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Situational Marketing and the 2018 FIFA World Cup



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Quite recently, Russia hosted the World Cup 2018 Famous Russian and international companies did not stay away from this bright event. Consider some examples of situational marketing used by brands during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

We simulate pain for juicy chicken.

A division of KFC filmed a video in which the custom of soccer players to feign injuries was shown.

In the video, a football player encounters an opposing player. He then falls and starts vigorously rolling around the field, pretending to be in pain. A stretcher arrives behind the football player, but he continues to be in pain. He does not stop rolling and in the view of the cameras leaves the field.

After he is removed from the field, he goes into one of the KFC fast food restaurants, where he orders food for himself. Then he goes out walking normally, and he offers to treat the television group that followed him close on his heels.

However, it is better to see than to hear:

Guess the score with sauces

The Burger King company announced an action in support of the Russian team. To guess the score you need sauces: in the mobile application Burger King you need to add as many sauces to the order as the participant expects to see goals scored against Croatia. Anyone who guesses will pay a nominal fee of 1 ruble, and will also take part in drawing 5000 Burger King bonus points (1 point = 1 ruble).

Burger King

Alfa-Bank attention grabber on the popular Russian TRIO in KOKOSHNIKS The bank published a video on Facebook, where "three fans with hot dogs" went to the football field in scarves with the company's symbols. The clip was laid out with a caption: "Our clients are always in the spotlight: they brought out the ‘trio in kokoshniks’ on the field right during the game!" Let's watch!

Fans gained popularity during the historic Russia-Spain match in the eighth World Cup. The camera snatched the trio from the fans' stands, when they were eating hot dogs with kokoshniks on their heads. Social networks instantly filled with memes from the trio, and the fans themselves became the symbol of the victorious for Russia football match with Spain.

The Megafon company also did not stand aside and took the opportunity to advertise its services.

The Klinskoye company released a commercial in honor of the support of the Russian team.

The outrageous and mysterious showman, Big Russian Boss, along with the national artist Mikhail Boyarsky, starred in a new viral music advertisement for Klinskoye beer. A new video was dedicated to the successful performance of our players at the World Cup 2018, as well as to all the fans whose support helped the team to achieve such heights.

Check it out!

The popular Brazilian Tomer Savoya also went unnoticed after his popular video about how he loves Russia.

The OOO PRK Spetsstroy company decided to use the popular phrase for the successful sale of apartments in Rostov-on-Don.

Nonprofessional picture:

The Fizkult fitness club in the city of Irkutsk, also decided to attract customers using the famous Brazilian.

Nonprofessional picture:

Situational marketing not only raises the mood for those who encounter it, but also brings profit to the companies which use it. To stay up to date, foreign companies need to have a local team or agency that will monitor events and deliver cool localized content on time, as long as it is relevant.

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