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The Moscow Domodedovo airport has been open since 1962. The airport, built southeast of Moscow, was initially supposed to be a gateway airport for flights to Siberia, the Middle Asia, the Far East, and to the Volga region and the Ural, which includes the directions situated south-east of Moscow. The airport has been used for domestic flights only for a long time, and the status of the international airport was gained only in 1992. Nowadays, more than half of passengers accrue to international flights.

Unlike other big airports, Domodedovo has only one passengers’ terminal, which is being constantly perfected and widened. Now it takes 135 square meters. The new terminal queue will be finished by the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In Domodedovo, the availability of two runways allows performing simultaneous takeoff and landing operations. Other Moscow airports do not have such possibility.

Domodedovo airport constantly improves its technical capacities and enhances its service. Thus, the passengers’ flow is constantly growing. In 2016, it was equal to 28.5 million people. Nowadays Domodedovo is one of the Russia’s leading airports by every measure and has repeatedly become a winner or a prize taker of different industrial awards. For example, Domodedovo was awarded as the best airport of Russia in 2016, according to the “Russian Gateway” award.

Domodedovo Airport provides large number of possibilities for advertising placement:

  • Advertising placement in form of an exhibition in the middle of the air-terminal complex - Domodedovo Art Gallery;
  • Advertising inside the air-terminal complex:
    • on light boxes of different formats;
    • broadcasting of advertising clips on monitors in concourses, placement on video walls;
    • booklets and magazines placement on displays in VIP and in business lounges;
    • on baggage trucks;
    • advertising placement on boarding cards;
    • advertising placement on parking vouchers;
    • on clothing and shoes trays, used for passenger screening;
    • advertising placement in form of exhibition in the middle of a terminal;
    • substandard advertising design (Suspended structures placement, display platform installation with automobiles);
    • promo offering organization and carrying;
    • baby care room branding;
    • airport facilities branding (escalator; lift shaft, revolving doors, leaded panels, inspection equipment, baggage carousels in the baggage claim area);
    • children’s play space organization as part of advertising design.
  • Outdoor advertising on airport surrounding territory.
    • on 3х6 meter screens following the direction of the Domodedovo-Moscow route.
    • on large-format advertising constructions sized 5x12 meters (Supersites);
    • on telescopic passageways;
    • on apron equipment;
    • on fuel reservoirs, situated on the territory of airside;
    • advertising constructions placement on parking arrangement;
    • advertising placement on airport complex facilities;
    • advertising placement on construction fence on the territory of airport complex.

28.5 million
Passenger flow over 2016

Airline companies served

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