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TOP Russian-speaking travel bloggers on YouTube



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YouTube has been an integral part of millions of people's lives. The platform offers significant opportunities for advertisers. At the same time, marketing is evolving in new ways in the Russian-speaking segment. The advertising cabinet is blocked, and now you have to contact channels owners directly to cooperate with them. This nuance has not hindered them from continuing to run campaigns. Integrations are included right in the video, and bloggers, aimed at revenue growth, are looking for more and more creative approaches to working with advertising. Our previous piece is dedicated to the variety of integration formats used by YouTube bloggers in Russia.

And you can assess these schemes by looking at travel channels. The market is expanding, and in this article we will provide an up-to-date list of the top travel bloggers on Russian YouTube.

TOP Russian travel bloggers on YouTube


YouTube Channel



Alexander Kondrashov



Andrey Burenok



HOCHU DOMOJ  – Travels you wouldn't go to channel






Svoim_Xodom – Vitalik and Lisa



Ilija Voskresenskiy



Vechnoe Leto - Sasha and Sveta



Traveler’s blog



Semiya na more - Travel and Immigration



Aleksander Chaikin



Alexander Kondrashov

On the top of our list is Alexander Kondrashov, whose eponymous channel releases four videos a month of consistently high-quality content. His authorial style is characterized by stunning visuals and captivating storytelling from exotic locations. Each video is about 30 minutes long, providing a comprehensive view of his travels with his family to countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, and different regions of Russia. He showcases both the positive and negative aspects of traveling, including everyday life, food, and entertainment. The blogger discusses real estate abroad, including locations such as Dubai, Bali, and Thailand, as well as various investment opportunities. 

His integrations, which are recorded in good lighting and without excessive noise, typically last about one minute and are featured at the beginning of his video. The advertiser's information and link are also duplicated below the video.


Advertising integration of MegaMarket  online store on the  Alexander Kondrashov channel

Andrey Burenok

Andrey Burenok releases one to two videos per month, each providing a comprehensive review of a new country. The videos showcase the country's nature and cities, and feature interviews with locals. One of the channel's main highlights is the perspective of Russian-speaking migrants who have lived abroad for an extended period. These individuals offer a unique insight into life in various countries, such as Chile, Argentina, Sweden, and Nepal. Andrey's content covers sensitive topics and is often rated 18+. This allows him to show an unbiased view of life in the countries featured in his videos.

He seamlessly integrates advertisements into his content without disrupting the main narrative, with some integrations lasting up to four minutes. 

Advertising integration of Tripmydream travel service on Andrey Burenok channel

Leonid Pashkovsky – HOCHU DOMOJ – Travels you wouldn't go to

Leonid skillfully captures and conveys the power of picturesque landscapes, original culture, and pristine, untouched nature in his hour-long videos showcasing active recreation such as climbing, surfing, and traveling to remote locations around the world. His videos feature amazing corners of Africa and Colombia, Mount Kilimanjaro, boundless Antarctica, and other interesting locations. Each video has up to three advertising integrations.


Promotional integration of the Plus City game on HOCHU DOMOJ  – Travels you wouldn't go to channel

Planetka –  Pyotr Lovigin

Pyotr Lovygin is a video blogger who produces intriguing content about various countries. While some viewers may find the content unsuitable for children or sensitive adults, many are drawn to the provocative topics he shares. Pyotr's videos receive an impressive 300-700 thousand views (sometimes over 1 or 2 million), indicating a strong interest in the fascinating and at times even shocking facts he presents about the lives of people in other countries.

The blogger expertly integrates advertising into the video's plot, either by incorporating a separate script or by including it in the video itself. A personal presentation lasts 1-2 minutes.


Advertising integration of flower shop on Planetka channel

Svoim_Xodom – Vitalik and Lisa

The bloggers offer budget-friendly independent travel tips to a variety of countries, such as paradisiacal Jamaica, sunny Egypt, dangerous Brazil, and a private island in the Seychelles. Their content is distinguished by its uniqueness and unpredictability, with high-quality aerial footage that adds to the excitement.

The team releases 4-5 videos per month, each featuring a different country. The videos showcase popular tourist attractions as well as lesser-known aspects of local culture. 

Each episode has a duration of approximately one hour and includes advertisements for various brands. The promotional content is distinguishable from the main plot of the video due to its quiet and secluded atmosphere.


Advertising integration of Tinkoff Bank on the Svoim_Xodom - Vitalik and Lisa channel

Ilija Voskresenskiy

Ilija Voskresensky's videos exude a unique character that showcases the beauty and originality of remote corners of the world, mostly within Russia. The author's immersive approach leaves viewers feeling compelled to pack a backpack and venture towards the wilderness. Iliya's expertise in presenting nature and man's unity with it is unparalleled!

