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How to promote B2B IT products or services in Russia?



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IT industry is on its top all over the world and in Russia in particular. Moreover its significance will only rise in upcoming future. Not a single company is capable to compete without modern high-quality solutions in the sphere of Information Technologies. Even though, IT companies have to fight for every client and look for new ways to attract them.

To know what a successful marketing of IT B2B in Russia is – read in material of RMAA Group.

 Direct marketing

The main way to promote B2B segment is a direct marketing. That is not surprising, because the sails occur in the limited range of consumers and marketing supposed to orient on it. Therefore it is very important to bring the trading offer directly to people who are taking such decisions.

The most popular tools of advertising remains to be telemarketing and e-mail mailing. In both ways, you are able to communicate directly with clients and make them interested in your product. Of course, a good data base that you are using means a lot for reaching success. How to collect effective data base of B2B clients we have already written.

In most cases, it takes time for corporations to respond on the B2B direct marketing, though corporate purchases behaved much more carefully. So you cannot stop with only one way of advertising. When you make your client interested in, he will have desire to know more about your company. Here all the information about your company in the Internet and other Media resources is going to mean great importance.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO itself is a key element of promoting B2B segment, but in the IT sphere it means a symbol of quality. A good website, placed on the top of the searching list – is a sign of confidence and trust worthy. Comparing with B2C, SEO in B2B segment requires different type of priorities. Such difference caused of more careful selection and longer trading cycle. It is necessary to use more key words, without limiting only basic ones. Besides, exceptional moment is to combine well-made optimization successfully with fine location of the quality content. That is important because B2B clients will be more attentive to the information from your website.


Talking about Media, you must be very careful with choosing the right format of the ads. Due to low range of target audience it is wise to publish your adverts in the specific Media sectors, where your ads are going to be noticed by potential customers.

All the others publications and cooperation with Media are going to be an important addition. Of course, it makes sense to communicate with Media, e.g. to distribute press releases or public performance in the Media as an expert. Also important factors for successful marketing company are amount of references in the Media and the high level of company brand recognition.

Content marketing

During the process of promoting IT services or products it is important to pay attention for making a quality content. Usually, solutions in the IT sphere are too complex for non-professionals, but interesting for professionals because of its complexity. We should goal for professionals – they are going to be interested in your content. Therefore do not be afraid to rise up difficult subjects and go into technical details.

Among the forms of content, take attention for making the “White paper”. This is the form you can use to tell in details about new product or upgrading the old ones. To clear some technical details and tell about your system of clients support. White paper can be posted on your web-site for downloading for free or be sent to the e-mail by the request.

Also it is worth on paying attention for webinar sessions. The webinar with its considerably low price is a real way to attract new clients. The real profit given for free will never be forgotten: neither in year, nor in 3 or 5, and the participant of the webinar will somehow benefit the company – either buying or recommending.

Event marketing

Event marketing is a good way to communicate directly with possible customers - these are all kinds of IT conferences, performances and expositions which are regular in Russia nowadays. That is a great way not only to tell about your products and services, but in some cases, to demonstrate a new solution or a technology.

Blogs, social networks and other specialized platforms

There is an opinion that using the social networks is not popular in B2B segment. In some way that is true, means that such way of advertisement does not rise sales directly. However, clever activity of the company in social networks improves recognizability and customer’s friendliness. Besides, these tools are especially correct in the IT sphere. What is important, this type of activity costs less than any other ones.

So, how to use social networks and blogs in promoting b2b segment:

1) Promoting the head of the company personal web-page or blog. Clever positioning of the head will make possible clients feel confident and be sure in the company. According to experts, recognition of the head will make clients friendlier, and make them choosing your offer or stimulate to continue the cooperation.

2) Promoting your own thematic community. The point is, that the key subject of such community should not be sailings, otherwise no one is going to read it. This group should be filled with good and useful content which will keep “old” and loyal customers. Besides, social networks are great instrument for leaving feedbacks. “Facebook” and “Vkontakte” are the best social networks to work in that direction in Russia, “Odnoklassniki” is less popular.

3) Making publications in blogs and forums for professionals. Such publications goal is to present the right image. By posting complex text, full of technical details in the right place, you are certainly going to attract attention to yourself. Professionals in this field, who can truly evaluate your content, will be interested in you. Such people can recommend your product to the possible customers. For example, “” is Russian platform for IT sphere. Publications work the same way in blogs though with less hitting the target auditory, but with larger cover.

That is not an easy task to promote IT product or B2B services in Russian market, and it requires clever combination of direct marketing and PR activity in social networks. Herewith your marketing strategy depends on your tasks, services, products, targeting auditory and budget. Specialists of RMAA Group will help you to find the most effective set of tools.

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