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How to Choose a Blogger on TikTok and Get Recommended



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According to the latest study by Neuro-Insight, TikTok users are more receptive to brand messages, calls to action, and ads. Due to algorithms in TikTok recommendations, a user sees only those videos that are of interest to them and involves into viewing to the utmost, as well as remembers the brands advertised better.

In Russia, TikTok is the third most popular social networking service by usage on mobile devices. TikTok is monthly visited by more than 39.5 million Russians, being inferior to VKontakte and Instagram only in this regard. With this in mind, TikTok in Russia is substantially leading by the time spent by users there. Russians scroll the feed with short videos 38 minutes a day on average.

While some still believe that TikTok is a platform for youngsters, other companies already use it actively, increase brand awareness, and share their message with users by means of creation of their own creative content and interaction with bloggers.

In the article, we will tell how brands can conduct an effective advertising campaign with TikTokers.

How to Find a Creator on TikTok

In general, search of TikTokers does not differ from selection of authors on other platforms. The first thing you need to do is to choose authors of a theme that is closest to your brand. Then, you need to request and analyze data by account audience, video views, and engagement.

It is extremely difficult to predict reach on TikTok. You can place an ad with a blogger having 100K+ followers and get fewer than 10,000 views, but a reverse situation may happen, too: a video of an author with 5,000 followers can get 30,000 views. What is more, the situation is the same for most TikTok creators—the number of followers does not guarantee any coverage.

You will say that we can analyze an average number of video views. Yes, this is one of the options. However, some authors delete videos that did not grab the audience. In this situation, when deriving the arithmetic mean, you will get quite satisfactory viewership statistics, but the result will not necessarily make you happy after placement.

A more reliable option is to evaluate bloggers by the number and quality of engagement (likes and comments). On the other hand, there is no single evaluation formula there either.

What's to be done then? Firstly, it is best to cooperate with tried and tested creators. For this purpose, you can either make a list of such authors on your own by trial and error or address to an agency that will organize cooperation with influencers on a turn-key basis, for example, RMAA Agency.

Secondly, the video that you are going to place with TikTokers should meet platform requirements in order to get in the recommendations as much as possible.

6 Tips for Getting Recommended on TikTok

1. Follow and create trends

TikTok trends change virally, so you need to watch them daily. For dipping into TikTok atmosphere, you will need to watch videos for more than a good hour. But this is the only way how in future you will be able to identify recent trends at once and not only repeat them in short videos, but also invent them for more efficient advertising campaigns with influencers.

As an example, to attract Italians to do sports, Nike posted a dance with TikTokers where three kinds of sports were set into motion. The video turned into a trend. TikTok users made more than 50,000 videos where they repeated their movements.

2. Publish as much content as possible

On TikTok, both quality and quantity are vitally important. This is not the least of the factors for brands both for selection of TikTokers for advertising promotion and for understanding that it is better to publish not one video, but their series at one gulp. After it is placed on TikTok, the video appears in recs of a handful of users, mixed up with very popular videos. If your video is watched till the end or liked, TikTok starts showing it to a larger audience.

The more videos you have, the more chances you have to get recommended.

3. Use hashtags

It is assumed that #fyp, #foryou, and #foryoupage enhance chances of the video to appear in TikTok recommendations. Take note of the hashtags used by TikTokers in your theme.

We recommend adding popular hashtags to niche ones.

4. Use music

Music on TikTok not only makes your brand stand out but also delivers the image and values of your company to the audience. According to research by Kantar, 73% of users will stay to watch a TikTok sounded ad.

5. Do not make long videos

Although TikTok started a trend telling that 1 minute is not the limit where TikTokers need to make longer videos, we know for sure that they are watched much worse than 15-second ones.

6. Let TikTokers be original

A point to keep in mind is that followers appreciate bloggers exactly for their individual video tone. That is why try not to dictate your vision of material presentation and not to set bounds to the blogger's creativity—you will get the very result that you wanted from collaboration with TikTokers so and in no other way.

The RMAA Agency team will help you choose Russian-speaking TikTokers and arrange the maximum efficient cooperation with them to promote a brand in Russia and CIS countries.

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