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Gaming on Youtube in Russia. TOP 10 popular channels and Trends in Marketing



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In 2024, the number of YouTube users will approach 2.5 billion people, which means that almost one in three people on the planet is now a viewer of video hosting. YouTube's user community has grown almost 15 times since 2008, making it the second most popular social network in the world with an annual audience growth of 155 million people.

In Russia, YouTube ranks fourth among key online services, following the most popular Russian messenger Telegram, and two competing search platforms, Yandex and Google. Almost half of the Russian population visits YouTube daily, with the average viewer spending 86 minutes on the site, which is significantly more than the global average of just over 23 minutes. Music and entertainment are the most popular content categories among Russian users (19% and 18%, respectively), followed closely by gaming (11%).

It is worth noting that over 70% of channel owners earn revenue from advertising on YouTube, demonstrating the platform's profitability and potential for growth. Although Russian bloggers faced challenges with monetization and fund withdrawal, and the service is projected to slow down in Russia, influencers are still developing their channels, with the proportion of 'affiliate' advertising in their income steadily increasing.

Promoting Brands through Gaming YouTube Channels

Collaborating with game bloggers can attract brands seeking to promote their products to the site's vast and loyal audience, the owner of which acts as an independent opinion leader. Popular game channels are used to advertise a variety of goods and services, not necessarily related to gaming, as the gaming audience is extensive and overlaps with many other consumer groups.

Reputable companies may view collaborations with YouTube gaming channels with skepticism due to the potential for negative references. However, this type of promotion is not completely refused, as the gaming industry boasts highly engaged and financially stable users that cannot be ignored.

When promoting through game influencers on YouTube, brands must consider that consumers of game content do not tolerate intrusiveness. The most effective form of advertising is the native format. The audience will approve of a product subtly present in the interior and appreciate a successful joke about the promoted service that appeared during a stream or letsplay, but if they are "forced" to buy a product, they will remain dissatisfied.

Who is in the TOP? The most important bloggers of Russian YouTube gaming channels

Last year's top 10 Russian YouTube gamers underwent significant changes in 2024. DarkPlay, Aid [VyacheslavOOO], Coffi Channel, and Little Movies - Games & Fun are no longer at the top of the ratings. However, Marmok, Sibochka Pipochka, Windy31, and Frost have made it to the top.


YouTube Channel









Kuplinov Play












Simbochka Pimpochka












Home Animations - Tank Cartoons












Let’s examine the top trends and features of YouTube gamification closely.


Marmok, a Moldovan streamer and gamer, is the top-rated influencer. He gained popularity by playing Crysis and Far Cry 4, creating bug reviews and videos of noteworthy moments with his commentary, many of which later became gaming memes. In 2014, Marmok started a second channel where he exclusively posted vlogs and streams. He has repeatedly entered various top lists and has been recognized as one of the most highly-rated influencers, thanks to his charitable activities. The blogger has collaborated with brands from various niches, including KupiKod gaming system, Stalcraft, Skillfactory, Tinkoff, and others.


Tinkoff advertising integration on Marmok YouTube channel

Kuplinov Play

Former MAI (Moscow Aviation Institute) graduate and author of video content dedicated to gameplay of various game genres. He maintains two channels, the main one and the other with stream recordings. He is one of the most-rated YouTube authors and a nominee of IgroMir and Vidfest exhibitions. Sometimes he promotes brands live during co-op streams.


BioShock Remastered video playthrough on Kuplinov Play channel


Eduard Perets holds the third position in the ratings. He is a versatile content creator who started with survival gameplay and later shifted his focus to Minecraft. He explores various aspects of the game, including trolling, magic, and survival. In addition, he maintains a second channel where he occasionally shares his musings in vlog format. Eduard is not so actively cooperating with brands, although the capabilities of his channel allow him to do it effectively. The blogger presents advertising content in a pre-roll format featuring creative from the advertiser.


Promotional integration of Papa mozhet brand on EdisonPts YouTube channel


Kompot is undoubtedly the most renowned Minecraft master on Russian YouTube. Roman Paramonov, the skilled player from Ulyanovsk, has an impressive collection of over two thousand videos on his main channel, with new content being released almost daily. In addition to promoting his own merch and ForgeDefence tower defense game, he almost never promotes sponsored products.


