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Top Russian-Language Travel Bloggers on VKontakte



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  • Fourth most popular online project in Russia after Google, Yandex, and YouTube (with which it struggles for the third place from time to time).
  • Monthly audience in Russia counts for more than 40 million people*.
  • 76% audience is middle and upper-middle income earners*.
  • Main audience (both PC and mobile) are users aged 25-44*.

*According to Mediascope, October 2019

This all is about VKontakte, the most popular social media network in Russia. It is no surprise that a huge lot of affinity content is daily generated in all of it. So, we collected authors of blogs and popular public pages, collaboration with whom can be interesting for travel industry actors.

Original Blogs

Своим Ходом - Виталик и Лиза

Rus. On Its Own – Vitalik & Lisa

96K subscribers +2 thousand per last 2 month

По Земле бюджетно

Rus. Low-Cost Worldwide

89K subscribers +6 thousand

Путешествия из Питера | Блог Глеба и зрелищ

Rus. Travers from St. Pete | Blog by Gleb and Games

21K subscribers +1 thousand

Блог Ольги Салий ✈️ Другие путешествия

Rus. Blog by Olga Salii ✈️ Different Travels

10K subscribers


3,709 subscribers

Sports Travel

2,355 subscribers

Ермолаев, езжай!

Rus. Yermolaev, Go!

2,325 subscribers

Thematic Public pages

As a rule, such public pages are characterized by pretty monotone content: beautiful pictures of landmarks from different countries with short texts. However, this does not prevent them from being quite popular in the Russian Internet.

Путешествия | Редкие кадры

Rus. Travels | Rare Shots

1,570K subscribers +2 thousand


Rus. Travels

1,559K subscribers +10 thousand

Путешествия | Природа

Rus. Travels | Nature

1,520K subscribers +11 thousand

Vandrouki | Путешествия почти бесплатно

Rus. Vandrouki | Almost Free Travels

1,356K subscribers +25 thousand

Взгляни на мир | путешествия, арт, фото, туризм

Rus. Look at the World | travels, arts, photos, tourism

1,287K subscribers +5 thousand

Путешествия и туризм

Rus. Travels and tourism

1,159K subscribers +6 thousand

Интересная планета - путешествия и туризм

Rus. Interesting Planet – Travels and Tourism

996K subscribers +2 thousand

Привет, сей час | Путешествия

Rus. Hello, now | Travels

955K subscribers +1 thousand

Тонкости туризма

Rus. Travel Nuances

149 K subscribers

Лига путешественников™

Rus. League of Travellers™

51K subscribers

Клуб самостоятельных путешественников

Rus. Club of Independent Travellers

17K subscribers

Expanding the Coverage

You can promote your projects not only on bloggers’ pages and in themed public pages, but also in official groups of tour operators, metasearch engines for air tickets and booking.

Горящие туры 2020

Rus. Last Minute Tours 2020 (TopTrips travel agency)

535K subscribers +1 thousand


Rus. (tour comparison service)

315K subscribers

270K subscribers +19 thousand

Coral Travel

264K subscribers


165K subscribers

Onlinetours: горящие туры и акции

Rus. Onlinetours: last minute tours and offers

141K subscribers +2 thousand

Туроператор "Интурист"

Rus. Intourist Tour Operator

126K subscribers +5 thousand

PEGAS Touristik

116K subscribers +1 thousand

TourBar - Путешествие начинается здесь

Rus. TourBar - Travelling Starts Here

110K subscribers +1 thousand

Горящие туры

Rus. Last Minute Tours (Larussia travel agency)

106K subscribers

Love should not be all on one side…

Here is a great example of why travel operators and agencies must be subscribed to the public pages of the regions whose tours they promote—in social media, one can get clients who are going to take part in a certain event.

Question from the user in the comment: “I wonder what travel agencies bring tourists to this event (in Finland) from St. Petersburg?”

This is far from the complete segmentation of VKontakte public pages, and during the updates, we will definitely be extending not only the number of participants but also providing a clearer breakdown by certain categories.

The list of travel public pages and groups on VK is updated quarterly.

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