Promotion of Online Games
in the Russian Market

We are a full-service game marketing agency. We effectively promote well-known games and introduce new ones to the market.
We attract and expand the audience of solvent users.

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Online Games in Russia

As a video game marketing agency we keep a close eye on what is going on in the Russian game market.
As of 2018, Russia takes the 11th place in the world game market, with $1.7 billion involved. There are 65.3 million gamers in the country, with almost half of them aged 21 to 35. Gamers in Russia are active buyers: 81% paying gamers made some in-game purchases for the last half a year.

Russian game payers actively watch videos. 69% gamers watch game video reviews and, in general, 38% RuNet users watch game video content.

The mobile segment of the game market is actively growing, too—now it is already about 51% users. Newzoo predicts that this segment will increase by 29% within the nearest time.

Online Games in Russia

How to Attract and Expand Online Games Audience in Russia?

We know the game market, Russian gamers, their habits and preferences.
We know how to show a new product to Russian gamers in the right way and how to work with different industry segments.


PC segment is gradually getting sidelined. That is why the main task for us, as a video game advertising agency, here is to keep hold of the solvent audience of desktop games.

We create advertising campaigns that will heighten a new interest to your game and gather a new gamers’ audience.


Mobile games are a high-growth, competitive segment. It already earns more than desktop and consoles do together.

In this case, traditional ads are not enough. As a professional mobile game marketing agency we prepare special and partner projects to promote mobile games.

Advertising Channels

To bring back the interest to a well-known game or effectively spotlight the introduction of a new one,
one needs to understand its target audience and channels to reach it best quite well.
We know market specifics and have a large experience in working through various channels - that makes RMAA Games one of the leading game marketing companies in Russia.


Depending on the game and the target audience, we choose the most efficient platforms, elaborate a strategy, and fully implement it by maintaining accounts, talking to users, preparing content and promotional materials. We act surgically for different user groups to get the maximum response.

  • social media
  • ads on game boards
  • search ads
  • video hosting ads
  • promotion of games with streamers
  • special projects with video bloggers
  • articles in theme-related websites
  • banners and other graphic advertising
  • email marketing


Advertising Campaigns

When working through offline channels, we prepare campaigns for the maximum coverage of the target audience, thoroughly select visuals and texts, place the materials on TV, radio, in themed magazines, and in the cinema.

We also deal with cobranding, launching joint projects with manufacturers of computer hardware, foods, and other products.


We elaborate strategies to participate in main themed events of the country—IgroMir and Comic Con—and prepare advertising materials and support you at exhibitions.

We arrange play spaces in malls and at game festivals to let users test new games. We actively team up with e-sports events.

What do Game Developers & Publishers
get from working with us?

The video game developers and publishers get a PR strategy for achieving their marketing goals in the Russian market. Users play longer and buy more.
The gaming brand gets customized omni strategy in different media and harmonized advertising campaigns.

Advantages of working with us

  • huge experience in promotion of mobile and computer games in the Russian market;
  • approach to effective marketing with a pay-per-use cost model;
  • comprehensive assistance in the Russian space of digital media;
  • team and an individual customer service manager are available for every client 24/7;
  • all staff members of the agency have a good command of English;
  • thorough analysis of the Russian media landscape.

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