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VKontakte, also known as VK, is a social network that has long been a hub for Russian authors. In October 2023, almost 20% of communities were about tourism and outdoor activities. Almost the same share was occupied by public forums of hotels and travel agencies. This was a direct response to the high demand in this area as tourism is one of the most popular topics among Russians. VK services are the go-to for buying tickets and finding transportation. Another popular request is for reference information, with 28% of users looking for it. And 11% of users are looking for suitable tours.

Also, VK is a large ecosystem with a huge number of services. Companies can promote themselves by referring to their apps and communities. This creates a full-fledged funnel, the ultimate goal of which is to get a good, warm, and ready-to-buy customer.

Top Russian Travel VK Bloggers

In this material, we've gathered bloggers and popular public VK pages whom we think brands would find interesting to work with.

Top 10 VK Travel Publics


VK Travel Public



The Look at the world through the eyes of Tanya Solovey



The Petesburger’s Travel | Alexey Ershikhin



In Search of Light | Alexander Mazurov



The Aesthetics of Travel | Irina Velour



Im_ksun| Ksenia Prokhorova



Mark Yeremin



Yaroslav and Anastasia Shuraev | Travel with us



The Territory of Culture in Khvostikov | About traveling and life | Vlad Khvostikov



Travel with camera | Liseykina | Lena Liseykina



The Family travel | Natalia Bogdanova



Look at the world through the eyes of Tanya Solovey

Tanya Solovey is the driving force behind this community. She's a popular blogger and the host of the travel show "Two on the Road." This vibrant woman, in her own words, introduces her subscribers to real emotions. And she's not exaggerating: her content is truly beautiful.

Tanya publishes short vertical videos, which include stunning views of different places from her trips (she travels in Russia). The blogger alternates these videos with a selection of photos, stories about her adventures, and other content: polls, reviews, and her opinion. Tanya engages her audience in every way possible.

The blogger's advertisements blend seamlessly into the content. Tanya reviews hotels, shoots videos, and prepares other useful content that may interest her subscribers.



Advertising integration of Hotel Mövenpick in the Look at the world through the eyes of Tanya Solovey VK community  

Petersburger's Travels | Aleksey Ershikhin

Alexey is a resident of the Leningrad region and most of his travels concern this very area. Nevertheless, he also travels to other regions of Russia and even abroad. For example, in April he traveled to Armenia.

The blogger shares the most unusual, beautiful, and sometimes hard-to-reach places and makes sure to leave their coordinates so that subscribers can follow in his footsteps. Alexey's camera lens usually captures wildlife. He takes a selection of photos, edits small videos, and shares his impressions.

At the moment, Alexey publishes unlabeled ads, sometimes in the form of clips, sometimes as plain text with links. It looks organic and does not repel subscribers. In fact, it can even lead to subscribers finding a useful promo code. However, not labeling now is a reason to weigh all the risks once again before advertising with such bloggers. Please, read this post for more information on ad labeling.



A selection of books available on the OZON Marketplace, in the Petersburger's Travels | Alexey Ershikhin VK community 

In Search of Light | Alexander Mazurov

Alexander is an expert in outdoor activities and photography. His blog is full of stunning photos and videos from his travels through mountains, misty valleys, snowy passes, and wild, unbridled natural places. Alexander brings you the best shots and videos from the Russian countryside (Karelia, Baikal, Chukotka), the Arctic, Scotland, Patagonia, and other far-off lands. He also records video lessons on shooting from a drone. There's no doubt that he has a lot to offer.

This blogger accompanies his ads with stunning images and sometimes incorporates the products of his advertisers into the setting of his travels. It's a winning combination.



Promotional post of Ambassador coffee brand in In Search of Light | Alexander Mazurov the VK community 

The Aesthetics of Travel | Irina Velour

Irina travels extensively, covering Russia, the CIS, and other countries. She has recently been to Oman, Cuba, and South Korea.

Her main content is aesthetic short videos, photos against the backdrop of picturesque places, and selections of amazing landscapes. She shares emotions and reasoning about local culture, tells curious facts, and reveals little-known things. 

Irina often becomes the heroine of her own promotional stories and describes her experience after partner events in detail. There is also a standard promotional post - with text and a photo, where the brand is beautifully highlighted.



Advertising post of VTB Bank in the Aesthetics of Travel | Irina Velour  VK community  

Im_ksun | Ksenia Prokhorova

Ksenia travels all over the world. She's traveled around Russia, has recently been in the Maldives and Turkey, and has also spent time in beautiful ski resorts. From every destination, she brings back lots of colorful shots, including photos, videos, selfies, and funny family stories. Subscribers are hooked on this content, which shows the details of a luxurious life full of expensive hotels, delicious food, and incredible trips. This resonates with many girls.

Xenia's advertising shows her face, and there's no question that she's a trustworthy blogger. Integrations are often recorded in video format and accompanied by a small sales text—just as cozy as all the content on the author's page.