Minecraft video game playthrough on the Kompot channel

Simbochka Pimpochka

Simbochka is the animated cat, the mascot of a series of casual games from the Pimpochka Games studio. The character is named after a real-life cat owned by a video blogger named Artie, who posts walkthrough videos of Simbochka games and other Simba Universe characters on his channel. The channel's ads effectively promote the studio's games, and the collaboration with brands has been highly successful.


Simbochka Pimpochka channel's call for subscriptions


EvgenBro is a highly recognized trendsetter who started with Minecraft tutorials, but his real fame came from his collaboration with the TV series "Squid Game" when the video blogger escaped from Yeon-hee and other threats in survival mode; his popularity was also positively influenced by the conflict with Vlad Bumaga, which was hyped by Internet users. EvgenBro's videos consistently feature the enigmatic character Ma, whose identity remains a mystery. Notably, the author maintains a strict policy of limited brand collaborations. The unique presentation of content in the style of Minecraft is the most likely reason for this. The channel's audience of over 11 million subscribers presents excellent opportunities for advertisers to collaborate.


A video dedicated to the popular Cowboy Nuggets meme on the EvgenBro channel


Andrei Vindy has been creating video content for over a decade. He is an expert in Stalker, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Dark Souls. Occasionally, Windy posts information on his Discord channel that draws attention to certain mod-building commands.


Video content from Windy31 channel

HomeAnimations - Tank Cartoons

The channel produces weekly animated videos based on the popular games World of Warships, AW, and WoT, with a specific focus on tanks. The videos are expertly linked together in a mini-series format, with the author providing a concise recap of the previous episode at the beginning of each video. It is worth noting that the channel does not contain any advertising, which further showcases their commitment to providing quality content. The large budget allocated for creative development is most likely the reason for this, as it should match the style of the main content.


A subscription call by HomeAnimations - Tank Cartoons Channel


Roman Filchenkov is a highly skilled YouTube blogger who specializes in Minecraft. His reviews on mods and broadcasts of gameplay are of exceptional quality, setting him apart from most channels in this segment. MrLololoshka's good sound and excellent diction contribute to his success. He mainly promotes his project, 'The Last Reality'. 


Announcement of Mr. Lolololoshka's own project ‘The Last Reality’


Frost, the bottom-ranked Russian YouTube gamer, started out with Sumotori Dreams reviews. Since 2013, he has been dominating the YouTube gaming scene with his love for Minecraft, the Metro Universe, Battlefield, Terraria, and other games. He made a promise to his subscribers that they would learn his true last name when the channel reached 6,666,666 subscribers - and he delivered on that promise. In 2018, the YouTube community discovered that his name is Yuri Mashtakov. The gamer partners frequently with brands. His recent collaborations include videos titled 'FixPrice vs Svetofor' and 'Survival with Unusual Things from AliExpress'.

RMAA partnered with Frost to promote the Genshin Impact game. Overall, the partnership successfully generated buzz and excitement for Genshin Impact. The blogger took a unique approach to the game review, showcasing a scene in which two characters discuss the new release. Surprisingly, the video showed minimal in-game footage (which is unusual for client integrations). The ad sparked a strong reaction in the comments section, with 580 likes and a large number of views as a bonus. Frost's innovative approach to advertising demonstrates promising potential for collaboration in the future.


Genshin Impact advertising integration on the Frost channel by RMAA

Between 2021 and 2024, the global influencer marketing industry has increased by more than 40%. The growth rate is so high that it's outpacing the dynamics of marketing spending. It is predicted that by the end of the year, the influencer industry will reach almost $20 billion, and this trend suggests that the demand for promotion through YouTube bloggers will also increase. 

When developing the mechanics of promotion through gaming channels on YouTube, it is necessary to take into account the oversaturation of their audience, which requires not only native advertising but also the non-standard nature of advertising messages. RMAA specialists will help you create them. We will develop a campaign with triggers for a specific target audience, in addition to determining the appropriate channels for brand promotion and establishing communication with their owners. 

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