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RMAA Group promotes an image of the Chinese city of Qinhuangdao (Beidaihe) in Russia

On July 15th, 2014 RMAA Group held a meeting in Khabarovsk office with a management of Beijing advertising agency - Wuzhou Feixun (Beijing) Culture Media Center, which represented interests of the Ministry of Tourism of Qinhuangdao urban district, China. During the meeting parties have signed an agreement for the first stage of an advertising campaign in Russia.

“Negotiations on such projects are always long-term, especially if work involves companies from Asian countries, we are already used to this. Long negotiation process and handling matters – is a standard work for us, as we often work with Asian companies. At a meeting on July 15th we have signed an agreement and have agreed on marketing activities to promote a tourism image of Beidaihe in the following cities of the Russian Far East: Khabarovsk, Yakutsk and Blagoveshchensk. As representatives of the advertising agency from Beijing noted, residents of above mentioned cities are frequent visitors of Beidaihe, so the Ministry of Tourism had chosen exactly these cities,” 

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From left to right Vadim Tylik – The President of RMAA Group, Hongde Zhang – Chief Planner of Wuzhou Feixun (Beijing) Culture Media Center

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