Promotional post of Nutripolis brand in Im_ksun| Ksenia Prokhorova VK community  

Mark Eremin

Mark has traveled to 50 countries around the world and is currently exploring Russia, with occasional ventures outside the country. In April, for example, he posted sunny materials from Morocco.

Mark's distinctive style is informative videos with recognizable editing. In them, the blogger tells about different places he has visited, shares what tourists should pay attention to, and reveals popular destinations from a new perspective.

Mark's ads are seamlessly integrated into his content. From the first words, it's clear that they're part of the same narrative. And they look great in the feed of his community, where each entry attracts the interest of users.



Promotional post of Via Tourism travel agency in Mark Yeremin's VK community 

Also, the blogger is among the top 10 Telegram channels about traveling. Read more about the other leaders of the rating here.

Yaroslav and Anastasiya Shuraevy | Travel with us

This married couple is creative. They are both photographers, and their content is incredibly exciting. The guys catch amazing moments: yachting in the Kurils, a trip across Chukotka, sunrises on the Putorana plateau, and a fabulous vacation at sea. All materials are stunningly beautiful, as if from another planet.

Bloggers often place advertisements. Their active lifestyle is the perfect theme for showcasing tools that can make life easier for travelers, or just things that can brighten anyone's day. Yaroslav and Anastasia's ads are no less elegant than their content.



Promotional post of Tinkoff Insurance service in Yaroslav and Anastasia Shuraev | Travel with us VK community 

Khvostikov l About travels and life l Vlad Khvostikov

Vlad is a blogger from the Ivanovo region. He travels around Russia a great deal. Recently he has been to Dzerzhinsk, North Ossetia, and cities in the Volga region. Vlad shows the most sought-after tourist spots, writes a lot about culture (theaters and exhibitions), and discusses how public needs are addressed in the regions. He talks a lot about the development of cities as part of Russia. And without a doubt, even the locals of the places he visits gain something new from his videos.

The ads in Vlad's community are often backed up by his own experiences. Many integrations are connected with the active public position of the blogger. Advertisers can count on high-quality editing of video ads and a detailed review or commentary, which will certainly be appreciated by the subscribers of this community.



Promotional post in support of the VK community about traveling, Russia - The Territory of Culture in  Khvostikov | About traveling and life | Vlad Khvostikov VK community 

Travel with camera | Liseykina | Lena Liseykina

Lena has been traveling around Russia for over 17 years. She has driven the entire country by car, flown in a hot air balloon, lived with reindeer herders, and has been recognized many times as one of the best travel bloggers in the media space. In this blog, she publishes a selection of photos from her travels and sometimes posts videos in which she shares new facts about the places she has visited. Subscribers leave likes and comments constantly, and reposts are also common.

The group owner has not advertised for a long time, but advertisers can target the responsive and inquisitive audience of this community.



Family travel | Natalya Bogdanova 

Natalia travels with her husband and son all over the world. She recently posted photos and videos from Bali, Turkey, and Italy. All of this blogger's posts accompany the text, where she talks about tourist life, traveling with a small child, and also about small joys and discoveries in new countries. Natalya shares her life hacks, recommends routes and unusual places, and her audience closely follows the publications. 

The group owner notes that her content is liked by active moms who don't want to sit at home. They can find a lot of useful things from Natalia.



A post about the All Inclusive system in Turkey in the Family travel | Natalia Bogdanova VK community 

Finally, a few more public spaces with excellent visuals that are ideal for placing ads.



VK Travel Public



Interesting Planet - Travel, Tourism



Amazing World | Nature | Travel



Betraveler | Welcome to Earth



Independent Travel - Ideas



My Province | Ural



And five more communities where travelers are looking for the best value tours, comfortable accommodations, and fellow travelers.



VK Travel Public



Vandrouki | Travel almost free



Around the world for 2 paychecks. Waking Travel 



Hot tours, traveling companions



Wild Tourists | Search for travel companions



Hot Tours Scanner | Steering Wheel



The advertiser can agree on advertising integration with the blogger directly, and they can also use the tools of targeted advertising through the VK-Ads platform. When loading an advertising campaign, select the desired publishers and groups from a list (note: using VK exchanges or adding them yourself).

VK-Ads has many successful cases. For example, in the blog, you can learn how a hotel in Turkey smartly reduced costs while increasing CPA. This once again confirms the effectiveness of promotion within the site.

The Internet and social media is a place with a great number of advantages for marketing. Photo, audio, and video content accompanied by an attractive description is where the journey of the regulars of the VKontakte feed often begins. Then it's just a matter of buying tickets, packing a suitcase, and setting off. As a result, an author of a publication successfully sold his tour.

A brand can use VKontakte to find new customers and build the right promotion strategy. To do this, you need to set the goal of the campaign, find suitable communities for advertising, and set up targeting. It can be long, difficult, and inefficient to figure it out on your own. However, a reliable partner can do all this work for you.

Trust your advertising to RMAA experts. We have been working with the Russian advertising market for over 15 years. You can also get a free digest of the tourism industry. Fill out this form and stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends in Russia and the CIS!

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