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Landing Pages with Personalized or Unique Link (PURL) for Russian B2B Companies' Site



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Marketing Personalization is a worldwide trend which is in the rise year by year. Selling propositions, letters to the clients, advertising good etc. are personalized. The whole scheme of targeting is up to offer the client what he wants. But after successfully targeted promotion the client gets to the main page of catalogue where there is no any clue to find what he tried. Or you organize a few promotion companies on different sites, but link goes to the main page of product's general information. At this point personalized or unique links (PURL) can help you a lot. Read more in the RMAA Group blog.

Personalized URL-address (PURL) is an unique and a personalized landing page which was creating specially for everyone, who follows the link to your site from the different site. The meaning of it is explained by the example of B2B segment where it's being successfully applied for a long time. Let's say few users are searching for the same but using different words, e.g. car of certain brand. But the first one is searching "cars X-brand in Saint-Petersburg", the second one "loan for cars X-brand", and the third one «cars X-brand with complete package», but following to the landing page, they can see only the «cars X-brands» and leaves the site. The meaning of PURL is that the first user could see the text "cars X-brand in Saint-Petersburg" which makes him believe that you sell the car exactly in Saint-Petersburg, the second would know that you sell cars on credit, and the third one would find out that you sell cars exactly with full package. According to experts, usage of PURL increases conversion rate by enormously.

For B2B segment it works the same, however the point is not about personalization by search request typed by user, but about the name or client's company name or his interests which are getting known by communication channel from which the client linked our site: e-mail list, banner ad, contextual ad, ad on the certain site or print product. Let's consider a company does wholesale sales of building implements and runs a few promotional campaigns at the same time, therewith promotional leaflets advertise the same goods and its purchase conditions but the site advertises different selling proposition. It means for those who follows the link from leaflet there must be one landing page, for users from site - the different one.

It must be separately noted about usage of PURL in e-mail marketing. In this case you can personalize the landing page not only by selling proposition, but also note the client's company name and his name. Besides you are able to place here the forms, which your client could fill out telling more details about the company and its interests. This is very effective way to get information in B2B segment.

There are some advantages by using personal URL-addresses in your company as following:

• Increased percentage of responses;

• Possibility to control responses in real-time mode and receive alerts for immediate control of parameters you are interested in;

• Possibility to get the important information about your clients, which you can use to make next campaigns more effective.

There are some advices to make personal landing page:

• Try to use the shortest domain names;

• Rule of 5 seconds: you have only 5 seconds to draw attention of the visitor, and to this purpose has to serve not only personalisation of the page, but also her design;

• Remove all navigation and links which can take away users from the offer;

• Make a strong, consecutive subject of design. The main heading, the offer and the general design have to correspond to a promotional offer which got the visitorl on the page;

• Request only the necessary information which you will use. The less information you request from the visitor, the better;

• Remove everything that's not required. Show only those parts of the website which are appropriate, and push the visitor to conversion actions.

Also we recommend you to monitor "hits" on your landing pages. If you know e-mail or mobile phone number of the person who has visited the webpage, definitely contact him during the hour after his visit of site. Test which was done by shows that if you contact him as it's noticed above, you have in 10 times greater chances to maintain cooperation with him.

Indeed, personal URL is working tool to promote in B2B segment through the Internet. Personal URL makes your clients feel their own significance and shows your personal involvement into their needs and problems. It's very important for century of personal marketing. Specialists of RMAA Group will help you to think over and launch promotional campaign using personal URL.

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