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Popular Travel Telegram Channels in Russia



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In 2024 Telegram is the third most popular messaging app in the world, following WhatsApp and Snapchat, with over 30 million monthly active users. In Russia, it ranks second with more than 35 million downloads in 2023, representing 72.7% of Russia's internet audience.

Telegram allows users to exchange text messages, audio and video recordings, and create channels where they can conduct polls to receive feedback from subscribers. Bloggers and other influential individuals utilize this feature by creating their own accounts on the messenger.

Telegram's architecture differs from other platforms, with one of its peculiarities being the lack of organic content distribution and a smart feed, which are available on platforms such as Instagram*, Facebook**, and Vkontakte. This absence eliminates activities from random users, slightly complicating the promotion of channels and advertising campaigns. Each piece of content created must clearly align with the interests of the audience. Simultaneously, the probability of attracting a suitable user remains high. 

Tourism, both domestic and international, is a highly promising niche for promotion on Telegram in 2024. With the creation of numerous author channels and publics dedicated to this topic, Telegram has become a primary or additional resource for brand promotion, and RMAA is well-equipped to provide more details about them.

Top-10 Telegram Travel Bloggers in Russia

To rank the top 10 travel bloggers, we not only considered the number of subscribers but also their engagement percentage in reading published posts. This approach is crucial in creating successful advertising integrations.

Evgenia Sitnikova

Evgenia Sitnikova occupies the first place in the rating. Her travel channel, Sitnikova_travel, boasts 1.6 million subscribers, with 71% of them avidly reading her posts

Known as a travel mom, Eugenia Sitnikova is widely recognized for her engaging travel blogs on Telegram and Instagram*. She seamlessly combines her roles as a TV host, singer, and successful mom, captivating her audience with her expertise in personal branding and travel life hacks. 

For example, Eugenia provides guidance on verifying outstanding debts before traveling abroad and discusses the updated regulations for minors under 14 who are traveling abroad starting March 1st. She effectively endorses other bloggers, including a real estate blogger based in Dubai.

Eugenia's advertising services are highly sought after by major industry players such as Ozon Bank, MTS Travel, and Credistory. All of her promotional posts are engaging and native, maintaining high readability for the channel.


Vitalik and Liza's channel Svoimxodom has secured second place in the ratings with 84,126 subscribers, 62% of whom actively engage with their content

Lisa and Vitalik are seasoned bloggers from St. Petersburg, with extensive travel experience spanning over 80 countries. Their posts cover a range of independent and budget travel topics, including motorcycle and bicycle trips, hiking, and cruises. They also offer real-time updates on their adventures and even organize trips with their subscribers. The bloggers use their Telegram channel to promote their YouTube videos and share information about their travel preparations and filming process.

They advertise various market players within their niche, such as Tinkoff Insurance, Alfa Insurance, and other travel-related channels. For instance, they may promote a cruise agent.

Travel Lerka

TRAVEL_LERKA, the official ambassador of Russian Railways, occupies third place in the rating with her author channel boasting 62,695 subscribers, 69% of whom actively engage with the channel's content.

Lera curates a diverse range of content centered around travel and exploration. Her topics range from the stunning Sheikh Zayed Mosque to the best ways to experience a breathtaking sunset in Abu Dhabi while indulging in a delectable dinner at the Ritz-Carlton

The blogger often promotes the PRIME SNOWBOARDS brand, with no less than three publications in 2023.

Mark Eremin

Mark Yeremin's travel channel boasts 47,113 subscribers, with 51% actively engaging with his content.

As a traveler, businessman, and family man, Mark shares his knowledge of unique destinations in Russia and around the world. In a recent post, he highlights the only rooftop swimming pool in Russia, located atop a skyscraper. Yeremin also takes the time to personally respond to his readers' inquiries, offering expert advice on topics such as recommended cities to visit and ideal destinations for the month of May.

Mark produces promotional posts both within and outside of his niche. For example, he advertises medicines and books hotels with ease.

Zapiski Turista

Zapiski Turista is a channel whose bloggers inspire traveling and give advice, for example, a publication about traveling in Russian cities. In addition, the authors announce their YouTube streams and travel videos there. The channel's audience is 82,738 subscribers.

The creators of the channel, Dmitry and Natalia, also often publish promotional content, mainly in connection with their niche, such as Yandex Travel ads.

