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Distinctive Ads of 2021



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When promoting a brand name in the Russian market, foreign brands face a lot of questions:

  • Do they need to localize the advert or to make an original one?
  • What does the Russian audience like?
  • Should the video be short or long?
  • What characters and how should be used for advertising in Russia?

And many more. There is much to be discussed on the issue, but, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. RMAA Agency experts presented a list of the most memorable advert videos in the Russian market where one can see what characters and what creative approach was appreciated by the modern Russian audience in 2021.

Isn't it a movie preview?

Today, goods delivery is one of primary topics emphasized in advertising by many brands. An ambitious Hollywood-style video about Ozon flash-like delivery seamlessly blends good visuals, voicework, and humor. As many commented, they want to watch such an ad till the end and share it with friends. That is why the video rightly made our list of Russian distinctive ads in 2021.

'I'm trying to hear something else... But there's still Deadpool before my eyes'

Yandex.Zen impressed us with an original approach to their advertising video. However, the tricky part is not about a green character against a green background, but about his voice. Russian-speaking viewers perfectly know this voice of Pyotr Glants, a Russian voice actor, associated with Deadpool. Although a certain carelessness and easiness of the green man resemble Deadpool, too, this is the voicework that was essential in this ad. That is why the video took the fancy of viewers and our experts and got on the list of 'Distinctive Ads of 2021'.

If it isn't Bruce Willis!

In 2021, MegaFon made a series of advertising videos featuring the actor Bruce Willis and Azamat Musagaliev, a Russian comedian. However, it's not all that simple. The American actor did not take part in the production—we only see a computer model of Bruce Willis in the ad. But you must admit that it is very complicated to distinguish an ad character from its original version. Anyway, the ad also catches with its humor, so it is worth a spot on our list.

#StillBigMac or #NotBigMac

If Alexander Gudkov appears in your ad for the Russian market, one could say that it is already 50% of success. What if there are two Gudkovs in the ad? Then it is just doomed to success. 'An ad that you want to watch again', 'One of those ads that you do not want to miss', 'The ad that I intentionally looked for to watch all the way through'—a music battle of Gudkov with himself by McDonalds Russia well deserves the spot on the list of the most distinctive ads of 2021.

Freedom of desire and expression

Vivienne Sabó launched an advertising campaign to support the introduction of a new waterproof mascara. In the video, the stardom of Dances, a popular project in Russia, presented 'a sex fantasy in a subway car'. A beauty blogger Goar Avetisyan made herself into an avatar of the promo. Courage, audacity, modernity, and use of fresh faces are reasons why the ad by Vivienne Sabó gets on our list.

Feel the magic of the moment

Everyone is looking forward to the ad of this very brand before the New Year. It does not matter if you drink Coca Cola or not, but their New Year videos create such a fabulous effect of the upcoming holidays and magic that you feel like sharing them. Yes, this is a localized ad and not one specifically shot for the Russian market, but when it is so sustainable, the audience of any country will definitely like it. This year, Coca-Cola reminds us that true magic is not gifts, but special moments that we want to share and spend together.

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