Ilija frequently includes his family in his videos: his wife, his son, and his daughter. This not only endears him to viewers, particularly those who are parents themselves but also adds a personal touch to his content.

The blogger is popular among advertisers. His videos typically feature 2-3 integrations lasting about 2 minutes, with the first ad inserted after a brief preview. The stunning travel footage accompanying the integrations, as well as the rest of the video, keeps viewers engaged throughout.


Advertising integration of online language school Inglex on Ilija Voskresensky channel

Travel bloggers Sasha and Sveta – Vechnoe leto

Sasha and Sveta are experienced travelers who present information in a clear and concise manner. They offer reviews of their itineraries, entertainment, and dining experiences with high-quality videos that still maintain a charming amateurish feel.

Their focus is primarily on international travel, and they typically produce 5-6 videos per trip. Over the past year, the couple has been alternating between Thailand and Turkey, where they own real estate, and occasionally returning home to Russia.

Sveta is the one who shines in the spotlight, sharing her travel experiences with a smile and genuine enthusiasm. The couple's conversations are so enjoyable that it feels like spending time with old friends.

The bloggers' advertisements are filmed separately from their travels and then integrated into the video. The guys try to connect it to their own experiences: for example, online professions - with the advantage of working from home and being able to manage their time as they do. It’s a good approach to show the value of the product.


Promotional integration of EdPro Online Academy on Vechnoe Leto - Sasha and Sveta channel

Traveler’s blog

Sergey's reportage format is truly unique. By recording himself on the front camera of his phone, capturing the surroundings on the main camera, and using a drone for aerial views, he provides a first-person perspective of each new location.

With 3 to 6 videos per country, Sergey has showcased his expertise in various cities and islands in Thailand, as well as recently visiting the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Egypt.  He records his thoughts and stories while enjoying the best food and entertainment that both tourists and locals appreciate.

His integrations seamlessly blend into the video's script as travel notes, captured on the front camera and lasting between 2-4 minutes. Sergey includes links to various services at the bottom of his videos, such as booking accommodations, tours, flights, and insurance companies.


Advertising review of travel services (Yandex Travel, Ostrovok, Aviaceils, Ingosstrakh) on the Traveler's Blog channel

Semiya na more - Travel and Immigration

Alexei and Tatiana have extensive experience creating videos that share beautiful views, interesting facts about traveling and life in other countries, and the challenges of living abroad.

Despite having two children, their videos primarily focus on Alexei and Tatiana themselves. Their content is not only appealing to tourists but also to those planning to relocate permanently to new countries. The bloggers reside in Slovenia and frequently travel to other countries and cities such as Milan, Kaliningrad, Paris, and Alanya. 

Their videos, which include advertising inserts, range from 15 to 30 minutes in length.


Advertising integration of expert Maria Lebedeva on the Semiya na more - Travel and Immigration channel

Aleksandr Chaikin

Alexandr's videos are like an incredible travel show that one would stumble upon while flipping through TV channels and couldn't tear himself away.  

The blogger's voice is that of an experienced announcer, making his videos hypnotizing. Although Alexandr himself does not appear in the video, he provides an exhaustive review of each country, its attractions, and tourist spots. The blogger captures the most fascinating, alluring, and enigmatic destinations around the globe, ranging from ancient ruins and secluded islands to breathtaking natural wonders and iconic landmarks. Recent videos have showcased Canada, the United States, Italy, and Austria.

The blogger's ads are presented as valuable recommendations from one seasoned traveler to another, complete with helpful links in the video description.

TOP Russian-Speaking Travel Bloggers and YouTubers to follow
Selection of hotels and tourist services in Thailand on the Aleksandr Chaikin channel

Russian viewers have a great interest in travel, and popular Russian-speaking travel bloggers are always ready to provide their audience with content for every taste. Could they become your customers?

Working with influencers in Russia and the CIS has proven to be effective for a long time. People are happy to trust the services and manufacturers that their favorite bloggers recommend. To effectively target your desired audience with advertising, a significant amount of preliminary work is necessary. This includes creating a consumer profile, identifying an influencer who meets the requirements and budget, analyzing their content, and advertising on the appropriate channel. Any miscalculations in these steps can result in not only a loss of budget but also damage to the advertiser's reputation.

To ensure that advertising works for you and not against you, it is crucial to choose a reliable intermediary between the brand and the blogger. RMAA experts are the best choice for advertising cooperation on YouTube. With over 15 years of experience in the Russian market, we have successfully completed more than 200 cases in various areas, including the travel segment.

For a more in-depth study of the travel market in Russia, we have prepared a digest.  Also, subscribe to our blog by completing the form below to receive the latest information on marketing in Russia and the CIS.

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