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Review of Exhibitions of Industrial Boilers, Heat Exchange, and Power Generation Equipment in Russia



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Exhibitions of industrial boilers, heat exchange, and power generation equipment are held in Russia annually. Not only local, but also foreign experts attend them. As for beginning companies, such events help them create a personal brand in the market, while experienced manufacturers manage to raise awareness about their goods and/or services. These exhibitions grant an opportunity to get highly-valued contacts and long-term partnerships from different countries, sign favorable contracts, and communicate with potential clients. An exhibition of industrial boiler, heat exchange, and electric generating equipment is a perspective business platform. If you want to use its opportunities and to propose your goods or services to companies working in this field, make no mistake and read the RMAA Group blog! Here you will find a lot of priceless information.

Does your company produce industrial boiler, heat exchange, and electric generating equipment? Do you render services to manufacturers who work with such equipment? Are you eager to gather leaders of this economic sector in one place at one time? Is your goal to substantially expand the domain of your influence countrywide or internationally? RMAA Group will help you to gather necessary people promptly and organize a “turn-key” event at a professional level.


This is an event where manufacturers demonstrate new industrial boilers, heat exchange and power generation equipment, as well as for show of related technical innovations. It is annually held in Moscow, launched in 2016.

This exhibition contributes to sales growth and enables to significantly expand your sales territory. Here you can learn about the following products:

  • industrial heat pumps;
  • boiler units (transportable, block-modular, roof);
  • industrial medium- and high-duty boilers, using various types of fuel;
  • economizers;
  • pipes for boiler rooms and CHP plants;
  • steam generators;
  • gas piston, diesel, gasoline power stations;
  • burners;
  • heat supply stations;
  • steam, gas, turbine plants etc.

The exhibition is visited by up to 16,000 guests, including more than 2,000 experts. The event presents goods of foreign and Russian manufacturers and suppliers such as ForceTherm Systems, Boiler, Forcel, De Dietrich, Teko-Filter, Elemer, Intertechelectro, Vodeko, Oilon OY, Craft, Belenergomash – BZEM, Svetlobor, Energotechmontazh, MRU GmbH, Testo, Schiedel, and many others. You can learn the date of the next exhibition at its official website:

Boilers and Burners

This is an international event, which contributes to implementation of up-to-date technology in power-producing plants, improvement of boiler equipment used by housing and public utilities, as well as to establishment of business contacts within the sector. It is annually held in Saint Petersburg, launched in 2002.

The visitors may see the following products:

  • roof, block-module, stationary boiler rooms
  • burners and boilers;
  • mini CHP;
  • fuel supply systems;
  • heat exchangers;
  • pumps;
  • water-treatment devices;
  • monitoring, protection, automated control systems for boiler plants;
  • other boilers, heat exchange, and power generation equipment.

Every year this exhibition hosts several hundred companies from Russia and other states, including TEP-Holding, Aguna, TGC-1, Peterburgteploenergo, OGK-2 and others. The event is visited by big industrial organizations, engineering and project companies, and non-commercial associations. You can learn the date of the next exhibition here: 

Aqua-Therm Novosibirsk

This is an international-level event that demonstrates industrial and domestic heating and water supply equipment. This event is held in Novosibirsk and lasts for several days. It was first organized in 2014.

This exhibition is one of the best venues for a professional dialogue between foreign and Russian manufacturers, service and construction companies, technical experts and traders. The exhibition shows the following equipment:

  • various boilers, heat exchangers, burners;
  • various industrial heating equipment;
  • water supply equipment;
  • industrial and domestic automation systems (including leak protection systems, level, pressure, temperature regulators).

More than 2,000 people attend the event annually, where more than 80 exhibitors present their goods. One can see the products of such manufacturers as Boiler, Forcel, De Dietrich, Elemer, Intertechelectro, Oilon OY, Craft, Svetlobor, MRU GmbH, Testo, Schiedel, Vodeko etc. New participants regularly exhibit their products at the event. You can learn the date of the next event at its official website:

Siberian Energy Forum. Electric Engineering. Energy. Automation. Lighting Engineering

This is an event where latest achievements in the field of resource and energy conservation systems, electric and lighting engineering are demonstrated. The exhibition “Electric Engineering. Energy. Automation. Lighting Engineering” has been held since 1998, and since 2010 it has been organized under the auspices of the Siberian Energy Forum. Its traditional venue is the Krasnoyarsk city of Russia.

This exhibition has become a platform that contributes to growth of economic, trade, scientific, and technical relations. It has gathered famous industry companies of Russia and other states. The following products are exhibited there:

  • electric, hydraulic, heating engineering equipment;
  • boilers;
  • energy equipment and technologies;
  • equipment and developments for CHP;
  • pipes;
  • valves;
  • energy audit services;
  • thermal regulators, heat exchangers, heat supply units;
  • automatic control equipment;
  • switchers and dimmers;
  • printed circuits;
  • devices for various electrical installation operations;
  • insulating equipment;
  • energy saving equipment and technologies;
  • heat pipeline winterization methods;
  • condensers;
  • lighting systems for industrial buildings and streets;
  • internal lights etc.

The event is held in a pavilion, which area is 7,000 square meters. It is attended by several thousand guests and represented by such manufacturers as GMGen Power Systems, Schiedel, Testo, MRU GmbH, Energotechmontazh, Svetlobor, Belenergomash – BZEM, De Dietrich, Boiler, Forcel, Craft, Oilon OY, Vodeko, Intertechelectro, Elemer, Teko-Filter, ForceTherm Systems, as well as NIIEM, Jumas, PZEMI, Expert-Cable, KrasEco, SUEK, PHOENIX CONTACT etc. Besides, representatives of the biggest industry enterprises, nationally recognized power engineers, and officials take part in this exhibition. You can learn the date of the next event at the website:

Do you have your own B2B product or service? Are you going to present them in the most favorable light at an international exhibition held in Russia? RMAA Group will help you to promote your goods and services at such events. When necessary, we will conduct your own industry show. It will let you draw attention of professionals to your brand. We will make a “turn-key” event for you, where our competent expert will deal with all issues, and you will simply enjoy the effect of the event.

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