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Personalized Marketing for B2B in Russia



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Personalized marketing is usually understood as a complex of marketing activities, in which the personal data of the client are actively used. It can be a personalized offer based on information about the client, as well as the creation of personalized content intended for a particular audience. Also, personalized marketing refers to tools used by online stores aimed at offering the client exactly what he might need, but this interpretation refers more to the b2c segment. And today, read the RMAA Group blog about personalized marketing in the b2b segment.

To begin with, personalized marketing is not just an appeal to a customer by name, though this is also important. Personalized marketing implies an individual approach to the client based on his personal data (age, sex, company, position, etc.), and also on his behavioral characteristics (what the client did on your site, what he looked at, how he had finished visiting your site and etc). Personal marketing increases trust and loyalty, increases conversion and sales, receives a real feedback from the client. Companies personalizing the approach to customers, increase sales by an average of 19%.

Data collection

At the heart of personalized marketing in b2b lies the collection of customer data. To create a personalized offer or personalized content, you need, first of all, to determine most accurately your target audience. In the b2b segment, of course, it's about the decision-makers. You will need the following information:

Place of residence. The given criterion will allow you to unite audience in segments on a geographical basis.

Status. The information needs of top managers and line employees are different. Marketers need to consider this, creating personalized content.

The sphere of responsibility of the potential client. Marketers need to know what exactly a potential client is doing in their company. Also, brands should be interested in non-working activities of clients - their participation in public life, hobbies and even family roles.

Industry. Representatives of different spheres usually need different offers and in different content, therefore segmentation of the audience by industry is one of the most important.

The size of the company. There is a big difference between representatives of small business and employees of transnational giants.

Contact details.

Let's consider how you can collect information. First, you can create your own or buy a ready-made database of contacts. Secondly, you can collect customer data through online forms on your website. For example, customers will leave their data when downloading a whitepaper or when registering for a webinar, or for obtaining some kind of commercial advantage: discounts, free trial use, etc. Thirdly, to collect customer data conveniently and appropriately at b2b events: exhibitions, presentations, conferences.

Personalized offer and work with the client

When you have received the contact information of the client, and the client, one way or another, has become acquainted with your brand and your products, you need to start working with him personally. Basically, we are talking about two tools: telemarketing and E-mail marketing, as well as the coordination of the use of these tools. Also, personal meetings with the client can be included in this series, but since in the b2b segment the personal meeting is often the goal of previous marketing activities, we will not include it here.

Within the framework of personalized marketing it is important that the client understands that in a telephone call or an e-mail you are referring to him, and not just to a representative of the company you need. According to the results of the Experian's 2013 Email Marketing benchmark report, personalized letters accounted to 6 times the greater income than non-personalized mailings. The same can be said about phone calls: the client will be easier to push to contact with you if he will feel important to your company.

One more aspect of personalized marketing is worth mentioning. If you are engaged in sales through the cite it is worth using the tools of behavioral targeting. Behavioral Targeting allows you to demarcate individual segments of users based on their behavior and then use this information to properly modify the site. You can customize the algorithms for interacting with the user in almost any way, for example:

reminding to the customer about the goods that he looked at

offering goods that are suitable for the product that he has already purchased.

offering goods that are similar to products interesting to the customer

providing benefits to loyal customers

and much more.

Personalized content

Having data about your customers, you can easily predict what content will be most useful and interesting for them, and will be able to make personalized content. The content can be different, depending on the specifics of the industry, the site for distribution and your capabilities. It can be articles, industry studies, short useful data on doing business, webinars, videos and so on. To distribute personalized content, the following options are available:

• Corporate blog on the company's website or blogger platform, for example, livejournal;

• Brand pages in social networks: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube;

• Video services for webinars;

• Media (for high-quality content);

• E-mail distribution.

Analytics of likes

Also, for personalized marketing, it is important to analyze the behavior of your customers in social networks. This is an analysis of their activities: likes, reposts and comments. This is important not only in terms of understanding the interests and needs of your audience for creating more relevant content, but also on a purely technical side: search engines take into account the number of likes in the search results.

Personalized marketing tools are designed to make your client feel important to you and your indifference to him. In the b2b segment, these parameters are no less important than in b2c. Collect customer data, personalize the offer and content, and you will find an approach to your customer. Specialists of RMAA Group will tell you how to use the methods of personalized marketing to carry out your business tasks.


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