Internet, and 59% use several devices.

TNS Web Index UI, Russia 100 k+, aged 12+, % of Internet users

Desktop internet is gradually losing its positions. Audience growth in this segment amounted to -1% as against to 2013 (in the summer of 2014 the segment lost 5%), while mobile Internet audience increased by 12%, and tablet audience - 6%. However, in the next 10 years, a desktop will not quit the stage; it is connected to a specific of certain occupations and activities where you cannot work without a personal computer or a laptop.

TNS Web Index UI, Russia 100 k+, December 2014, aged 12+, reach for a month, % of population, increase to December 2013

According to the experts, the connectivity of mobile Internet will exceed desktop rate and will be 65% versus 60% by 2017. At the end of 2014, mobile Internet significantly loses to desktop - 46% and 65%, respectively. The Internet connectivity will be about 77% in 2017.

TNS Web Index UI, Russia 100 k+, aged 12+

In the USA, mobile Internet for the first time overtaken desktop Internet for daily pastime (according to Marketer, for April 2014). A person spends almost three hours a day in the Internet using mobile devices.

Average time consumption of media per day, on a population, USA, eMerketer, April 2014,

In Russia, rates are more modest yet. Currently, people spend 1.5 hours per day using desktop internet and an hour using mobile devices. TV is also in the lead - nearly four hours.

Source: USA – eMerketer, April 2014; Russia: TNS TV Index, Web Index, December 2014.

Almost any kind of activity that is usual on the desktop, is available on mobile internet as well. There has been significant growth in the segment of video downloading and use of messengers.

TNS Mobile Index, Russia (cities 100+), December 2014, all aged 12+, % of Internet users with mobile devices, a change to December 2013

TOP 20 platforms in mobile Internet.

TNS Mobile Index, Russia (cities 700+, including Moscow and St. Petersburg), January 2015, all aged 12-64. Monthly Reach Col % - % of total mobile Internet audience, Monthly Reach % and ADR% - % of population. Days Reached - average number of visit days per month.


According to Dentsu Aegis Network, not all mobile advertising is a result of conscious demand of an advertiser. Only 1.8 billion rubles are used correctly, taking into account follow-up actions of users. 2-6 billion rubles are spent inefficiently, for example, only 50% of advertisers had a mobile version of website at the time of the research, however, they bought mobile advertising, which led nowhere.

5-10 billion rubles - assessment of mobile advertising market potential.

Densu Aegis AdWatch Isobar, October 2014

The main categories of advertisers in Russia are telecommunication, automobiles, consumer goods, audio-visual equipment, finance, entertainment and media. However, advertising monetization model is not the only one that can be used to survive. According to Vision Mobile company data, direct sales via application stores brings about $ 40.5 billion of income for developers all around the world (more than 8,000 people in 143 countries), 37% of respondents use this model. The most profitable segment ($ 300 billion) - e-commerce, but only 9% of developers prefer this model. Advertising model is used by 36% ($ 34.5 billion).

Vision Mobile, Developer Economics Q1 2015, profits of developers worldwide of mobile applications (the company's forecast for 2015) + share of mobile developers (n>8000, 143 countries)



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