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Telegram channels analytics. Services overview 2022



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Definitely, Telegram can be considered as one of the most promising platforms for promotion on the Russian market. According to the analytical data of the service, the number of active messenger users around the world exceeds 700 million people per month. Moreover, the experts of TGStat service estimated that the total number of subscribers in Russian channels exceeded 1.6 billion, and post views of Russian channels reached an impressive 140 billion views per month in 2022.


Of course, such high indicators attract many companies to promote within the platform. The more so, as  the majority of popular social networks in Russia were blocked in 2022. However, the issue related to advertising on Telegram remains quite controversial for many advertisers. Since most of them do not fully grasp the specifics of the messenger and peculiarities of work with it.


Another important and significant factor we, as an agency, constantly face with is that many people have experience of unsuccessful advertising on Telegram. In particular: they place ads in popular channels with a large number of subscribers, but, to put it mildly, the outcomes do not justify the invested funds. Why is this happening? Most often, the inefficiency of ad placement in Telegram channels is connected to insufficient analytics, and sometimes its total lack. As a result, brands place ads in Telegram channels with bot subscribers instead of a real audience.


In this article, we decided to pay more attention to advertising integrations on Telegram. To be more precise, we decided to pay more attention to an important stage of preparation for them which is channel analytics. What services are needed for it and what indicators should be taken into account? RMAA experts have shared their experience.

General parameters for evaluating Telegram channels

Firstly, let's figure out what a channel is like as one of the types of community on the messenger.

A channel is a platform where all content is published on behalf of the author. Besides, subscribers can both read posts and comment on them, make reposts to their own channels or send records to friends in private messages. The advantage of this community from the point of view of marketing is, at least, the visible number of views, as well as the ability to choose a channel on a certain content theme. However, channels should be chosen more carefully, since there is a risk that it may be subscribers cheating in the community. Unfortunately, the more Telegram gains popularity, the more often such situations arise. Therefore, we advise you to look for channels through various exchanges, that, in general, conduct checks for fraud.


Regardless of the service that will be selected for channel analytics, there are basic indicators of its effectiveness.

Number of subscribers is the number of active community users. As a rule, for successful advertising integration
the minimum number of subscribers starts at the mark of 1 (one) thousand. However, this indicator should be taken into account along with others when choosing a channel. For example, you can see a channel with 10 thousand subscribers, while the content is watched by an average of 200 people in it. Of course, the question immediately arises whether these 10 thousand are cheating or not.


Subscribers growth - reflects the extent to which the content published in the channel is relevant to the audience.

post reach and reach of the post are needed in order to have an idea of what percentage of the current audience of the community is interested in the content published in the channel. Ideally, these indicators should be approximately at the same level. It means that if one post was viewed by 5 thousand member, and the following one was viewed by 250 people, it looks, at least, inefficient and the question of cheating in the channel arises again.


ERR (Engagement Rate by Reach) - indicates the level of engagement and shows the percentage of subscribers who regularly view the channel's content. It is calculated by the formula: ERR=(views/subscribers) x100%.


CCI  - Channel Citation Index shows the credibility of the channel and its relevance. At the same time, CCI is relative and depends on various facts, including the quality of the published content, the number of mentions, etc. We recommend looking at this indicator if the other parameters listed above are normal, there are no cheatings and you can safely cooperate with the channel in terms of integration. Or you are facing a choice between several channels. In this case, CCI will show which of them will be most relevant for integration.


Posting  frequency  is evaluated differently. It depends on the channel theme. For example, if a channel is news and its posts are published several times a day, then this is a good indicator as well as posting of one piece of content per week for an expert channel.


Audience quality  is the percentage of channel subscribers who read posts.

All above mentioned parameters are interconnected to each other. It means that you cannot judge a channel by only one indicator. At the same time, the statistical capabilities of the Telegram channels are limited, therefore,  you have to use additional services or special bots for their full analysis.


