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Out-of-Home Advertising: The Largest Digital Displays in Russia



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One of the fastest-growing segments in Russia is outdoor advertising. At the end of 2023, the DOOH segment showed a record 63% growth. In relation to the pre-crisis year 2019, the growth amounted to an impressive 219%. We have also written a separate material with DOOH/OOH trends in Russia that are relevant in 2024.

Out-of-home Advertising on Russian Largest Digital Displays


The significant advertising budgets allocated to "outdoor" have led advertisers to place greater emphasis on the choice of advertising placement. One of the key considerations is the size of the advertising structure. The larger the screen, the greater the reach and views. 

In this article, we will discuss the largest digital screens in Russia, which are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their use can significantly enhance the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


The largest digital displays in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The largest DOOH construction with a total area of 1,260 square meters is located in Moscow. The digital screen is situated at the junction of two major highways, Leningradskoe Shosse and MKAD. The construction is clearly visible from the road, given its location in a high-traffic area.

Out-of-home Advertising on Russian Largest Digital Displays


The next example is the digital facade of the Moscow Salute Hotel on Leningradsky Prospekt. The total area of the construction is 1,210 square meters. The primary attribute of the screen is its vertical orientation on the facade. RMAA has successfully executed a DOOH campaign in connection with this construction. As a result, the advertising surface was viewed by more than 140,000 people in one day.

Out-of-home Advertising on Russian Largest Digital Displays
DOOH campaign by Thierry Noir Studio on the facade of the Salut Hotel building, by RMAA

Also, there is a DOOH construction comprising four screens in Moscow. The Riviera shopping center's facade features a total advertising surface area of 1,164 square meters and vertical orientation. The screens are highly visible from both the road and the pedestrian zone, which is a high-traffic area for the shopping center's clientele.

Out-of-home Advertising on Russian Largest Digital Displays

In the context of vertical DOOH constructions, it is necessary to discuss the advertising space in the Leader Tower business center in St. Petersburg. The building's facade has been entirely "digitized," enabling the broadcasting of advertising across its entire surface area. This format is highly effective in image campaigns and is designed to increase coverage. RMAA has extensive experience in launching DOOH projects in this location. For instance, we implemented the Genshin Impact campaign in this location.

Out-of-home Advertising on Russian Largest Digital Displays
Genshin Impact DOOH campaign on Leader Tower business center building, by RMAA

Let us now move to the center of Moscow and examine another facade of the Cosmos Hotel, a popular tourist destination throughout the year. This digital screen has a total area of 876 square meters. Given its proximity to Moscow's largest park, VDNKh, not to mention the heavy volume of road and pedestrian traffic in its vicinity, it's clear that the building is highly visible. Furthermore, the building's distinctive semicircular shape is a notable feature that attracts attention from passers-by.

Out-of-home Advertising on Russian Largest Digital Displays

Another impressive advertising screen, with an unconventional shape, is situated on the facade of the VTB Arena stadium. It is designed to capture the attention of visitors to the stadium. It is not only used for sporting events but also for concerts featuring popular artists. The total area of the advertising surface is 847 square meters.

Out-of-home Advertising on Russian Largest Digital Displays

When we think of Moscow, we immediately think of Red Square and Arbat Street. These areas are extremely popular, especially on weekends, evenings, and holidays. The House of the Book is undoubtedly one of the most famous buildings on Arbat. The building's facade is covered with an advertising screen that fills the entire side. The total area of the advertising surface is 638 square meters. Our experience has shown us that this DOOH location is an excellent choice for many products and brands. There is a great deal of crosswalk and auto traffic. Additionally, the horizontal elongated format allows for the creative use of product displays from multiple angles. RMAA launched an advertising campaign for the Blackview brand on this screen, adapting the Russian-language version of the creative. The screen received an average of 547.20 thousand views per day.

Out-of-home Advertising on Russian Largest Digital Displays
DOOH Blackview campaign on the facade of the House of Books building in Moscow, by RMAA

However, large screens are not only located in the center. For instance, a 524-square-meter DOOH construction can be found on Varshavskoe Highway 118 in Moscow. Despite its location away from the city center, the screen is just as effective at generating traffic as any other. The RMAA team successfully launched the DOOH campaign in support of Abu Dhabi Tourism, and we are pleased with the results of the project.

Out-of-home Advertising on Russian Largest Digital Displays
Abu Dhabi Tourism DOOH campaign on the facade of building 118 on Varshavskoe Highway in Moscow, by RMAA

We know from experience that clients often face various challenges when choosing DOOH campaigns as their main promotion strategy. Optimizing creatives, choosing seasonal placements, and selecting locations based on the budget are just a few of the crucial considerations. But that's just the beginning. 

RMAA is ready to help brands with OOH/DOOH placement in Russia and the CIS. We also offer professional campaign photography and videography as an additional option. To discuss the details of your project, contact our manager by filling out the application form in the contacts. We guarantee fast feedback and effective solutions for your advertising tasks. 

Additionally, our special industry report will provide you with further insights into the nuances of the media market. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing news. 

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