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B2B Exhibitions in Russia



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B2B exhibitions fulfill an important function: they call together sellers, buyers and competitors in one place. The buyers get a chance to acquaint themselves with offers of a number of companies, the sellers can offer their production to a wide range of potential buyers and the competitors can communicate and evaluate each other's proposals. Read RMAA Group article to learn how to attract your audience to the exhibition, and motivate buyers on the exhibition.


The issue of attracting of your audience to the exhibition may seem strange at first sight, because all B2B customers who are interested in the products or services in a certain field won't miss the interesting exhibition anyway. But it's important your customers coming to the exhibition to search your stand and have interest in your offer. In this way one can get utmost benefit from a participation in the exhibition.

First of all, you will need a good customer database to carry out preliminary work. The database should contain the most complete and latest information on your potential buyers with all their contact details as well as information on decision makers. For the majority of industries and regions a ready-made database can be bought, however, you will probably have to revise and update the information provided in the already made database. Or you can compile your own database, but it will require a serious work. The process of database preparation in B2B segment is detailed here.

The next step of the preliminary work will be informing your potential buyers on the trade offer which you will promote at the exhibition. At the same time the contact with the buyers is aimed not at the offer itself but at the inviting them for the exhibition where you can tell about your offer in more detail. For this purpose a telemarketing method and e-newsletters are used. This particular intelligent combination of the above tools will allow you to provoke interest of the majority of your customers. Just recently we wrote in more detail about how to attract an audience to a B2B event.

Concerning the exhibition, you can heighten the interest of the audience to your proposal by PR-tools and techniques: by placing the information in trade or business media or holding some small image-building events. At the same time you can announce the commencement of sales at the exhibition enabling to overtake the competitors and steal the audience attention from their stands to yours.

At the exhibition itself it is also important to attract the audience's attention, but if you've done a good preliminary work, it will be easier. There are different strategies for preparation of the exhibition stand:

Maximum informative stand: here it will be important to set forth the information in a plain and well-defined way regarding the company and your trade offer, but the most important is to induce a buyer for a contact with your team member. Various handouts will also be well suited.

Emotionally-expressive stand. Here the focus is to lure buyers in with a metaphor or allegory, which is visible in the design of the stand or related videos. Such action often justifies itself if it's possible to find suddenly a touching comparison of machines and feelings or animals.

Minimalistic stand. In case of well-conducted work, you can afford to place a minimum of information on the stand relying on a demonstration of a product or service. Operating equipment on the stand is a guarantee of target visitors inflow. If your goal is a direct sale, it is the most beneficial option.

Closed stand. If you restrict access to your stand, for example, making it only by invitation, you add the importance to your brand and trade offer. In the closed stand itself it will be easier to create any atmosphere and convey any information.

What will your customer take from the exhibition besides the impressions and valuable information? It depends only on you. If you have demonstration equipment it would be likely purchased right away at the exhibition due to the minimum transportation costs and absence of losses of time for pending delivery.

In addition to the goods for sale, it makes sense to take care of preparation of handouts: souvenirs, branded stationery etc. Promotional souvenirs are often divided into two categories: simple souvenirs in abundant amounts are given to low-level managers and more expensive and single-piece souvenirs are presented to the top managers or executives.

Successful and effective participation in the exhibition activities will require your diligence for the preparation: from notification of your potential customers about your trade offer to the preparation of the stand and handouts. RMAA Group Experts will tell you how to use B2B exhibitions with utmost profit and attract maximum attention to your stands.


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