Analytical bot on Telegram

Built-in Telegram service @ChannelAnalyticsBot was developed by Vladimir Mirolyubov (CEO of Epicstars influence marketing platform) with the aim to help channel owners collect statistical data on the functioning of their platforms. The algorithm for working with the bot has a simple structure: you need to use the “Connect channel” function, select the desired one and make a repost from it to the bot. After that, the bot will send you daily statistics on the number of subscribers of the channel for the selected period of time.

Bot epicstars channel analytics on telegram

Despite the fact that the bot has only one function, it can be used as an additional analytics service that checks data from other resources. In addition, it is the fastest assistant. The bot is connected to work immediately after a request from the user.

Telegram Analytics (TGStat) and @TGstat_bot

It is a non-profit platform with open statistics of more than 30 thousand Telegram channels. This service has a wide functionality and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, you can search for channels in TGStat not only by themes, but also by keywords, ratings, and other parameters. In addition, all channels fall into the general list, where you can also add search filters by language parameters, theme, price for advertising and period.


Anastasya Tarasova telegram channel analytics

The analytics  of Anastasia Tarasova channel, who is an investment and  financial expert


The statistics of each channel has a number of necessary parameters: the number of subscribers, growth over the period, daily reach and average reach of 1 post, ERR, CCI and likes. The main page of the channel shows the most important data. When you click on additional tabs, you can see more analytics. For example, one of the useful TGStat functions will be an overview of the advertising efficiency.

tgstatbot telegram channel analytics

At the same time, the platform shows a list of advertising integrations in the channel, starting from the date of publication and ending with the number of new subscribers that this ad attracted. In addition, thanks to this function, it is possible to track what time for posting  will be more effective (by the number of views and time).


The developers of the service did not stop at these parameters, having created their own bot for faster work - @TGstat_bot. This virtual assistant generates statistics for a specific channel or post. For convenience of use, all reports are sent immediately to Telegram.

tgstatbot telegram channel analyticstgstatbot telegram channel analytics

Examples of interaction with @TGstat_bot on the request for channel statistics and a separate post


In other words, the TGStat platform and the bot that is connected to it is one of the most effective services for channel analyticss on Telegram. This is because its functionality allows you to quickly solve such tasks as search of channels and their analytics, up to advertising integrations that the channel has already done with other advertisers. The only drawback of TGStat is that statistics are updated at least every 24 hours. Therefore, we recommend working simultaneously with several platforms for a more accurate channel analytics.

Another multifunctional platform with a wide range of capabilities for channel analytics. The service allows you to get statistical data and select relevant platforms where advertising will be more effective. This includes: rating in the general list of the platform, subscriber growth, audience engagement, user activity, browsing history, schedule of changes in the number of subscribers.


telegain channel analytics on telegram

The example of analytics of the expert channel Dr. Amina


A distinctive feature of the service is that the advertiser can buy ad integration directly in the channel. Therefore , many functions are aimed at solving this issue more quickly.

telegain channel analytics on telegram

The list of channels can be set by filters, depending on the theme, placement format (1/24, 2/48, 3/72, repost, without deletion), number of subscribers, audience engagement, prices, etc. In addition, the cost of an advertising post is calculated using the built-in calculator on the platform. You need to register on the service and specify your email address for payment and placement of the advertising post.


In other words, is a convenient service for those who want to save their time searching for Telegram channels for integration and placement of advertising. Since the platform makes possible both to analyze channels, bots, chats on various vital indicators and also acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the owner of the desired platform. The disadvantage of the system is that not all channels work with . Besides, there will be no more detailed analytics of advertising integrations, as in the above mentioned TGStat service. However, if you use these two platforms simultaneously, the effect will be better and faster.


