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Top Useful Podcasts About Business and Entrepreneurship in Russia



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In Russia, there are certain features of doing business that distinguish it from foreign ones. Nowadays, many large companies got into the swing of the Russian open spaces and are used to our conditions. However, if a person only studies the market, he/she just need to know its specifics. And to understand what features of doing business, its promotion and positioning exist in Russia today, a person needs to constantly monitor changes in the market. Business podcasts about entrepreneurship in Russia will assist him/her to achieve it.

Nowadays podcasts are not just one of the entertainment options, but also an opportunity to constantly learn something new, hear the expert opinion of professionals from absolutely any industry and find insights for business development.

We have compiled a list of useful podcasts that will help you learn more about the peculiarities of building and running a business in Russia.

Russian business insights

This podcast will take a special place in our list, and I think in the list of all foreign entrepreneurs interested in entering the Russian market. Because, firstly, the podcast "Russian Business Insights" specifically describes the features of doing business in Russia, positioning of a foreign company in a new market, determining its unique selling proposition (USP), and identifying the audience, and other tints that are especially important when entering a new market. Secondly, this podcast, in which host Bill Sudell talks about "Russian-style business" in English, is the only such podcast of its kind. To listen to the other podcasts from the list, one needs to know Russian.

One can also listen to the Russian Business Insights podcast on iTunes.

Своё дело (Own business)

How to start own business? How to figure out how to earn money? Where investments can be sought? If one should deal with franchises or buy a ready-made business? Lifehacks for a novice entrepreneur from a current business consultant and entrepreneur – all this can be found in the podcast of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio dedicated to business development in Russia.

Несладкий бизнес (Bitter business)

The podcast, in which Russian entrepreneurs and business owners of various directions and sizes: from pizzerias and coffee shops to jewelry and IT giants – share life hacks and secrets of building and scaling a business in Russian in the format of interviews.

Как заработать миллион (How to earn a million)

The podcast "How to earn a million" – a project of the Mayak radio station. For four years, people came to the studio once a week and told about how they created their businesses from scratch. Where they were looking for concepts, how much money they invested, and how they attracted customers – the guests were asked absolutely various questions. The podcast differs from all the above in that the hosts make a lot of jokes. So, in addition to learning some useful information, one can also have a fun.

Государство vs Бизнес (State vs Business)

Building a business in Russia, as in any other country, is impossible without knowledge and understanding of the legal framework, especially in matters related to taxation. In the podcast "State vs Business", Pavel Tylik, a practicing business lawyer, shares his experience and practical examples that can help one in avoiding many mistakes when doing business in Russia and working with Russian partners.

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