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Notwithstanding the fact that the year 2021 did not bring any certainty into tourism development as countries open and close their borders, introduce new rules and restrictions, travel bloggers continue doing their work and delighting followers with new videos and posts.

We have already made selections like this for YouTube, Instagram, and VKontakte. In the article, you will find a selection of:

  • YouTube video bloggers who shoot useful videos about travelling,
  • Instagram travel bloggers and
  • VKontakte travel publics

that did not get into our previous top lists of bloggers. And the icing on the cake is that we have prepared a list of Telegram travel channels for you.


Video is probably the best format to represent your region to tourists. Taking into account that 32.5 Russians spend 50 minutes a day on YouTube on average*, this platform becomes one of the key ones to promote business, including tourism one. You can check the previous selection of YouTube travel bloggers here.

The People (3.55M)

The People is an original project of Anton Lyadov. In his videos, Anton tells about the seamy side of countries and regions that tourists like visiting so much. His videos are not just a blog, but real investigative journalism that the Russian-language audience likes watching and commenting. Given that the shooting is far from those picturesque travel blogs that we are used to see, his videos get millions of views and dozens of thousands of support comments. One of the most popular videos on his channel, "Dubai. Flipside", has got almost 11 million views.

varlamov (2,6M)

Ilya Varlamov, a public figure, journalist, and vlogger who is popular in Russia and CIS countries, has already been known by the public for a long time thanks to his travel notes, not only on LJ. Since 2017, he has been successfully developing his YouTube channel where, apart from covering social and political problems, he tells about cities of Russia, countries of the near and far abroad. Ilya has become so much beloved by viewership for the very fact that, just like the previous author, not only does he tell about amenities of cities and countries, but he also brings up crucial issues that tourists are not told about.

ABOUT TRAVELS - Bogdan Bulychev (501K)

"About travels" is an auto travel channel by Bogdan Bulychev, a Russian traveller and YouTuber. The channel presents videos about expeditions, travels, cars, lifestyle, and motivation. The content is updated weekly on Wednesday. Travels across Russia have recently become the main video theme, but Bogdan also has video reports from travels across such countries as China, Norway, Thailand, Kazakhstan etc. Videos on the channel get 100K views on average.

It's a Good Trip - Adventures and Food! (288K)

This channel is different in that its author Sasha Lyapota tells about bike travels and about food apart (if you promote gourmet trips, make a note). Videos on the channel get 50K and more views on average.

Yan Buyan – Travels (214K)

The channel of Yana, a blogger from Moscow, presents video reports from travels across Russia and foreign countries with stories about interesting facts in different regions. This is a relatively young travel channel as Yana has been publishing videos about trips there for just one year, but its active development is evident, letting her get more than 200K followers within such a short period.

Ruslan Verin - Big Trip (137K)

This is a channel of an independent bike and motorbike traveller. The author of the channel, Ruslan Verin, has crossed Africa, Asia, North and Cenrtal America alone, having travelled 62,000 km in total.


We are going on with our selection of travel bloggers, so let's move to Instagram, one of the largest social media by the number of bloggers. You can find our first selection of Instagram bloggers here.

@dasha_cher (1,7 млн подписчиков)

@maria_ponomaryova (720 тыс.)

@oktagon (316 тыс.)

@polinabrz (301 тыс.)

@alexander_lapuk (130 тыс.)

@macpava (113 тыс.)

@ivandementievskiy (72,3 тыс.)

@imvadimvetrov (66,3 тыс.)

@pashkowski (63,2 тыс.)

@anyaklyueva (33,4 тыс.)


More than 39 million* Russians are on VK daily, which makes it the most popular social network in Russia. In our previous article, we collected author blogs and popular VK publics about tourism. Today we will add new names to this list.

SINITSYN ▲ TRAVEL (60,7k followers)

Misha Kirsanov | Kung Fu Trip (51k)

I want to go home. Trips you won't go on (15,7k)

FAR-OUT (3,4k)

tuda-suda blog | Travels (3k)

Top Telegram Travel Channels

Telegram is one of the most popular messengers in Russia used by 33.7 million Russians. For travel businesses, this is another channel to interact with users and promote their products. Below is a selection of top Telegral tourism channels.


































Source: Telegram Analytics, Russia, July 2021

*According to WebIndex, April 2021

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