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How To Increase The Organic Traffic In Russia Through Online Events



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Organic Traffic - traffic that comes to your website from unpaid search results - is the most desirable and valuable one for any site. Its amount depends on the website's Search Engine Ranking, which is determined by many factors. In particular, they are the number of pages containing unique content, the number of inbound links, and the behavioral characteristics of the site visitors. How to improve these and some other indicators with the help of online events, read in RMAA Group blog.

Online events can do many tasks: gather leads, communicate with colleagues, create a trusting relationship, position yourself as an expert, make a profit, sell the services during the event, or raise your brand status. In addition, online events have the function of increasing organic traffic.

To improve the search engines rankings, you will need the open online events in which you can bring an unlimited number of participants. These events include workshops, webinars, presentations, conferences and offline events.

Online events solve the following tasks to promote the site:

1) Content creation. Online event involves placing the announcement and creating an individual page with broadcast or broadcast recording. Both will work to improve the search performance of the site. Furthermore, you can save broadcast recordings in order to receive additional traffic in future.

2) Processing low frequency inquires. Long inquires, according to experts, bring more than 70% of the search traffic. Such inquires have smaller search volume, but due to lower competition the promotion of such requests is more effective. In addition, they are more likely to meet user needs. You can use tools like Yandex Wordstat, Google Keyword Planner and their analogs to select the low-frequency inquiries. In your online activities give answers to the most frequent and long inquires upon your subject - this will give a good effect.

3) Getting natural links. Organization of an interesting online event always attracts the attention of the experts in your industry. Some of them will surely place information about it on their sites. Your event will be promoted most actively by bloggers. Invited speakers will also provide a link to the event to their readers. Another way to get links - placing a press release on special sites, for example When appropriately presented, news sites and news agencies will also write about your event. Finally, you can place information about your events at various expert arenas and forums.

4) Improving behavioral characteristics. If you build a broadcast in your website, the traffic will go not onto YouTube or other third-party site but onto your site. Spectators will spend a significant amount of time on your site that will positively impact the behavioral characteristics that are taken into account by search engines.

How to organize and keep an interesting online event

To use this tool in promoting you will need to consider many aspects. Of course, the main success factors here are the right choice of theme and selection of speakers interesting to your audience. The ideal online event has hot and exclusive theme and reputable speakers.

An important success factor is the technical side of organization. That is reliability of your equipment and communication channels. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the site or tool for organizing an online conference. Today, there is a number of specialized sites in Russia. Tools such as Google Hangouts, YouTube or Periscope also remain available and free. The platform is to be chosen according to your objectives and format of the event. About efficient advertising wor with Periscope in Russia you can learn here.

During the online events, it is important to keep the audience's attention. If you hold a conference, it is necessary to monitor well-timed turnover of the speakers, for which you need a moderator. If you hold a presentation of a product or a conference, you should follow the timing: the event with one speaker should not last more than an hour including speech and answers to audience questions. It is useful to introduce interactive elements into your events: to communicate with the audience, to ask and answer the questions.

Online events are a good foundation for promotion of the brand, especially in professional environment. Apart from increasing the natural traffic, online events take on the function of image promotion, creation of the useful content and search of new customers. Furthermore, the event can be paid. RMAA Group specialists will help you to develop the most effective online events plan to achieve your goals.

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