Po Zemle Budzhetno

Po zemle budzhetno is a private channel with 36,636 subscribers, 37% of whom actively engage with the content. The blogger shares valuable insights about his life, offers expert advice, and provides answers to questions. Recent posts have highlighted the stunning sunset at Lonely Beach on Pangan and provided useful tips for travelers booking flights to Thailand. The channel's continued growth is a testament to the exceptional quality of its content. 

The author publishes various types of native advertising posts, including Tripster, a service that offers excursions and tours led in Russian all around the globe.

Top Travel Telegram Channels in Russia 2024

All advertising posts are crafted in a captivating storytelling format that effectively captures users' attention and drives engagement with the content.


Stas Natanzon's Telegram channel, Pognali!, boasts an impressive 86,250 subscribers.  

The blogger shares exclusive travel lifehacks and episodes that are not included in his main releases on YouTube and Dzen. Additionally, the channel features engaging quizzes, such as guessing the country from a video. Thematic selections filmed in various parts of the world are also published. 

Stas's Telegram channel does not contain any advertising publications. Basically, the author places promos on YouTube, which suggests that cooperation with him within Telegram is promising.

Zhanna Badoeva

Zhanna Badoeva, a TV presenter of travel programs such as 'Heads and Tails' and 'Life of Others'  has a good audience on her channel - 46 845, partly because the author has established herself back on TV as an experienced expert in tourism. 

The blogger tells about interesting and unusual places on Earth, for example, about the Italian region of Umbria, where the highest suspension bridge in Europe has recently been opened, about an unusual water park in Japan, etc.

The channel showcases advertisements from various brands, including travel companies like Top Riders.


Dmitry Lukyanchuk, a travel writer, shares his experiences and insights on various destinations, including Gambia, Ethiopia, Central Africa Republic, South Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and other locations. His Telegram channel has an impressive number of subscribers,  168,693. In addition to his travel content, he also creates exceptional pieces on animals from around the world, life hacks, and article announcements for PSJ travel media magazine. While the channel features entertaining posts, they are not the main focus.

The absence of advertising publications on the channel lately suggests a great potential for collaboration, especially in the travel destinations mentioned by Dmitry.


Krugosvetchiki channel has 22,373 subscribers, but the posts are read by 104% of the audience. Andrei and Alexei, the authors and creators behind the channel, have also established a successful YouTube channel, where almost every content is called a series. Their Telegram channel serves as a platform to announce new content.

The bloggers promote PaybyPay cards, both electronic and physical, which are ideal for travel expenses.

There are indeed advertising posts that are not relevant to tourism, for example, Java programming training at Kata Academy.

Additionally, one can leverage thematic public and brand channels in Telegram to reach a wider audience. Let's explore some of the most popular channels in the tourism industry.

Top-10 Telegram travel publics in Russia

The leading publics are the ones by airlines, RZD company, and those that provide information about cheap airline tickets, tours, and promos.

Telegram Channel

Number of subscribers

Single publication coverage

Citation index

Pobeda Airlines

587 507




2 500



Discount Wagon

451 259




284 162



Bakhrom Ismayilov

138 900




230 433



The Agency for External Labour Migration


224 497





Moskovsky Vestnik | Afisha

301 347



S7 Airlines

136 314



Discovery Aesthetic

277 412


1 352

It is also possible to place advertisements there. For instance, a promotional post for the Yandex Travel service was recently featured in the ‘Ways to Travel Almost Free (RU)’ community.

Additionally, the Wagon of Discounts channel advertised the WINk movie service.

Telegram offers a plethora of informative public channels on travel topics. One example of such a channel is the Travel Club Strelets-Molodez, boasting a subscriber count of 55,786. The authors share a wealth of travel hacks, news, and advertisements, of course.

The messenger also features many online travel magazines, tour operator channels, and more. The possibilities of integrations for brands are countless. But to use Telegram as an advertising platform, it is crucial to consider factors such as analytics, budget, ad creative, and campaign period.

Given that Telegram in Russia is one of the popular messengers, using it as an advertising platform can greatly enhance brand promotion. Entrust this task to RMAA professionals to ensure the success of your campaign. We offer tailored solutions that take into account all features of Telegram, your budget, and your individual preferences for promotion in Russia and the CIS. Contact our manager today by filling out the application form in the contacts section. 

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