The Telemetr

The service was launched back in 2017, when Teleram was not as popular as it is now. During this time, the platform developers have implemented many useful functions, including channel comparison as part of a single analytics, the most effective time for posting in a particular community, content search by records, and so on.

telemetr channel analytics on telegram

As on other platforms, general search in Telemetr makes possible to use various filters (number of subscribers, audience gender, channel type, etc.), as well as analyze this data in more detail when choosing a specific channel. This also includes advertising efficiency, subscriber growth after advertising integrations, hourly channel growth (subscriptions and unsubscriptions), content placement on other platforms (Youtube, VKontakte). Besides, here you can also connect a function that allows you to track mentions of a brand / account / keyword on Telegram.

telemetr channel analytics on telegramtelemetr channel analytics on telegram

The examples of reports on various indicators in Telemetr


One of the main advantages of the service is its agility: data is updated every hour. And notifications from the system also come promptly. Besides, the platform has its own Telegram channel, where it often publishes life hacks for more effective analysis of its indicators and not only that. However, Telemetr has limitations. To work with the platform registration is required. Further, you can choose one of two formats - a free demo version or paid full access to all tools. In the first case, the functionality will be limited in the number of search queries and search results. In the second case, you will have to make a payment in the amount of 1,500 rubles per month.


Taking into account all the features of this service, we recommend using it when the promotion on Telegram is aimed at improving the brand image, since Telemetr allows you to track any mentions of it. Or, if you want to buy advertising integration in large channels, which requires a significant budget and, accordingly, detailed analytics, in order to understand how such expensive advertising will pay off in the future.



Quite often there are cases when Telegram promotion is launched simultaneously with campaigns on other social networks. Accordingly, there is a need for a service that analyzes several platforms at once. And such one exists.

Popsters allows you to generate reports on various communication channels, among which, in addition to Telegram, there are other popular Russian networks - Youtube, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte.

popsters channel analytics on telegram

Despite the large coverage, the quality of service is not inferior to other market players. Popsters helps to analyze competitors, compare campaigns on various social networks, and also evaluate each unit of advertising content in more detail. The service shows the following metrics by text length and content type: VR (the degree of visibility of posts), the number of posts, activity, views. All reports can be exported to XLSX, PPTX, PDF, create graphs with activity statistics, etc.


Concurrently, the developers offer to test the application for 7 days for free. And even after the trial period, the cost of the service will be relatively low: from 499 rubles per month for one social network.

popsters channel analytics on telegram

The example of analytical data in Popster (general summary of the Telegram channel content type)


Thus, the platform allows you to analyze content to select the optimal frequency, time and type of posts. Therefore, it will significantly save time and budget for optimizing comprehensive promotion on Telegram and other social networks. The only caveat here is that Popster will be useful for businesses that have their own channels and communities. Of course, for single integrations it is better to use the other services listed above.


Instead of conlusion

The growing interest of the audience on Telegram is increasingly forcing advertisers to think about promotion on the messenger. However, there are many nuances in this matter, which should be paid attention to first of all. This is especially true for advertising posts in Telegram channels, since quite often there are controversial situations related to the dishonesty of their owners. For example, cheating subscribers, etc.


If in the past many companies treated the purchase of advertising on Telegram more optimistically, choosing platforms not as systematically as at present, nowadays we see that this approach is fundamentally wrong and inefficient. If you are offered a channel that does not exist in any Telegram database, or the indicator of mentions of channel publications steadily tends to zero, this is a good reason to think twice about advertising integration. As in the case when the content views on the site are significantly less than the number of subscribers - this is also a controversial point that requires additional data for analysis.


In other words, you can't do without analytics in 2022. Additional services are needed to solve this task. They all differ from each other depending on what data you ultimately want to see. is focused on the purchase of advertising more than other services. Popsters analyzes competitors and content on multiple sites simultaneously. Telemetr and TGStat are sent detailed reports on advertising integrations. While the analytical bot on Telegram, created by Epicstars, allows you to find out the subscribers growth in the channel in 2 minutes.


Learn more about Telegram advertising  in our article: Advertising on Telegram. How to analyze the results


Promotion on Telegram is a complex but effective process. You can't do without the help of professionals here. If you have been dreaming of finding your audience in the messenger for a long time, as well as attracting new customers, contact RMAA experts who have considerable experience in implementing successful Telegram campaigns.


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