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RMAA Group President Vadim Tylik spoke as the keystone speaker at a business breakfast for Russian companies interested in entering the Asian markets

Business breakfast "Business in Asia: positioning of companies, promotion of products and services" was held on 20th of March, 2015 (Moscow, Russia). It was organized by Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in cooperation with RMAA Group.

The meeting was attended by representatives of major Russian food and logistics companies as well as some state-owned corporations, such as "Narzan", Link Customs Broker and "Avtodor".

The meeting focused on the issues of interest to many Russian companies that are just entering the Asian market. How to introduce the business in Asia? What to start with? How to overcome language barriers, differences in mentality or Chinese firewall? The relevance of these issues leaves no doubt as the entry into the market of China, Vietnam, Korea and Thailand opens new perspectives for development of the companies.

RMAA Group business breakfast for Russian companies interested in entering Asia, pic. 1

RMAA Group business breakfast for Russian companies interested in entering Asia, pic. 2

Experiences in building business relationships with Chinese partners and promoting the Asian markets were shared by the Head of the China Southern Airlines in Russia, Mr. Zhu Liang and President of RMAA Group Vadim Tylik.

According to Mr. Zhu Liang, starting work in China, and organizing work to find new partners, first of all you need to know the mentality of your future colleagues. "China is a country with a history of five thousand years, a variety of traditions and living principles, which differ depending on the region", - said the head of a major airline company. The Chinese consider the attention to their habits as a sign of respect.

Communication with new partners in their native language will allow developing closer relationships, which are the basis for joint business. "To do business you need first become friends. The Chinese are interested in friendly partnership relations, - said Mr. Zhu Liang. - Moreover, in China, many complex issues are resolved at the table, where the partners may be sincere and openly express their true intentions. "

RMAA Group business breakfast for Russian companies interested in entering Asia, pic. 3

Vadim Tylik, president RMAA Group - an expert in promotion of Russian business in the Asian markets, agreed with Mr. Zhu Liang. "You need to understand that when you focus on sales in China, Japan, Korea or Vietnam, a sales proposition should be submitted not only in English but also in the native language of your customers," - he said.

In his speech he spoke about the specifics of positioning of a company, organization of "difficult" products sales and finding customers via the Internet in China, Korea and Japan.

B2B marketing and search engine optimization in the Internet (SEO) are the first tools of promotion in new markets. If the most popular search engine in Europe and Russia is Google, this one in China is Baidu, in Korea - Naver, and in Japan - Yahoo. According to the president of RMAA Group, the coverage of the Asian audience through Google search engine will be minimal. You also need to choose the right domain zone of the website focused on the Chinese market and other Asian countries. "For example, Eastern search engines do not take RU domains. Domain Com - is the most appropriate domain - added Vadim Tylik. - You can also add subdomains for each country where you are going to work. "

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