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A new White Paper: 'How to Sell to Russian Large Companies? Learn how to conquer this billion-dollar marketplace with surprising marketing strategies'

According to the 'B2B International' the foreign business is more and more interested in collaborating with large Russian companies. The findings of the 'Euromonitor International' (the global leader among the independent companies focused on the strategic review of the market) demonstrate that in spite of the comparative weakness of the rouble, domestic economy problems, remaining corruption, B2B advertising market keeps growing.

Apparently, many companies worldwide are interested in their piece of the billion-dollar market. International companies traditionally want to sell to the giants of the petroleum and light industry, banking sector. Less but steady interest is caused by the field of IT, machine building industry and light industry. They are primarily IT integrators, developers, consulting companies, “complex” product producers, who want to promote their services and items.

In relation to the entry into the unfamiliar market managers and marketing experts worldwide have got lots of questions. How to find people who make decisions in large Russian companies? Which marketing tools are the most effective promoting on the Russian market? How to promote “complex” products on the B2B market in Russia? Who is the opinion leader in the field of interest and whose support you need to gain first of all?

Searching for answers can take some time - the most important thing in disposal of a company, planning to enter a new market. Things are even worse when a company tries to use only familiar marketing tools without researching the local market. However effective avenues of promotion are left out at best and at worse the company gets minimal result having wasted large sums.

As a result company management may have a mistaken opinion that entering into the Russian market is a complicated and ineffective procedure. In the issue the promotion funding is wasted and people who make decisions don’t get the information about the product. The only way out of such situation is to leave the market in which in view of historical factors foreign quality and foreign prestige plays a big role if not pivotal when making decision of collaborating.

The conclusion is that the knowledge of the local market and how to enter into this market is essential to achieve the intended effect.

One of the leaders of the B2B advertising market in Russia the president of the RMAA Group Vadim Tylik comments on the situation on the Russian B2B market: “The nowadays situation in Russia makes it the most attractive on the international market and many people abroad understand it”. We monitor the statistics and I can say that the entire number of requests of making advertising campaigns on the Russian B2B market increases lately. To my opinion our main difficulty is to break client’s stereotype that Russia equals to Europe, USA and so on, which is not true. The Russians are not the Europeans, neither the Asians, Russians are like the Russian nesting doll, you never know what is inside. That is why to promote in Russia other tools are necessary”.

 “RMAA Group – Russian Marketing & Advertisement Agency” is an independent full-cycle advertisement agency with its offices in Moscow, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. RMAA Group has got more than 9 years of experience in managing B2B marketing projects. During this time they have managed more than 200 projects with 50+ companies.

Lately Vadim Tylik has issued a free White Paper “How to sell to Russian large companies. Learn how to conquer this billion-dollar marketplace with surprising marketing strategies”, in which he gives helpful advices in the sphere of Russian B2B marketing and covers real cases from his own experience. The book will be really helpful for the В2В marketers, sales specialists and executives, aiming the Russian market. You can download the White Paper here.

RMAA Group announced a new White Paper: 'How to Sell to Russian Large Companies? Learn how to conquer this billion-dollar marketplace with surprising marketing strategies', pic. 1

In conclusion we can say that political sanctions concern only foodstuff industry, whereas international companies are interested in other spheres. In this regard Russian B2B marketing is certainly becomes an attractor for the companies worldwide and is promising in view of its relatively little familiarization. However it is necessary to keep in mind that to enter into the Russian market as any other you need to use the correct marketing tools and technologies.

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