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Top managers of the U.S. Marketing Agency made a visit to RMAA Group Office in Khabarovsk

Top managers of international CRM marketing agency MERKLE came to visit “RMAA Group” headquarter in Khabarovsk. Negotiations took place for two days – 17th and 18thFebruary, during negotiations companies have reached the agreementon advertising of U.S. brands in Russia.Our American partners have shown great courage seeing the sights of Far East Capital. The weather conditions were harsh even for Khabarovsk citizens, not to mention guests from warm California.


MERKLE company profile:

Merkle Inc. made visit to RMAA Group Office in Russia, pic. 1

MERKLE is one of the largest marketing agencies in the United States,was founded in 1988. Company represents the interests of its customers in more than 20 countries around the world, has 1500 employees,agency clients are the largest international brands: Walmart, TGIFriday's, Dell, AmericanExpress, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Motorolla and many others.

According to tradition, RMAA Group cooperation with clients is limited by communication via email and telephone.However, if the client plans to establish long-term relationships with partners in Russia, the acquaintance cannot only relies on distant communication tools, as the probability of choosing the "wrong" partner is quite high.Therefore, the best way to assure of the professionalism of foreign partner is a personal meeting. Negotiations with MERKLE started in November 2011 and the arrival of the agency's to the head office of "Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency" and personal acquaintance took place in February 2012. During the meeting companies discussed the strategies to promote American brands in Russia, mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. MERKLE was interested in outdoor advertising, mail direct services, online advertising, but particular interest MERKLE showed forsms marketing, so we organized a meeting with Megafon company.

«Experience in working with foreign advertisers is extremely useful and, certainly, it helps us in our professional growth, makes our employees to get “involve" in both American and Asian entrepreneurial spiritand understand mentality of foreign advertiser. Work with colleagues from the USA, China, South Korea and Japan necessitatesto the developmentof marketing services market in Russia. We will lean on the new experience and lessons learned during our work with foreign projects to work with Russian clients as well», says the head of RMAA Group Vadim Tylik.


About RMAA Group

RMAA Group is independent Russian full service advertising agency. RMAA Group supports b2c and b2b international brands entering the Russian market and helps them in finding Russian customers. Key clients of RMAA Group are situated in the USA, the Great Britain, China and South Korea. The agency`s core competencies include: advertising, branding, marketing strategy & media planning and buying, email marketing & eCRM, events, mobile and social media, direct marketing and design.

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