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Every Company is a Media Company. Why Develop Own Digital Channels



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Any brand seeks to maintain a stable relationship with its audience. However, it is not always simple to earn loyalty and trust of customers. A company’s own channels play a big role in building relationships with clients. What do we mean by it?

Most probably, all of you at least once heard a statement of an entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk ‘Every one of you is a media company’. From today’s perspective, it is important for any business and its owners not only to produce something, but also to promote the end product. Gary Vaynerchuk outlined three categories of channels, through which we can promote our products. Today, we will talk more about owned channels of every company.

How to Become a Media Company?

Building a marketing strategy, organizing promotion channels, and creating their own content, people and businesses become media companies. On top of that, content is not only texts and longreads, but also pictures, videos, graphics, and content of any other format that you share with the world through your own channels.

We told where you can draw ideas for content in our article 99 Content Ideas for Corporate Blog and Social Media.

Every company is armed with several own channels that make it a media company:

  • A company’s official website. Interestingly, a trend for the recent years has become companies’ creation of their own online mass media, transformation of a corporate website into a real research and information platform.
  • Blog. This can be both a separate section on the official website and a separate profile on blog platforms, for instance, Russian Yandex.Zen. It is worth remembering that a blog is a way to maintain a dialogue with potential customers and to tell about your company rather than an advertising tool.
  • Social media pages. It being understood, there is a crucial presence in certain social media for every single market. For example, in Russia it is important to maintain communication not only on Facebook and Instagram that are popular in the Western world, but also on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.
  • Email databases. Today, most companies possess really incredible resources—their own databases of emails. All they need to keep the database’s loyalty and sustainability is to properly set up triggered and automated emailing.
  • Brand media. As a rule, only large companies can afford them. Now brand media are created to solve, first and foremost, image and PR tasks and, to a lesser extent, to attract leads and directly generate sales. For example, Russian Tinkoff Bank launched its corporate blog, Tinkoff Journal, several years ago where it is told how banks are organized, how to invest funds properly, what kinds of bank fraud exist, and many other things.

Why You Need To Develop Own Digital Channels

Banner Blindness and Reduction of Traditional Advertising Rates

Users pay less and less attention to traditional media ads. 86% people skip video ads, 44% do not open mailing pieces, and a number of those who unsubscribe from old mail-outs, refusing to subscribe to new ones, is growing.

Overall Fatigue with Traditional Ads

If a brand becomes a medium, it can make its product an integral part of content interesting for users. In this case, people are affected not by annoying ads, but by a natural and useful information product. Creating useful content and spreading it, the brand ultimately increases its own visibility and popularity.

Uncovered Field of Half-Clear Demand

Having its own communication channel, one can not only attract customers, but also create new target audiences, bringing up its users.

Working with Loyalty of Existing Users

By means of high-quality content, a brand can keep in touch with users and form a necessary image in their minds.

Delayed Long-Term Effect

Almost 82% users start treating a company better when they follow its media resource, according to a study by Brandon Gaille. Unlike usual ads, such brand promotion is perceived by people 70% better, while nearly 60% users also enjoy relevant content, getting addicted to it.


Loyalty and trust of potential customers grow thanks to good knowledge about the product. The more the audience is ‘heated up’ with content, the easier it is to sell it what you offer. That is why, in the content of heightened online competition, honest and live communication with users via your media is an excellent way to ‘stand out from the crowd’.

If you decided to develop your business in the Russian market and do now know where to start from, write us, and we will help you analyze the market and create a promotion strategy for your product, including promotion via development of your own digital channels.

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